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Jansatta Ravivari story Ravivari special article on kabir thought and anti casteism society – Ram Naam Ka Maram Hai Aana

Rohit KumarThe medieval period which is seen as a period immersed in darkness all over the world, in the same medieval period, India touched great heights in terms of literature and thought. Along with this, one more thing is important that devotion and progressiveness are two such traits which have given a lot of strength […]

Jansatta Ravivari story Ravivari special article on Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta philosophy and epistemology – baba-gita-and-sermon

RupaThe value of the Gita is so high that it was considered the basis of oriental philosophy. The process of interpretation and discourse continues even today. The Gita’s thinking about creation, life, action and time is of universal and eternal importance. The Gita has a total of eighteen chapters, six of which are based on […]

Jansatta Ravivari story Ravivari special article on logic opinion and truth – logic, opinion and truth

RupaThe elemental interpretation of God is unique in the Indian spiritual and philosophical tradition. The truth that Mahatma talks about like Gandhi came from this tradition of understanding and philosophy. Osho has also discussed the truth. In a satsang, he was asked the question whether the truth could be found with the help of logic. […]

Jansatta Ravivari Ravivari special article on Renunciation devotion spiritual thoughts and philosophy – Perception: Prospect and renunciation

Rohit KumarThe discussion of spirituality, its entire discussion is like a circumambulation. The talk begins with questions like what life is, why life and what is the final destiny of life, and this discussion also ends with these questions. What is particularly important to understand in this discussion is what words or formulas we use […]

Jansatta Ravivari Ravivari special article on Impatience and insensitivity – Incidentally: satisfaction and condolences

For any person to be successful in life, it is necessary to be sensitive and at the same time not be of a dissenting attitude. While sensitivity is the primary characteristic of humanity, we can avoid many evils in life by being content and restrained. However, this learning is neither new nor irrelevant. This learning […]

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