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ap government: ap: Jagan‌sarkar‌good news for parents of students ..! – andhra pradesh government to start pre schools from 2020-21 education year

Jagannath Sarkar, who has been making strides towards various educational reforms since coming to power, is freshly set to take another crucial decision. The Department of Education is planning to start pre-schools in AP primary schools from next academic year (2020-21). Prepared proposals for setting up of 3,400 schools under the Comprehensive Punishment Campaign. Work […]

ap pg medical education 2020-21: ap: Good news for students..Highly reduced convener quota fees ..! – andhra pradesh government reduced pg medical education fees in 2020-21

In Andhra Pradesh, PG medical education fees have come down. The AP Higher Education and Regulatory Commission has informed the government of the details of the new fees. PG Clinical Degree (MD, MS) Convenor in AP is said to have finalized a minimum of Rs 4.5 lakh to a maximum of Rs 5.5 lakh under […]

ap job notification: ap: Good news for the unemployed .. Notification for over 10 thousand jobs soon – – andhra pradesh govt to recruit nearly 10,000 healthcare workers

Corona unemployment is rising day by day. At a time like this the AP government said good news to the unemployed. The government will soon replace more than 10,000 jobs. Of that, 9,712 jobs are in the medical health sector. These jobs will include doctors, nurses and the rest of the medical staff in the […]

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