Hindi – How to Solve Difficult Numerical

In competitive exams and board exams, students often have to deal with numerical questions, but most of the time it is seen that students get stuck on some steps while solving these questions which wastes their time and they lose their time. The papers also do not complete correctly. As a result, they do not produce good results. The biggest reason for this problem is to solve the question incorrectly. Actually, both knowledge and skills are required to solve numerical questions. l

If students have difficulty in solving numerical questions, then they should not be discouraged because this is very common and this problem will be overcome only through continuous practice. Today we will learn from this article how to solve any numerical question. What is the best way to

1 # Do not start solving questions without understanding them

Step1: Understand the statement of the problem

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Many students have a habit of reading the question a little bit and if they feel that it is a textbook question then they start solving that question immediately. It is very wrong to do this, first of all. You should read the whole question and only then start solving the question.

Without understanding what is given in the question and what has been asked, the possibility of getting the answer wrong is very high if you solve the question without understanding all these things.

In subjects like Physics, sometimes old changes are made by making simple changes in the units, and such questions are done by the same students, who try to solve the questions without rushing in haste.

If you do not feel like studying, then know these five modern ways of studying

2 # Highlight the important data given in the question or write it in one place

Step 2: Make a complete list of all data and quantities

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When reading a numerical question, you should always highlight important keywords and data. If you want, you can also make special symbols on the keyword. You should highlight what is given in the question and what has been asked. Special attention should be paid to physical quantities and their units in such topics. Answer: In the unit to be tried, try to ensure that the units of all physical quantities are the same.

Adopt these methods of memorization, if you read any subject once, you will never forget it again.

3 # Make a rough diagram

Step 6: Substituting values ​​in the algebraic equation

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According to the need of the question, we must make a rough diagram of it. If there is a question related to optics, then create a ray diagram and if there is a question related to thermodynamics, then make an indicator diagram. In the board exam, there are also numbers of diagrams, but competitors In the exam, if you want, you can make a rough diagram for your understanding.

4 # Identify the principles and concepts used in the question

Concept Clearity to solve a problem

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Most of the direct questions are asked in the board exam, in which the direct formula is applied. On the other hand, in the competitive exam like JEE, such questions are asked which need two or more concepts to solve. So use in the question Identify all the concepts that occur.

How to prepare for any exam: When there is a month or a week or a day left

5 # Convert data into mathematical equations

Algebric equations

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After extracting the important data given in the question and identifying the principles and concepts used in the question, convert all of these into mathematical equations. These equations can be easy in a board exam like CBSE but in competitive exams like JEE, these equations get complicated. So the equations should be made very carefully.

These five ways can make mathematics a simple and interesting subject, Complete numbers will appear in the exam

6 # Put Value in Mathematical Equations

Algebric equation solution

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After making mathematical equations, keep the value in it carefully. Take special care of their units while keeping the value. Often students do not pay attention to the units while keeping the value of the physical quantities and their answer gets wrong. Sometimes a particular unit in the question Answer is asked, so keep this in mind as well.

If you do not feel like studying, then know these five modern ways of studying

7 # Check last answer again

Rechecking the final answer

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They are often asked in interviews 7 Question, At the right answer 99% Chances of getting a job increase

Finally, if you have time, check every step of your answer once again. You may have made no mistake in solving your problem while solving the question. Finally, while writing the answer, also keep in mind that The unit of answer to the question should also be correct and according to the question asked in the question.

The conclusion:

Initially you will find that this method is very difficult, but gradually after practice you will find this method easy and you will solve any question in a pinch.

Toppers’ Study tips for CBSE Board Exam Preparation

There are very few days left for the board examination to begin. Most of the students are asking us how to top the board exam. Some students are asking how to bring marks above 90% in board exam.

To answer these questions, we watched many toppers interviews and analyzed them. In this article, we have told about the study tips given by board exam toppers.

Here we have told about the same things which were common in almost all the toppers or in other words the study tips which every topper adopted.

Download issue sample papers by CBSE (for 2020 Board Exams) – from this link

Very important books for the preparation of CBSE Board Exam 2020

So let’s know some important study tips for preparing for the board exam:

Don’t study too much

Study tips by Aditya Jain, 3rd topper of CBSE Class 12 board exam 2017

3rd of 12th in CBSE Board Exam 2017rd Aditya Jain, who was the topper, said during an interview That there is no benefit from studying more, but whatever you study, do it with full concentration.

Aditya Jain also told that studying too much in single seating will increase your stress level. It is better to study in small intervals for 10 to 12 hours continuously. By studying in small intervals, you complete Will be able to study with concentration.

During the interview he also told that he used to set the target for the next day before going to sleep at night and tried to complete it the next day. He used to check that he set at night before going to sleep at night. Whether the target was met or not. Aditya used to study for about 5 to 6 hours in addition to tuition and school.

Students who do not have the habit of reading for long, can take small breaks in between the studies. The most important thing is to do whatever you study with full concentration.

These 5 ways will double your ability to study

Try to solve as much sample paper as possible.

Study tips by 2nd topper of CBSE Class 12 board exam 2017, Bhumi Sawant

2 of 12th in CBSE Board Exam 2017nd Bhumi Sawant (99.4% marks) topper told during an interview In the beginning, he faced a lot of difficulties while preparing for the board exams. But it became easy again with the help of parents and teachers.

She had solved many sample papers before the board exam. After solving a lot of sample papers and practice papers, she was quite sure of her success. According to her, she felt that she was getting more than 95% marks. Can bring it comfortably.

Practice is the key to success. No matter how much you study, but if you have not practiced with pen and paper, it is almost impossible to get good marks in board exam. Solve as much sample paper first.

Don’t you feel like studying? Just try these modern methods and then look amazing

Previous Year Papers (5 From 10 Of the year ) Must solve

Study tips by UP Board Class 12th topper (2016 board exam) Somuya Patel

Saumya Patel, who was the topper of class 12th in the UP board exam 2016, told during an interview that she got a lot of benefit by solving old year papers and her confidence level increased considerably during the preparation.

Concepts of some chapters are so important that they are asked questions in the board exam every year. So students must solve old 10-year papers.

Revision is very important

Study tips by CBSE Board Exam 2018: Toppers' Tips for Study

Almost all board exam toppers believe that revision is a very important part of preparation. Now there are very few days left for the board exam to start, so students should pay more attention to revision. In the months of January and February, students should have some You should also avoid reading the new topic.

Sometimes while reading new topics, students get entangled in a particular question or concept and their important time is wasted. If there is very little time left for the exam to start, then pay attention to revision only and only.

Unnecessary Do not take tension

CBSE 2017 board exam's topper Raksha Gopal (99.6%)

Raksha Gopal, the first topper in CBSE 12th board examination (2017), an interview During the preparation, he said that during the preparation, he focused only on giving his best. His goal was not to achieve the top score but to give his best in every paper. During preparation, students should not take unnecessary tension. Students should do their best in every paper You should try to give it. If a paper goes bad in the middle or you are unable to do well in any paper, forget it and pay full attention to the preparation of the next paper.

Summary :

Through this article, we have learned that almost every topper has emphasized on revision and practice. Revision and practice is the key to success. So students should solve as many sample papers as possible to get good marks in board exam and revise. Want

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How to prepare through CBSE sample papers

CBSE releases Sample Papers and Marking Scheme of almost all Subjects a few months before the commencement of examinations to help students preparing for Board Exams every year. But have you ever wondered why the Board releases Sample Papers? Do you know what is special about the Sample Papers or Marking Schemes issueed by CBSE?

Today through this article, we are going to tell you that with the help of Issue Sample Papers and Marking Schemes by CBSE, how to get good score in CBSE Board Exam?

CBSE Sample Paper 2021 for 10th & 12th with Answers & CBSE Marking Scheme 2021 for All Subjects – Download PDFs

CBSE Sample Papers And Marking Schemes How can help you

To bring good marks in CBSE Board Exams, it is not enough to have complete knowledge of Subject only. How you represent your knowledge in the Answer Booklet is also important. To score well in Board Exams, it is very important to follow the Word Limit while Attempting Paper. Students often ask how much and what should be written in the board exam questions. You will also find answers to such questions in these Sample Papers and their Marking Schemes.

We understand this by an example:

Below you are looking for the latest Sample Paper for CBSE Class 12 English (Core) subject.

If you see Question Number 3 of Advance Writing Skills, then you have been asked to make a poster in question of this 4 Marks. Now, what are the important things in this answer and what are the marks of the steps, you will know from its marking scheme.

If you look at its marking scheme

There will be 1 Marks of good title unit, 2 Marks will be of written content inside the poster and 1 Marks will be of your Creativity, Expression or Correct Grammar or Spelling. Now the question arises that for what is in the content of the poster, for this also you have been told Value Points, such as Time, Date and Venue of the Event in the right place, Effect of Drug Show besides Speaker and visuals.

If you take care of all these things, then during the evaluation you can get full 4 Marks in the exam. This was just an example, you will get all these things after seeing the entire sample paper paper and its marking scheme. The board has released sample papers for each of the subjects and for better preparation you should analyze all these papers thoroughly.

Where to download CBSE Sample Papers & Marking Schemes?

Sample Papers of all Subjects will be available to you through the official website of CBSE. Apart from this, you can also download these papers through the link given below.

CBSE Sample Papers Other than Resources Are importantThe

Apart from CBSE Sample Papers, there are some more important things which are necessary for the preparation of CBSE Board Exams and by these you can improve your level of preparation significantly in a short time. in these

CBSE Issued by Answer Booklets Of Scanned copies

Previous Years’ Papers

NCERT Textbooks And NCERT Solutions

Latest CBSE Syllabus

Of all these, the Scanned Copies of the Answer Booklets issueed by CBSE are the most important. The board has made available Scanned Copies of Answer Booklets of Previous Years’ Papers. Through them, students can understand what and how much to write while writing the answer in the exam.

So this was some special things related to Sample Papers and Marking Schemes so far you must have understood why they are important and with the help of them how you can get good score in CBSE Board Exam 2019.

Click this link to know the information given in this article through a two and a half minute video.

Know who is better

ICSE vs CBSE: CBSE and ICSE are the two well-known boards in India and the question often arises in the minds of students and parents, “Which board is better in CBSE and ICSE boards?” Or “Which board should your child enter during admission?” And so on.

Here we have talked to some teachers and told some important things related to the CBSE and ICSE board. After knowing and understanding them, you will understand which board is better in CBSE and ICSE board or you should choose which board at the time of admission.

1. ICSE vs CBSE: The CBSE board studies through both Hindi and English medium.

The CBSE board studies through both Hindi and English medium, while the ICSE board only studies English. Schools related to CBSE board teach through NCERT books. These books are available in Hindi, English and Urdu languages.
Most of the schools related to the ICSE board use books from private publishers which are in English and are more expensive than books published by NCERT. Since the CBSE board studies both Hindi and English medium, the CBSE board is the first choice of many students in this case.

Know your marks before the result of board exam

2. ICSE vs CBSE: Parent’s job and children’s education

There are many employed parents whose transfer is done from one place to another and for this reason the school of children also changes. If we talk about CBSE board then almost every school related to this has NCERT books and syllabus. In such a situation, if the student changes the school, then there is not much pressure on him because he is familiar with books and syllabus.

At the same time, if we talk about the ICSE board, then it follows the books of different publishers in different schools. In such a situation, it takes time for students to keep pace with new books and new syllabus and due to this, they are under more pressure.

Solve in jokes will be difficult, if not numerically, you will adopt this method

3. ICSE vs CBSE: In case of career

The syllabus of ICSE board is inspired by Cambridge School (United Kingdom) where there is a lot of emphasis in the subject like English and for future students who want to take exams like IELTS and TOEFL, studying from this board is very beneficial. The ICSE Board gives equal priority to all subjects in English, Arts and Sciences.

On the other hand, NCERT books are followed in schools related to CBSE board. Most of the engineering and medical entrance exam syllabus of India is based on the syllabus of NCERT. You will find syllabus of competitive exams like NEET, JEE Main, UPSEE, WBJEE in the 11th and 12th NCERT books.

Therefore, students who are planning to give engineering or medical entrance exams in future, then studying with CBSE board is more beneficial for them.

Know about successful people, whose boards also appeared in the exam, good marks

4. CBSE vs ICSE in case of syllabus

The syllabus of ICSE board is slightly more as compared to CBSE board. The ICSE board consists of two papers of English subject, while the CBSE board has only one paper. The ICSE board consists of three science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) while CBSE has only one science subject paper.

CBSE syllabus is updated almost every year, some new topics are added to it. Just this year, topics related to GST have been added to the CBSE syllabus. The syllabus of ICSE board is also updated but not every year like CBSE.

No matter how much preparation you do, if you do not keep these things in mind then it is almost impossible to succeed in the exam.

5. Private candidates and State Board students

Private candidates and state board students who did not study from CBSE schools, CBSE board allows such students to appear in the exam. But ICSE does not allow such students to appear for examinations.

So this was some important information related to CBSE and ICSE board. By reading them, you must have understood which board will be better for you. Before admission in any school, please discuss with the teachers there about your problems.

5 tasks that almost every topper did before the exam

By adopting these 7 tricks, anyone can become a hero with zero in mathematics

Some important questions and answers related to NIOS

How many hours to study for CBSE board exams

As the time for the board exams is getting closer, the concern related to the preparation of the exam is also increasing among the students. Many types of questions are arising in the mind like when to read, how much, what to read, etc. In this time to reduce anxiety and stress in children, it is very important for them to have proper counseling and to give proper solution to every question / problem that arises in their mind so that they can go beyond the stress and stress of needless whole heart and mind. Prepare for and achieve the best results. Today, in this article we will try to give a proper answer to one such question which comes in the mind of every board examiner. The questions and answers are given below.

Question: To get good result in my CBSE board exam, how many hours will I have to study everyday?

answer: This is a very important question that is circulating in the mind of every candidate these days. It has often been seen that most of the students weigh their performance with hours of study i.e. the more hours they read, the more good marks they will get in the exam. Someone thinks that students who top the exam spend many hours every day, but this is not completely true. In fact, to get good marks it is more important than your reading queue time. In less time than adopting the right strategy and technique It can also be studied in an effective way. If you read only three to four hours every day but with full concentration and alertness then your high marks are sure to come in the exam. So stop counting the hours while reading, but only read till then As long as your mind is with you.

Here we are going to tell you some tips to determine the right time for studies, with the help of which you can get effective results in your CBSE board exam while studying effectively:

  • First of all, know how much time you have left after resting one to half an hour after coming from school and coaching class.
  • Now divide this remaining time into two-two hours or more or squares according to your ability. Make sure to have a break of twenty five to thirty minutes between every two time slots.
  • Now dedicate these two-hour slots for complete study. In the meantime keep aside all the obstacles like eating, playing, using the phone, watching TV, etc. Save all these tasks for your study break.
  • For every two hours of study session, prepare a target in advance, which you will not get up without completing it even if you have to sit for ten to fifteen minutes for that.
  • While studying, keep away from any distraction ie distraction like phone, TV etc.
  • Never waste too much time on a topic that you are finding difficult, skip that topic and start reading an easy topic so that you remain interested in studies. Read the difficult topic later with the help of your teacher or a friend.
  • Always maintain full concentration and alertness during the studies so that you can take the highest benefit of the time available.
  • Whenever your attention starts getting out of studies or you start feeling tired, then enjoy your study break so that you can start the next two hours of study session again with fresh and relaxed mind.
  • Try to cover your one day study schedule till 10:00 pm so that you can sleep early and wake up early in the morning with a good sleep. In the quiet atmosphere of the morning, your fresh mind can easily understand and remember things. I am able to

In this way, every student can achieve the highest marks in the exam by adopting these simple methods and studying for a fixed time every day to the best of their ability. There is a need to just study correctly at the right time.

Analysis of datasheet of last five years and preparation of CBSE board exam in remaining three months

Do you also feel afraid of board exams? So these tips will definitely help you

How about your routine two months before the board exam, here are some special tips

In Hindi- Tips for CBSE Students to Make an Effective Study Timetable

In the coming two to three months, almost all the schools are going to be busy for students preparing for the exam and other activities related to it. In such a situation, there will be many students who will be dilemma as to what to study, where to start or how much to study as soon as they come for examination. He must be feeling lost in the midst of books of many subjects? This only happens when you try to flag in the finals directly without studying regularly and then in the end you feel yourself failing. Actually, the best results in the examination cannot be achieved with just one day’s hard work. For this, every Toz has to study regularly according to a proper time table. This does not mean that you keep studying all day or stay just as a bookworm, but only two or three hours every day, you can achieve the best results by systematic study.

Here through this article, we will tell you how to prepare your time table i.e. time table for everyday studies so that you can study effectively and get the desired results in the annual examination without any hassle or stress.

The tips given below will help you in creating such a time table that will make your way of studying more effective:

1. List all subjects according to their preference

While making an effective time table, your first task will be to prepare a list of all the subjects to be studied according to your preference. Priority should be given based on your interest in those subjects or their difficulty level. This will make it easy to guess which topic should be given less or which time more. Top the subjects in which you find yourself weak or the subjects who are in dire need of your study so that more time can be set for them in the time table. Apart from this, do not forget to study powerful subjects that you have good grip on.

How to get rid of sleep while reading: these 8 measures will help you

2. Know what you have to study in each subject

After preparing the list of subjects according to their priority, the next task will be to know about the important topics contained within those subjects. This means that before reading any topic, you should know so much that what are the important topics in it, which you can give enough time to. From the syllabus taught in class everyday in school, you will be able to know which topic is important in which subject, which you can repeat at home. You have to take so much time while doing your daily tasks, in which you can repeat the important topics taught daily so that those topics are confirmed in your mind.

3. Divide your study time table into sections

By not reading any one subject for a long time, not only is boredom excessive, but your mind also starts to drift away from studies. Therefore, divide your time table into sections according to all important topics so that sufficient time can be given to all subjects. For example, if you have to read 3-4 subjects every day, then give each subject 30 to 40 minutes according to its importance.

4. Try to sit for the same time every day reading

While making the time table, be sure to pay attention to the composition of the time table in such a way that after coming from school, keeping in mind the other tasks of daily routine, you can decide a specific time to study. The time table you have created should be something so that you can sit to study at almost the same time every day. It will happen that according to the daily routine, your mind will be ready in advance for reading and like other tasks of the day, studies will also be included in your habits.

To get the highest marks in the board examination, it is very important to study so many hours every day

5. Include non-academic activities in your time table

Your brain can get stressed due to studying for a long time. Due to this, both your physical and brain development are affected in a wrong way. So take a break in every study session, in which you do any work other than studying, which can relieve physical or mental fatigue and you can get refreshment. In these tasks you can involve your hobbyists like painting, singing, blogging etc. Or you can learn any sport or athletics like cricket, football, running, swimming etc. during this time which will become a part of your aptitude. Can. So if you sit for two hours every day, then break this level in one hour and take a gap of 25-30 minutes in between.

6. Mark every task done according to the time table

This means that during each level, write a small description of how much you have read in front of that level in the time table. In this, you have to write that during which level you have studied which subject. With this, the next time you sit reading, it will be very clear to you from where you have to start reading now and you will be able to make a plan for the future too.

Some ways you can increase your ability to study manifold

7. Follow your time table with strong and strong intentions

The easier it is to create a time table, the easier it is to retreat from what most students do. After working for a few days according to the time table made, the students return to the old routine again. But it is almost impossible to achieve success without doing any work in a systematic way. Therefore, in order to be victorious in his academic journey, a student has to set a correct time table and walk accordingly, only then his efforts will be successful.

In this way, dear students, if you also want to touch the clouds of success while climbing the ladder of hard work, then along with hard work, it is very important to have a right plan and discipline that only and only by adopting the right time table Can come in your life.

By adopting these 7 tricks, anyone can become a hero with zero in mathematics

CBSE date sheet 2021 will be released on 2 February for 10th, 12th: CBSE Board Exams 2021

CBSE 2021: The CBSE Date Sheet 2021 (CBSE Date Sheet 2021 – 10th & 12th) for CBSE 10th & 12th Board Exams 2021 will be released on February 2, starting from 4 May 2021.

CBSE 2021: The CBSE Date Sheet 2021 (CBSE Date Sheet 2021 – 10th & 12th) for CBSE 10th & 12th Board Exams 2021 will be released on February 2, starting from 4 May 2021. Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank himself can release the CBSE Board Exam 2021 Time Table (CBSE Time Table 2021 – 10th & 12th). Complete information of 2021 CBSE board exam will also be provided to you by Jagran Josh. After the release of CBSE Date Sheet 2021, the candidates preparing for the 10th and 12th board exams will get the information about which subject to take the exam and the difference of days between the two exams. Based on this, students preparing for CBSE Board Exam 2021 will be able to make their study time table in a more planned manner.

Important: CBSE Deleted Syllabus 2020-21: 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th: CBSE Board Exams 2021

CBSE 10th & 12th Board Exam Date Sheet 2021: Release Date (2 February), Time & New Updates!

CBSE Date Sheet 202: Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal giving nishank information

Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ has already announced the dates for the commencement of the examination and release of results. Due to COVID-19, CBSE Date Sheet 2021 has been prepared keeping various circumstances in mind. The board has previously cut the CBSE Syllabus by 30% in 2020-21 and recently the board has also released sample papers and marking schemes based on the new syllabus. These resources are provided by the board for free and are very important for the preparation of the upcoming board exam. You can get these resources through the link given below. Jagran Josh has provided many important resources for the students preparing for the board exams, some of which are given below.

#CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2021 – Sample Question Papers and Marking Schemes of All Subjects

#CBSE Sample Paper 2021 (New) for Class 12 Board Exams

#CBSE 10th Date Sheet 2021: CBSE Class 10th Board Exam Time Table 2021

#CBSE Date Sheet 2021 for 10th & 12th Board Exams

# CBSE 12th Board Exam Date Sheet 2021

Hindi- CBSE Board Exam 2021: Importance of word limit

Question: Is there any importance to follow the prescribed word limit for all the questions in the board examination?

answer: Yes, there is a special reason behind setting the word limit for every question in the board examination. That is the reason that students should answer the answer in a very correct and accurate words rather than writing meaningless stories and answer the whole article. Please give form

Every student should write their answer keeping in mind the suggested word limit, but this does not mean that you will count the entire 50 words for a 50 word word limit. You will get a one-two line to demonstrate your knowledge. You can write more so that your answer will gain weight and the examiner will have a good effect. But if those extra lines have not written any important information but useless things which are not appropriate according to the question asked, then such Some extra words can introduce the examiner, which may cut some of your marks. The same situation can also appear when you write fewer words than you have set, because fewer words may not include all the sides asked in the question.

Know what is the importance of hand writing in board exam and what are the ways to improve it

Checking the answer sheets of many students, the examiner always locks important and key words for which they can give marks to the examinee, so writing big answers will only be a waste of time and it does not affect your performance on the examiner too. There is a possibility of cutting marks. Going down two or four lines above the prescribed word limit does not matter much if your answer is accurate. There is no such rule in the guidelines directed by the CBSE board for its teachers that the word limit cross by the student When done, cut its marks. The most important thing that has been emphasized is that the answer is very concise, logical and well organized.

Apart from all this, it is also important to write the answers according to the word limit so that you can write the answers to all the questions within the prescribed time limit for the exam. Because it will take more time to write every extra line which will not save the time required for the remaining questions. And you will lose those important points.

So dear students, take special care of time and word limit while writing the exam to get the best result in the upcoming board exam.

How about your routine two months before the board exam, here are some special tips

Want to bring good marks in board exam? So along with the revision, these tips must be adopted

Some simple mantras to manage time during board exams

Tips to make your answer sheet presentable in CBSE & UP Board Exams

Along with writing the right and proper answer, presentation i.e. presentation plays a very important role in any board exam. Whether the exam is from CBSE, UP board or any other board, good scoring of students depends to a large extent on the presentation. Every word of your answer should be easily understood by the examiner. A good presentation affects the examiner, which also increases your chances of getting good marks. After writing each answer leave 2-3 lines so that while checking the answer book, the examiner will see the difference between the two answers.

Today we are going to tell you some such tips, with the help of which you will be able to present your answers in the board exam in the best way and get good marks.

1. Be sure to underline each title (heading) and subheading in the answer.
Problems which students can face in JEE Main 2019 CBT

2. Always draw a two-inch line leaving the margin on the right side of the page of your answer book, where you can do your rough work. Otherwise, rough work anywhere on the sheet will make the sheet look very wasteful and dirty which will not have good effect on the examiner.

Why is it important to follow the word limit in a board exam? Learn some important things

3. Wherever the pictures, tables, charts, etc. are required in the North, increase the picture content. By doing this, the tester gets to know your knowledge in a better way, because any information is easily understood when presented as a picture or table.

4. Try writing your answers in bullets or in points while writing. Highlight all headers and sub-headers and important points.

5. Try to write the answer clearly, that is, while writing the answer, keep your handwriting clear and try throughout the page, your handwriting should be uniform and look attractive.

These are the easiest and important ways to write perfect answers in a board exam!

6. Whenever a word or answer is wrong and needs to be cut, then with your pen, draw a dash line on that answer or word. Avoid scrubbing or scratching, as this will make your answer book look dirty.

7. Always write the number of questions properly so that the question number can be clearly seen.

8. While writing the answer, keep in mind that the distance between all the words should be the same i.e. the words are neither too close nor too far.

Conclusion: If you follow the above mentioned tips from now on, then you will never forget the strategy of writing the answer book correctly at the time of exam. There are only a few months left in the exam, students are advised to take care of these small things while writing their answers, then they can get more good marks in the exam.

Some simple mantras to manage time during board exams

CBSE Board Exam 2021: Half the paper will be solved within 15 minutes of the board exam, just follow these important methods