Jaya Kishori Bio Wiki Marriage Husband Family Fee Age Know what are terms for Jaya Kishoris Marriage – What is the condition of Jaya Kishori for her marriage? Know

Jaya Kishori Biography: Kathavachika and Bhajan Gaika Jaya Kishori are famous not only in the country but also abroad. Jaya, born in 1996, has been associated with spirituality since she was around 9 years old. His real name is Jaya Sharma but devotees only know him by the name of Jaya Kishori. Along with this, Kishori ji is known for life management tips and motivational speech. She talks about different topics related to life from time to time through seminars and webinars. Therefore, his followers are also in lakhs on social media, who sometimes post questions and sometimes ask them their dilemma during their live.

Who are in the family ?: Jaya, who became famous after narrating stories like Bhagwat Geeta, Nani Bai Ka Mayro, Narsi Ka Bhat, at a young age, is very much discussed in the teenager’s personal life. Please tell that his family lives in Kolkata. Jaya Kishori Ji Father’s name is Shiv Shankar Sharma, while mother’s name is Sonia Sharma. At the same time, he also has a sister named Chetna Sharma.

Special condition laid for marriage: Along with his hymns on Google, a lot of searches are done about his age, married life, husband, etc. Many questions are also asked about their marriage on social media. In a video clip on YouTube, he has discussed things related to his marriage.

According to this, if they get married in Kolkata, then it would be perfect. In such a situation, she can come and eat at her home anytime. But if she goes somewhere else to marry, then her condition is that her parents will also shift to the same place. Due to this, their parents can also stay home with them somewhere around there.

Not mischievous in childhood, she considered herself playful: In another clip, recollecting her childhood, Jaya Kishori says that she was not naughty, but playful. She says that she has not committed molesters in childhood. However, his feet never held a spot. Used to come and go to neighbors’ homes. She says that she has had very good relations with her neighbors since the beginning. Instead of sitting in one place, she used to do something all the time.

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Jaya Kishori Family Relationship Husband sister father bhajan krishna bhajan videos speech how to maintain life and family – how to save broken relationships, know what says jaya teenager

Jaya Kishori Speech: Narrator Jaya Kishori started singing bhajan and narrating Katha at a young age. Jaya Kishori made a different identity as a Katha Vachika, not only in the country but also abroad. She also teaches life management tricks as a motivational speaker. Jaya is not only a teenager but also children and young devotees. In this life while running, Jaya gives very different suggestions for living a teenager.

People often ask Sadhvi Jaya Kishori about the family. To which she also responds well. She gave suggestions about life during a story reading, as well as expressing concern about the fact that in today’s time people have lacked stamina, due to which relationships and families are crumbling.

Jaya Kishori says that if there is a debate in the family, if there is a silence in the house, then the family becomes stable. Jaya Kishori says that people think that if you become silent, the other will think of them as small and weak. So he does not shut up and answers. In order to maintain the family, Jaya Kishori is telling many things in this video.

In the video, Jaya Kishori is saying, “Unjust should not be tolerated, voice should be raised against injustice.” Because both the unjust and the tolerant are criminals. Therefore, injustice should not be tolerated but should be voiced. But do not raise voice in the brawls of force. Thinking that we have to answer. If he said this then why should I not answer. I tell you one thing from my experience, whenever it happens that the person in front of you is saying such a thing, which you do not like. Stay calm instead of replying. “

Jaya Kishori goes on to say, “And who should give the answer to God.” Because when he answers, neither does the whole world see him. Because if we answer, then all the people are stuck in a fight. In such a situation, only they should be allowed to answer. We answer when anger occurs when there is so much potential inside the front that it can make you angry. So no one has to give this much capacity.

Jaya Kishori continues, “We have put our remote control in the hands of others, who play with it as they like. If you want to make him happy, then he says one or two things that make you happy. ” If people take this message of Jaya Kishori in their life, then their life can change completely. And at the same time families will be saved from breaking up.

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Jaya Kishori Motivational Tips Bhajan Song Fees Husband Speech Katha Kishori ji tips on family issues Relationships

Jaya Kishori: At an early age, Jaya Kishori has made a mark in the country and abroad as a Bhajan singer and Katha Vachika. Not only this, he is also known as a motivational speaker and a speaker who teaches the tricks of life management. Not only the elderly, the youth are also his devotees, that is why he has many followers on social media as well. Devotees often ask Jaya Kishori to get a solution to their dilemmas and she also answers her followers’ questions.

Many devotees also ask Sadhvi Kishori the questions related to their family. If someone has problems with relatives, no one can understand whom to keep their relationships intact. If you have some confusion about your relationship too, then Jaya can take help from Kishori’s Instagram posts.

Family support is important: Through a passage in the Ramayana, she says that at every turn of life, man has to fight many small and big wars and in these battles he gets the same victory that his family supports. Kishori ji says that a person who has the support of his family can never lose life and its circumstances. Such a person definitely wins.

How the whole family will live together: As long as the family does not go against you, you cannot be defeated. She further states that if this ideal is followed then no family members will be separated from each other. According to him, with the ups and downs of life, no one can give you the support, love and belonging that your family can give you.

Always keep them together: In her Instagram post, Jaya Kishori has written a quote in English. If you look at its Hindi meaning, then it means that in times of trouble, the hands that have wiped your tears, never forget them.

Edged with Kishori ji says that no matter how long you have known a person, if they let you down or try to lower your morale, then avoid them.

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Jaya Kishori Bhajan songs youtube videos social media instagram fees salary katha family

Namaskar Devi Bhajan By Jaya Kishori: The beginning of the day or the evening time, everyone likes to calm the mind by listening to bhajans. Many times people listen to bhajans even while performing their works. It is believed that listening to Bhajan also brings positive energy to the family. At the same time, the atmosphere also becomes devotional.

Jaya Kishori (Jaya Kishori Ji / Jaya Kishori) is a famous storyteller whose stories and bhajans are viral on social media. Please tell that Jaya Kishori ji is the story of ‘Srimad Bhagwat Katha’ and ‘Nani Bai Ro Myra’. His stories are well-liked in the country and abroad.

His official account on YouTube, which is Iam Jaya Kishori (iamjayakishori), uploads videos of Kishori ji on it after a few days. He is not only a narrator, he is also a motivational speaker. Sadhvi also answers many questions of youth through videos.

‘Namaskar Devi Jayanti Maharani…’, this bhajan was uploaded by Jaya Kishori on her YouTube channel about 3 months ago. You can search this video under the name Namaskar Devi. From her Instagram account, Kishori ji has posted a short clip of this bhajan.

If you talk about the lyrics of this hymn, it is – ‘Namaskar Devi Jayanti Maharani, Shri Mangala Kali Durga Bhavani. Kripalani and Bhadrakali Kshama Maa, Shiva Dhatri Sri Swaha Rama Maa. ‘ This hymn of total 6 minutes 41 seconds shows the most delectable and court of Goddess Jayanti. Jaya Kishori, who smiled in front of the idol of Maa Durga, has sung this hymn very sweetly.

However, let us tell you that the words of this hymn are actually written by Brahma Rishi Chaman Lal Bhardwaj. Durga is part of the Sri Argala Strut Namaskar of Praise. It is also mentioned in the Hindi translation of Durga Saptashati.

Let us know that their YouTube channel has more than 9 lakh subscribers. While giving the video credits, it is told that Ashish Dadich has given music in it. The camera is handled by Chandan and Jayant and editing is done by Amitabh Naskar. At the same time, Rishikesh Soni has done the work of video mixing. So far this video has been viewed by more than 6.5 lakh people.

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Do not confuse smart work with shortcuts what Jaya Kishori ji says about success for youth jaya kishori instagram videos motivational speech bhajan – ‘Don’t forget to understand shortcuts to smart work’, know what Jaya Kishori says about success …

Jaya Kishori Motivational Quotes: Jaya Kishori (Jaya Kishori Ji) has become very famous as a narrator in a short time. He is known not only in India but also abroad by reciting the stories of ‘Srimad Bhagwat Katha’ and ‘Nani Bai Ka Myra’. From the age of about 9 years, hard verses and hymns like Lingashtakam, Ramashtam, Shiva Tandava Stotra were memorized to him. Not only this, besides singing Katha and Bhajan, Jaya Kishori ji is also a Motivational speaker. His devotees respect his words a lot. Also keep sharing their videos on social media.

Not only old people but young people also believe that Jaya is a teenager. This is because Kishori ji also openly addresses the problems of today’s world. Not only this, she is also very active on many social media platforms. On her Instagram official account iamjayakishori, she always tells success and many life management tips to her devotees.

Devotees also like Jaya Kishori’s quotes on social media platforms (Jaya Kishori on Social Media). One of his quotes on Instagram is that people should not be confused with smart work and shortcuts. Kishori ji wants to tell through this that to work as much as necessary in doing any task. Work without shortcuts with your skills and understanding.

Apart from this, Jaya Kishori ji says that do not waste much of your time thinking about the things that have passed, rather live your life to the fullest.

To achieve success, Jaya Kishori ji says that only one can achieve success with hard work and passion. According to him, even if he does not have any quality, he can be successful if he works hard in the right direction day and night.

Please tell that Jaya Kishori’s real name is Jaya Sharma. His mentor Pandit Govind Ram Mishra named him Jaya Kishori from Jaya Sharma.

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Jaya Kishori salary fees bio wiki networth fee bhajan songs motivational speech charity family husband personal life and other details – From the help of the disabled to the education of daughters, Jaya Kishori spends money here; Know how much you charge

Jaya Kishori: Famous Bhajan singer and Kathavachika Jaya Kishori is very famous on social media. Kishori ji is known for her hymns and Bhagwat Katha, not only in the country but also abroad. When a new video comes out among thousands of his fans, it immediately goes viral. Apart from ‘Nani Bai Ro Myra’ and ‘Srimad Bhagwat Katha’, Jaya Kishori is also a motivational speaker. She also tells the youth the tricks of life management and success. Kishori ji was born on 13 July 1995 in a Gaud Brahmin family. Let us know how much Jaya, a 25-year-old teenager, earns and donates anywhere.

How much does Jaya teenager earn? According to the information received on the internet, stories like Bhagwat Geeta, Nani Bai Ka Mayro, Narsi Ka Bhat, Kishori ji charge around 9 and half lakh rupees for each story. According to details shared through a channel on YouTube, Jaya charges her fees twice. She takes half the fee before the story and half after it. Let us know that he started narrating from a very young age. Not only this, he remembers many difficult chants like Shiva Tandava Stotra, Lingasthakam and Ramasthakam.

Narayan Seva donates to the institute: Graduated from commerce Sadhvi Kishori also has a tendency in charity-dakshina. According to an interview, he says that it is often difficult to get time off for social work between Katha and Bhajan. In such a situation, they are not able to be present directly to help and serve the Divyang. Therefore, through donations, Kishori ji tries to spread his share of service to them. A large part of the money earned from the programs is donated by Kishori Ji to Narayan Sewa Sansthan.

Also provides support for daughters: According to Jaya Kishori’s official website ‘I Am Jaya Kishori.com’ (iamjayakishori), she is also a part of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign. Under this, she helps the girls whose economic condition is weak. Kishori ji provides help for these girls to become literate.

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Jaya Kishori life bio wiki networth fee free time hobbies marriage bhajan songs family husband personal life and other details – Jaya Kishori does not consider herself a sadhvi, know what to do besides hymns and stories

Jaya Kishori: Famous Kathakavachika Jaya Kishori is known from hymns and stories sung by her in the country and abroad. Her reading style in Nani Bai Ro Myra and Shrimad Bhagwat Katha is very much liked by the people. Having gained much acclaim at an early age, Kishori ji also tells the youth the tricks of life management and success. For these reasons, devotees have started addressing Jaya Kishori as Sadhvi. However, she does not like this at all and she wants no one to call her a Sadhvi. Let us know the reason –

Do not like to be called Sadhvi: Jaya Kishori ji has herself confessed in many interviews that she is not a sadhvi, so she should not be called a sadhvi. He says that she is a common woman, just like other girls. She further says that she has dedicated her entire life to Shri Krishna. This is the reason why she is filled with devotion to Shyam. At the same time, it is trying to spread the qualities and knowledge of Kanha to other sections of society. So she sings storytelling and bhajan.

Marriage is not denied: While Kishori ji considers herself a normal girl, she also says that the way other girls spend their lives, they live the same way. Not only this, Jaya does not refuse even the question of marriage. According to Kishori ji, the way other girls get married, in the same way when the time comes, they too will marry at the will of their family and spread their life at home.

Very active on social media: Jaya Kishori, who has become a big name in the spiritual world, is also active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. However, apart from Insta, most of his accounts are run by his team. In it you will find excerpts from Jaya Kishori Ji’s thoughts, tips, latest bhajan-stories and motivational videos.

What to do in free time: In an interview, Kishori ji says that even in her spare time she prefers to stay in her God. During this time some like to listen to stories, bhajans, episodes and satsangs. Apart from this, he also likes to cook satvik food. She also loves to read books whenever she gets some time.

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Jaya Kishori bio wiki networth fee bhajan songs family husband personal life and other details – Jaya Kishori teenager’s fees are in lakhs, half the money before the story and half after it; Such is lifestyle

Jaya Kishori Ji Fees: Jaya Kishori is a famous narrator and bhajan singer. Born in a Brahmin family in 1996, Jaya’s real name is Jaya Sharma. But devotees know him by the name of Jaya Kishori. Not only this, he has lakhs of crores of devotees on social media. Many of his hymns have received views in crores on YouTube. Jaya Kishori is narrating stories like Bhagwat Geeta, Nani Bai Ka Mayro, Narsi Ka Bhat at an early age. At the age of 9, in Sanskrit, Lingasthakam, Shiva Tandava Strottam, Ramashtakam etc. started singing to many sources, which continues till today.

How much does Jaya teenager earn? On the Internet, people search for Jaya Kishori’s fees and expenses related to their stories. According to the information shared by a channel on YouTube, Jaya charges 9 lakh 50 thousand rupees in lieu of a legend. According to this video, Sadhvi Jaya Kishori takes half her fee i.e. about 4 lakh 25 thousand rupees before Katha and the rest after Katha.

Was fond of dancing in childhood: According to a report, as a child, Jaya wanted to become a teenager as a teenager. But at the behest of family members, he did not let his dream come true. In the interview, his father had told that his relatives do not like dancing and singing well. So he inspired Jaya to do classical dance.

After this, he performed classical dance in Sony TV’s popular show Boogie Woogie. However, Jaya Kishori was never seen performing a classical dance after that show. In fact, from a young age, Jaya Kishori had chosen the field of spirituality while doing Katha, Satsang and Bhajan etc.

There are further donations in Dakshina: Sadhvi not only invests the money earned from Kishori Katha-bhajan but she also donates a large part of the money. The institution known for serving the differently-abled people donates to Narayan Sewa Sansthan. Apart from this, according to Jaya Kishori’s official website ‘I Am Jaya Kishori.com’ (iamjayakishori), Kishori ji also contributes to campaigns like Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao and tree plantations.

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jaya kishori motivational speech know what jaya kishori tell about good thinking and bad thinking – what is good thinking? Know what the teenager says

Jaya Kishori Motivational Speaker: Jaya Kishori is a famous storyteller. She came into the discussion after promoting Nani Bai Ro Myra and Srimad Bhagwat Katha from a young age. His followers love his storytelling style. Kishori ji used to sing Bhajan in early times. Over time, she became interested in fiction and became a narrator. According to the news, to practice storytelling, he practiced narrating from one to one and a half years while staying at home and then started narrating from the age of about 15 years.

Kishori ji is known not only as a narrator but also as a motivational speech and life management tips orator. Those who follow him like the idea of ​​Kishori ji. Recently, a video of Jaya Kishori went viral, in which Kishori ji is seen explaining what is good thinking.

What is good thinking – Explaining this message through a narrative, she says that a mother and her son were standing on the side of a bus stand, while another mother and son stood on the other side of the bus stand. When a little time passed while waiting for the bus, a man came sweeping the sweeper in front of the bus stand.


The mother standing on one side of the stand told her son, “Look, that’s why I ask you to study.” Because if you do not study, you will grow and sweep it like this. While the mother standing on the other side of the bus stand, pointing to the cleaning worker said, “Look son, I ask you to study.” Because if you do not study, then tomorrow you will not be able to help such a person nor will you be able to help him in moving forward. Make yourself so rich that with your development, others will also grow.

Jaya Kishori says that this is the difference between good thinking and bad thinking. A person who is good also thinks about the salvation of others along with him. While the selfish person thinks only of his interests, his selfishness increases over time, which can make his thinking worse.

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Jaya Kishori Motivational Quotes and Life Management Tips know what jaya kishori tell about struggle – Why do you have to struggle in life, know what Jaya Kishori says

Jaya Kishori Motivational Quotes: Jaya Kishori is famous in the country and abroad for ‘Nani Bai Ro Myra’ and ‘Srimad Bhagwat Katha’. From a very young age, Jaya has been working as a teenager. He is known worldwide through these stories.

Just a few years ago, Jaya appeared as a teenager life management tips orator and motivational speaker. His followers love Jaya Kishori Life Management Tips and Motivational Speech. Also, on social media platforms (Jaya Kishori on Social Media), Jaya Kishori’s quotes are also very much liked.

In one of these quotes, Jaya Kishori in a coat explained why there is a struggle in life. Jaya Kishori believes that conflict arises in the life of any person so that the person becomes stronger due to that struggle. Kishori ji says that – ‘Struggle comes to make you strong in life, not weak.’

When the time of struggle comes in a person’s life, sometimes people start to panic, steal their mind and many people start crying in moments of these conflicts. In such a situation, Jaya Kishori Life Management Tips says that when there are moments of struggle in a person’s life, then that person should compete those moments of struggle with more hard work.

She says that the time of struggle comes only to make the person strong. Once a person gets victory through struggle, he becomes stronger and stronger than before. So do not panic when there are conflicts in your life, just understand that now life is trying to make you strong.

It is said that the person can be identified only when the time of conflict comes. Knowledgeable people believe that a person who is really determined, hard working, not afraid of challenges and trusting in the justice of God, can never be afraid of conflict.

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