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Today’s Lottery Result 2020

Find out Bumper Lottery results 2020, today’s result 2020. Learn more about Sikkim Lottery result, Punjab Lottery Result, Super Lotto Result and many more.

Today Lottery Result 2020

Here you will find every lottery sambad from anywhere of the country. Kerala Lottery result and WB lottery result is also available here. Every hour Lottey sambad is published in this section, bookmark this section to read lottery results today.

What is the whole process of lottery, which can win you money and also send you to jail

On 20 September 2019, a lottery of six people of Kerala started. Together. Ticket number TM 160869 won the first prize of Rs 12 crore. The name of this lottery was Kerala Onam Bumper Lottery. Now you will ask how together? They are such that these six people used to work at a jewelry shop in Kollam. They bought this ticket together. The day you bought, they also won the next day. His discussions were held everywhere.

The 6 lucky winners who won the prize. (Pic: India Today)

There are reports about lotteries being played in Kerala. Rewards are also found in these. Some of the main lotteries played in Kerala are Stree Shakti, Karunya, Nirmal, Akshay, Pournami, Win Win . In all, prizes ranging from 60 to 70 lakhs are declared. But you cannot play lottery in many states of India. But why is this? What does the law of India say about this? Can there be punishment for playing online lottery? Let us tell you in easy language.

Who is called a lottery result?

According to the Lottery Regulation Act (1998) of the Government of India, a lottery can be called a scheme in which those who buy tickets are given a chance to win the prize together. That means in any such game to be called a lottery

# It is important for many people to participate together.

# Purchase of tickets is necessary.

Lottery is illegal in India. Then how is it played in some states?

The Lottery Regulation Act (1998) is applicable in India. This act clearly prohibits lottery play. But there is a discount in this. If state governments want to run their official lottery, they can do so. For this, some conditions must be met.

Which states have legal recognition for lotteries?

Lottery is not banned in the whole country. The states where you are allowed to play lottery are:

Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Mizoram. Earlier, lotteries were also played in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, now there is a ban. Now suppose you are from Uttar Pradesh. But you have bought Kerala lottery. Your reward has come out. Then you will have to go there and give the original ticket and your ID proof to collect your prize. Government bank, or registered ticket vendor. Deadline – 30 days after draw. The restriction is on the vendors. They cannot sell lottery tickets outside the state. But if you are buying, then there is no such restriction on you.

Compassion lottery tickets. (Photo courtesy: Indian Express)

Is playing online lottery a crime?

Simple answer: no. There are many sites which can give you a chance to play international lottery. But all these sites are valid, no one can guarantee that. Many times there have been cases of money fraud related to them. Many legitimate international online lottery sites offer the option that you buy tickets through agents. After that, if the prize comes out, then you can do this by taking a document to claim it. But the tax that will be levied on it, you will have to pay.

Lottery worth crores started. accept it. So did you become a millionaire?

straight answer. No. Money from lottery is considered part of your income. It is counted as income from other sources (ie income from other sources). Under the Income Tax Act 1961, any prize won in lottery or game show will be taxed. Flat 30 percent. Since this is special income, no basic exemption will be available in it. If there is a prize money above 10 lakh, then surcharge will also be imposed on it. That means you won one crore rupees. Out of that, thirty lakhs got income tax. Then 10 percent extra surcharge will also be cut. Taxes such as Education CESS and Higher Education CESS will be deducted. The responsibility of deducting all these taxes is from the organization from which you are winning the prize. So you will get a little more than sixty lakhs in total. Your second income will not be added to it. If you do a job, then you have to pay the amount of tax deducted from your salary.

The government also announces their results. The government also manages the entire revenue. (Pic: Kerala Lottery website)

After winning the lottery, is it possible that there is no money?

scared? Think you know that your lottery of one million has been started. You are making plans for happiness. Sitting in your new car, dreaming of going on the roadtrip, you reach the lottery office. You go there and know, sorry brother. This time there was a problem, you will not get money.

This can also happen. are done.

The year 1992-93. Till then the Lottery Act did not come. A person named Subhash Kumar Manwani bought a lottery ticket in Madhya Pradesh. Won But he was refused money. When the case went on, it was said that since the raffle committee sold by the ticket had permission from the Madhya Pradesh government, this lottery was not illegal. The division bench of Justice Dharmadhikari and Shukla was hearing this matter. In his decision in 1999, he said that the reward or promise given in lottery is like a gamble bet. Therefore, any agreement made under it is not valid. The Indian Contract Act 1872 states,

Agreements made on wagering are invalid (any wagering bet or agreement made on gambling bet is invalid). No legal suit can be lodged for the reward won in any bet or to get it removed from any person / institution. No person can be forced to accept the result of this bet or bet.

However, a case came up in the Kerala High Court in 2014 when the ticket buyer was refused to give money saying that he is not a resident of Kerala. And he did not give any proof of his arrival in Kerala. Therefore, he cannot claim the reward. But the High Court rejected the arguments of the lotteries. And told the person to give money. However, there is a trick in this case that questions were raised about the process related to it, and the case was registered, not for lottery money.

If anyone is found to be in violation of the law of lottery, he may face a two-year sentence and fine, or both.

So definitely see the golden dreams of lottery. But be sure to understand its reality, and its profit and loss.

Lottery Result Today

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