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Jaya Kishori Speech: Narrator Jaya Kishori started singing bhajan and narrating Katha at a young age. Jaya Kishori made a different identity as a Katha Vachika, not only in the country but also abroad. She also teaches life management tricks as a motivational speaker. Jaya is not only a teenager but also children and young devotees. In this life while running, Jaya gives very different suggestions for living a teenager.

People often ask Sadhvi Jaya Kishori about the family. To which she also responds well. She gave suggestions about life during a story reading, as well as expressing concern about the fact that in today’s time people have lacked stamina, due to which relationships and families are crumbling.

Jaya Kishori says that if there is a debate in the family, if there is a silence in the house, then the family becomes stable. Jaya Kishori says that people think that if you become silent, the other will think of them as small and weak. So he does not shut up and answers. In order to maintain the family, Jaya Kishori is telling many things in this video.

In the video, Jaya Kishori is saying, “Unjust should not be tolerated, voice should be raised against injustice.” Because both the unjust and the tolerant are criminals. Therefore, injustice should not be tolerated but should be voiced. But do not raise voice in the brawls of force. Thinking that we have to answer. If he said this then why should I not answer. I tell you one thing from my experience, whenever it happens that the person in front of you is saying such a thing, which you do not like. Stay calm instead of replying. “

Jaya Kishori goes on to say, “And who should give the answer to God.” Because when he answers, neither does the whole world see him. Because if we answer, then all the people are stuck in a fight. In such a situation, only they should be allowed to answer. We answer when anger occurs when there is so much potential inside the front that it can make you angry. So no one has to give this much capacity.

Jaya Kishori continues, “We have put our remote control in the hands of others, who play with it as they like. If you want to make him happy, then he says one or two things that make you happy. ” If people take this message of Jaya Kishori in their life, then their life can change completely. And at the same time families will be saved from breaking up.

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Jaya Kishori: At an early age, Jaya Kishori has made a mark in the country and abroad as a Bhajan singer and Katha Vachika. Not only this, he is also known as a motivational speaker and a speaker who teaches the tricks of life management. Not only the elderly, the youth are also his devotees, that is why he has many followers on social media as well. Devotees often ask Jaya Kishori to get a solution to their dilemmas and she also answers her followers’ questions.

Many devotees also ask Sadhvi Kishori the questions related to their family. If someone has problems with relatives, no one can understand whom to keep their relationships intact. If you have some confusion about your relationship too, then Jaya can take help from Kishori’s Instagram posts.

Family support is important: Through a passage in the Ramayana, she says that at every turn of life, man has to fight many small and big wars and in these battles he gets the same victory that his family supports. Kishori ji says that a person who has the support of his family can never lose life and its circumstances. Such a person definitely wins.

How the whole family will live together: As long as the family does not go against you, you cannot be defeated. She further states that if this ideal is followed then no family members will be separated from each other. According to him, with the ups and downs of life, no one can give you the support, love and belonging that your family can give you.

Always keep them together: In her Instagram post, Jaya Kishori has written a quote in English. If you look at its Hindi meaning, then it means that in times of trouble, the hands that have wiped your tears, never forget them.

Edged with Kishori ji says that no matter how long you have known a person, if they let you down or try to lower your morale, then avoid them.

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jaya kishori family age wiki bio net worth husband know why jaya kishori said being with family is important according to ramayan

Jaya Kishori Thoughts: Jaya Kishori is a renowned motivational speaker, life management tips orator and narrator. He has millions of followers. She also has many followers on social media. His followers love his stories, themes and views on various subjects. It is said that Kishori ji also explains complex-to-complex topics so easily that a person can easily find a way to overcome the troubles in life.

One of these subjects is with the family. Jaya Kishori says that every person should live with their family. She says that with the ups and downs of life, the support, love and belonging that you can give your family, no one else can give. While narrating an episode of Ramayana on this subject, she explains the importance of family.

Starting the affair, she says that after conquering Ravana, Ravana tells Sri Rama that – ‘I am older than you, I had a lot of knowledge, I also had a gold Lanka, I can win you But the reason for my defeat was that in this war your brother Laxman was standing with you and my brother was against me.

Narrating this incident, Kishori ji says that even at the turning point of life, a person has to fight many big and small wars and in these he wins only those whose family stands with him. There is strength in unity. The person with whom his family supports can never lose life and its circumstances. Such a person definitely wins.

Explaining the importance of family, Kishori ji says that there is also a saying that ‘there would have been no story of cutting any tree, if there was no wood part behind the ax’. As long as the family does not go against you, you cannot be defeated. She further states that if this ideal is followed, no family members will be separated from each other.

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