How was the childhood of narrator Jaya Kishori? Know from her – How was the childhood of narrator Jaya Kishori? Know their own

Jaya Kishori: Storyteller Jaya Kishori, who chose the path of spirituality for herself at an early age, is very popular today. Whose devotees are present not only in the country but also abroad. Jaya Kishori is also very active on social media and keeps posting some inspirational videos some day. With his sweet voice, he has won the hearts of crores of people. Today, there are many such hymns on YouTube, which have millions and not only millions of views.

There is also a lot of search on the internet about Jaya Kishori. Especially this search is about the marriage of Jaya Kishori. Jaya Kishori has said in many interviews about marriage that she is not a saint or saint. Therefore, we will also get married, but there is still time in this thing. But even after marriage, she will continue to inspire people towards devotion to God by narrating stories and hymns. Jaya Kishori, who was on the path of devotion at a young age, how was she in childhood? Jaya Kishori herself has told about this…

In a video shared by Sanskar TV, Jaya Kishori says that she was not naughty as a child, she was playful. She says that I was so fickle that in one place my feet did not move. Sometimes, sometimes somewhere, sometimes someone’s house, sometimes she used to talk to someone. I had the best friendship in the neighborhood because I used to go home and talk to everyone. Overall I was so fickle that I couldn’t sit in one place, I had to do something. Have to roam somewhere or talk to someone.

Maybe that’s why I can talk so long now, even if it is 3-4 hours in the story because its practice was going on since childhood. Because I didn’t know how to keep quiet, I used to talk a lot.

Let us tell you that Jaya Kishori was born on July 13, 1995 in Kolkata. His real name is Jaya Sharma. But devotees have named him Jaya Kishori. Jaya Kishori is a devotee of Lord Shri Krishna. It narrates stories based on Srimad Bhagwat Katha and Nani Bai Ro Myra.

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Jaya Kishori bhajan bio wiki age fee family husband contact number know what sadhvi jaya kishori said about her journey

The narrator, Jaya Kishori, is not an identity idiot today. They are known for their hymns as much as they are famous for their hymns. Millions of views are easily found on his hymns. Jaya Kishori is a devotee of Lord Krishna and remains very active on social media. She also keeps guiding people through her motivational speech.

Their popularity can be gauged from the fact that their number of followers on social media are in the lion. He has accounts on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram by the name iamjayakishori. Jaya Kishori had chosen the path of devotion for herself at a young age. Whose credit she gives to her family members. Jaya Kishori ji has told many times in interviews that there has always been an atmosphere of devotion in her family. She has heard stories of God since childhood from her maternal grandparents.

Jaya Kishori does not consider herself a sadhvi or a saint. He says that she is like a normal girl and will also get married. But the whole life will continue to praise Thakur ji. In a video shared by Sanskar TV, Jaya Kishori says that she always thinks that one has to lose something to get something. Like if I started working at a young age, I would probably say that I lost my young time.

Jaya Kishori further says that you have to lose some time, if you want something good in life. Like suppose I started working in childhood and others have fun in childhood. Those who had fun in childhood are probably struggling now and I have attained that fame. So maybe now I am able to enjoy that work very well.

I go to the stories and meet the devotees, there is a lot of enjoyment in these things. And it really seems that your hard work has been successful somewhere. So you will miss some time only if you want to get something good.

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Jaya kishori wikipedia, marriage, age, life, family, fees, husband: Does Jaya kishori really not know how to cook? know – Doesn’t Jaya Kishori really know how to cook? Told the whole thing

Jaya Kishori is a well-known narrator. Apart from the stories, Jaya Kishori is also known for her motivational speech. His hymns are also well liked. There are millions of views on his hymns on YouTube. Jaya Kishori is a devotee of Lord Krishna. He has also sung many devotional songs dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Jaya Kishori does not consider herself a Sadhvi. She has said this many times during the interview that she is not a sadhvi but just like a common girl. Those who have infinite faith in God and they also inspire their devotees to do devotion to God. At the young age of 7 years, he chose the path of spirituality for himself and made his own identity. They mainly do stories based on Srimad Bhagwat Katha and Nani Bai on Myra. Today, his devotees are present not only in the country but also in foreign countries.

There is a lot of search on the Internet today about Jaya Kishori, who made her own identity at an early age. People are also very keen to know about their personal life. During the interview given to Sanskar TV, Jaya Kishori was asked if she knows how to cook or not? So he said that he does not know how to make much. Because for that you have to learn for which they do not have time. But Jaya likes to make different types of dishes. Like making a cake on someone’s birthday, corn toast makes similar small things like jaya.

On this, Jaya Kishori further states that once she had to cook when her mother was ill. During that time, his home helper did not come. For the first time, Jaya Kishori had to make 20 loaves together. Then after that they did not get a chance to cook.

Let us tell you that Jaya Kishori grew up in a family where she saw the atmosphere of devotion from the very beginning. According to the information, his grandparents played an important role in strengthening his spiritual path. Born in a Brahmin family of Rajasthan, Jaya Kishori came into the limelight when she read many sources including Shiva-Tandava Strotam, Ramashtakam, Lingashtakam at just 9 years old.

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Jaya Kishori Tells She Have Friends in an Interview Jaya Kishori Age Bhajan Know from them

Jaya Kishori has gained a lot of fame at a young age. She is a well-known storyteller. His stories and hymns are often viral on social media. His devotees number in lakhs. His stories and hymns are well-liked not only in the country but also abroad.

Born in a Brahmin family of Rajasthan, Jaya Kishori came into the limelight when she recited several sources including Shiva-Tandava Strotam, Ramashtakam, Lingashtakam when she was only 9 years old.

Wachika Jaya Kishori from ‘Srimad Bhagwat Katha’ and ‘Nani Bai Ro Myra’ is also a motivational speaker. When interviewed 25-year-old Jaya Kishori, do you have a friend or do you enjoy the Bhajan Katha? To this she says, “I have a group of friends.” I would not say in college because I have not attended college life so much. But I have friends from school who are still very close to me. “

In this interview given to Sanskar TV, Jaya Kishori is further saying, “And we keep talking through group chat in a day or two. Because now everyone’s life has changed. When working. Everyone is in different cities. Then it is these phone calls and video calls that are keeping you tied up. We still keep talking in a day or two.

She continues, “They are aware of each other’s life. During this time there is gossip. Because everyone is different now, many things are happening in everyone’s life. There are new things, there are things about which gossip continues to happen. There are frequent talks about work as well. So I also have many friends. “

Please tell that during an interview, Jaya Kishori had told that the elders of her house did not like them to go out. He had told that usually the girls do not like the exit of the girls too soon. For this reason, his parents used to tell a lot of family members.

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Relatives dont like Jaya Kishori this habit but her mother father stood with her know salary fees bio wiki networth fee bhajan songs motivational speech charity husband Told the whole story

Jaya Kishori: Jaya Kishori (Jaya Kishori Ji / Jaya Kishori) is a famous storyteller whose stories and bhajans are viral on social media. At a young age, the number of his devotees is in lakhs. Please tell that Jaya Kishori ji is the story of ‘Srimad Bhagwat Katha’ and ‘Nani Bai Ro Myra’. His stories are well-liked in the country and abroad. Along with this, Kishori ji is also a motivational speaker. However, she does not like anyone calling her a Sadhvi.

Relatives had become angry: Born on 13 July 1995, Jaya Kishori is only 25 years old. In an interview, he told that at the age of 7, he started singing bhajan. At that time, his parents had to listen to a lot of relatives. She says that her parents had to face a lot during that time.

Did not like Kishori ji going out: In the video, she tells that the elders of her house did not like Kishori ji going out of the house at such a young age. She says that usually the girls do not like to go out quickly. Because of this, his parents had to listen a lot.

Parents did support: Jaya Kishori considers herself extremely fortunate to have so many understanding parents. She says that she recognized his art at such a young age and encouraged him. Responding to the question of her devotees ‘how are you at this place at such a young age’, Kishori ji says that this has been possible only because of the support of her parents. It was he who inspired Jaya Kishori to do the work.

Didn’t even like the dance: Jaya Kishori also appeared in Sony TV’s dance reality show Boogie Woogie a long time ago. In many reports, it is mentioned that as a child, Jaya Kishori wanted to become a Western dancer. However, his parents had themselves admitted that their family members did not like Jaya Kishori’s Western Dance Passion.

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Jaya Kishori Bio Wiki Marriage Husband Family Fee Age Know what are terms for Jaya Kishoris Marriage – What is the condition of Jaya Kishori for her marriage? Know

Jaya Kishori Biography: Kathavachika and Bhajan Gaika Jaya Kishori are famous not only in the country but also abroad. Jaya, born in 1996, has been associated with spirituality since she was around 9 years old. His real name is Jaya Sharma but devotees only know him by the name of Jaya Kishori. Along with this, Kishori ji is known for life management tips and motivational speech. She talks about different topics related to life from time to time through seminars and webinars. Therefore, his followers are also in lakhs on social media, who sometimes post questions and sometimes ask them their dilemma during their live.

Who are in the family ?: Jaya, who became famous after narrating stories like Bhagwat Geeta, Nani Bai Ka Mayro, Narsi Ka Bhat, at a young age, is very much discussed in the teenager’s personal life. Please tell that his family lives in Kolkata. Jaya Kishori Ji Father’s name is Shiv Shankar Sharma, while mother’s name is Sonia Sharma. At the same time, he also has a sister named Chetna Sharma.

Special condition laid for marriage: Along with his hymns on Google, a lot of searches are done about his age, married life, husband, etc. Many questions are also asked about their marriage on social media. In a video clip on YouTube, he has discussed things related to his marriage.

According to this, if they get married in Kolkata, then it would be perfect. In such a situation, she can come and eat at her home anytime. But if she goes somewhere else to marry, then her condition is that her parents will also shift to the same place. Due to this, their parents can also stay home with them somewhere around there.

Not mischievous in childhood, she considered herself playful: In another clip, recollecting her childhood, Jaya Kishori says that she was not naughty, but playful. She says that she has not committed molesters in childhood. However, his feet never held a spot. Used to come and go to neighbors’ homes. She says that she has had very good relations with her neighbors since the beginning. Instead of sitting in one place, she used to do something all the time.

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Jaya Kishori Family Relationship Husband sister father bhajan krishna bhajan videos speech how to maintain life and family – how to save broken relationships, know what says jaya teenager

Jaya Kishori Speech: Narrator Jaya Kishori started singing bhajan and narrating Katha at a young age. Jaya Kishori made a different identity as a Katha Vachika, not only in the country but also abroad. She also teaches life management tricks as a motivational speaker. Jaya is not only a teenager but also children and young devotees. In this life while running, Jaya gives very different suggestions for living a teenager.

People often ask Sadhvi Jaya Kishori about the family. To which she also responds well. She gave suggestions about life during a story reading, as well as expressing concern about the fact that in today’s time people have lacked stamina, due to which relationships and families are crumbling.

Jaya Kishori says that if there is a debate in the family, if there is a silence in the house, then the family becomes stable. Jaya Kishori says that people think that if you become silent, the other will think of them as small and weak. So he does not shut up and answers. In order to maintain the family, Jaya Kishori is telling many things in this video.

In the video, Jaya Kishori is saying, “Unjust should not be tolerated, voice should be raised against injustice.” Because both the unjust and the tolerant are criminals. Therefore, injustice should not be tolerated but should be voiced. But do not raise voice in the brawls of force. Thinking that we have to answer. If he said this then why should I not answer. I tell you one thing from my experience, whenever it happens that the person in front of you is saying such a thing, which you do not like. Stay calm instead of replying. “

Jaya Kishori goes on to say, “And who should give the answer to God.” Because when he answers, neither does the whole world see him. Because if we answer, then all the people are stuck in a fight. In such a situation, only they should be allowed to answer. We answer when anger occurs when there is so much potential inside the front that it can make you angry. So no one has to give this much capacity.

Jaya Kishori continues, “We have put our remote control in the hands of others, who play with it as they like. If you want to make him happy, then he says one or two things that make you happy. ” If people take this message of Jaya Kishori in their life, then their life can change completely. And at the same time families will be saved from breaking up.

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Jaya Kishori Motivational Tips Bhajan Song Fees Husband Speech Katha Kishori ji tips on family issues Relationships

Jaya Kishori: At an early age, Jaya Kishori has made a mark in the country and abroad as a Bhajan singer and Katha Vachika. Not only this, he is also known as a motivational speaker and a speaker who teaches the tricks of life management. Not only the elderly, the youth are also his devotees, that is why he has many followers on social media as well. Devotees often ask Jaya Kishori to get a solution to their dilemmas and she also answers her followers’ questions.

Many devotees also ask Sadhvi Kishori the questions related to their family. If someone has problems with relatives, no one can understand whom to keep their relationships intact. If you have some confusion about your relationship too, then Jaya can take help from Kishori’s Instagram posts.

Family support is important: Through a passage in the Ramayana, she says that at every turn of life, man has to fight many small and big wars and in these battles he gets the same victory that his family supports. Kishori ji says that a person who has the support of his family can never lose life and its circumstances. Such a person definitely wins.

How the whole family will live together: As long as the family does not go against you, you cannot be defeated. She further states that if this ideal is followed then no family members will be separated from each other. According to him, with the ups and downs of life, no one can give you the support, love and belonging that your family can give you.

Always keep them together: In her Instagram post, Jaya Kishori has written a quote in English. If you look at its Hindi meaning, then it means that in times of trouble, the hands that have wiped your tears, never forget them.

Edged with Kishori ji says that no matter how long you have known a person, if they let you down or try to lower your morale, then avoid them.

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Jaya Kishori Bhajan Pravachan on love know how to choose your life partner from Jaya Kishori in Valentine Week – what is the difference between love and love? Learn how to choose your life partner from Jaya Kishori in Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Week is going on and today is Hug Day to embrace each other. This valentine week is considered very special for those who love. Famous storyteller and bhajan singer Jaya Kishori has also said many things about love. They believe that love and love make the same difference in words with the same meaning.

The difference between love and love Jaya Kishori explains that love is when we share whatever material things we have with our partner. Love is when we surrender ourselves to this relationship. Jaya Kishori says that if the relationship lasts for a long time, it is important that we learn to handle the relationship selflessly.

Choose your life partner like this Jaya Kishori says that it is important to understand each other by giving some time to any relationship. Making big decisions in a short time can make it difficult later. They say that whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, it is important that you give time to each other, meet, so that you can understand the advantages and evils.

Think with your heart as well as your mind. Jaya Kishori says that when you are in a love relationship with someone and want to make that relationship a lifetime relationship, do not be hasty and take a decision just by listening to your heart. He is of the opinion that when we think of hastily, we involve someone in our life and with time real habits emerge, then it becomes difficult. Therefore, knowing all the good and evils from the mind, make a decision only by understanding it.

She says that spending more time with each other brings out the good, the evils. Let that person speak as much as possible, any person’s speech tells the nature of human being. By understanding the nature, move forward in life with that person, otherwise the relationship often breaks soon.

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Jaya Kishori Biography Age Family Husband New Bhajan Bhagwat Katha Motivational Speech Fee and Other details – Not only Bhajan and Bhagwat Katha, Jaya Kishori is also known for these works; Knowing you will also become a fan

Jaya Kishori is a popular hymn singer and narrator. He is very popular among his fans. From the age of 7, Jaya had turned to teenager spirituality. Jaya is also involved in social welfare work apart from Kishori Bhajan and Bhagwat Katha. Jaya Kishori also has a great name for charity. She also works for education, environment and yoga.

They work to advance the education of girls According to their website Iamjayakishori.Com, Jaya also works to further the education of teenager girls. It has been told on the website that Jaya Kishori also speaks openly and supports the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, a campaign started by the Prime Minister. She also emphasizes on women’s education in her discourses.

Ready to save nature Jaya Kishori campaigns to save nature. She herself plants many plants so that our nature lives around us. According to their website, Jaya Kishori wants her message to reach the country and abroad that we need to create a culture where trees and plants are brought up like children.

Jaya teenager also promotes yoga Yoga has become the key to our healthy life today. Jaya Kishori understands this very well and hence she works to promote Yoga. According to her website, she herself does yoga everyday with dedication.

She wants the message to reach the world about how important yoga is for the life of every man. Jaya Kishori is trying to change the world with the help of these campaigns.

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