Hindi-Importance of sample paper for UP Board students

Class 10 and 12 exams are very important for students. This is a time when you can give a right or wrong guidance to your career. Especially, if we talk about the students of class 12, then this time is very important for them. If students use this time properly, then they can easily move on the path of success. Today we will tell you some special tips through this article, with the help of which students are able to prepare for their Class 12 examination in a correct and easy manner.

Here we are going to tell you how important it is to solve sample paper for the students of UP Board class 12th and 10th and how the sample paper is helpful to the students:

1. Fear of examination: The biggest fear of students is that they do not know how to ask questions in the exam …….? Even in spite of good preparation, students are very confused about the questions that come in the exam. Actually, there is only one reason that students are not properly familiar with the question paper. If you start solving sample paper, then your fear will be overcome first because when you solve sample paper, you will know easily how the pattern of your question paper will be, from which section in the exam How many questions are asked, what are the many questions which are repeated in the exam again and again ……….

2. Helpful to test: The sample papers are made according to the previous year’s question papers and the syllabus of the class. Some sample papers are done with complete analysis and solving important questions. Which are helpful to the students to a great extent, because there are many important questions which if solved and also if the analysis of the questions is available properly, then it would be easy to prepare and posture with the correct assessment. Is

Why is it important for students to know the importance of education

Assistant in 3 revisions: As we all know, in the sample papers, questions related to all sections and all topics are present. Because of this it is a good way to repeat the subject before the exam. The more students solve sample paper, the more they will clear the concept on that subject, which will prove to be very helpful for the exam.

4. Marking Scheme: It is very important to know the marking scheme properly because most of the students do not know from which section, how many marks questions can be asked in the exam. For example, if you are a student of class 12 and you know which topics are there in the whole syllabus of your mathematics, which are asked more questions, then you will be able to pay more attention to those topics during your preparation.

5. Time Management: Sample paper is a good way to improve time management skills in students. If students ensure a time for solving sample paper and if they try to solve their entire question within the time period, then they will get the time limit during the exam. You will not face any problem in solving additional questions.

6. Self confidence: It is very important to have self confidence in students regarding their preparation. And on solving the sample paper, the feeling about the exam in the students goes away. Due to which self confidence increases in students. Along with student practice, you are able to assess week areas, strong areas as well. Accuracy of solving question papers also increases in students.

Conclusion: Today in this article, we have given some tips to the students, which if they include in their reading or exam preparation, it will be very helpful for their success in future.

Good luck !!

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Right way to write answer in cbse board exam

Students preparing for the state or CBSE 10th or 12th board exam often ask questions that how to write an answer sheet in the answer sheet to get good marks in the board exam. We analyzed CBSE Toppers’ Answer Sheets for students who have secured 100% score in the board examination. After the analysis, we got some important information which we have told you in this article.

CBSE 10th & 12th Board Exam Date Sheet 2021: Release Date, Time & New Updates!

CBSE Deleted Syllabus 2020-21: 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th & CBSE Board Exams 2021 Updates!

Let us know how we should write an answer for good marks lane in board exam:

1. 3 Important Formats for Writing Answer in Board Exam

For Subjects like Format 1: Science

Heading → Subheadings → Mains Points

CBSE Board Exam 2019: Tips & Strategies

In most of the answers for Subjects like Science we found the format seen above (apart from 1 or 2 marks questions in which only 1 Word or 1 Line has to be answered) in which the student gave a Heading first while answering. Subheadings given and then written Mains Points of reply. This Format class 10th Apart from science topic 12th K is very useful for writing answers in Subjects like Physics, Chemsitry and Biology.

Download CBSE Toppers’ Answer Sheet through this link

For Subjects like Format 2: Social Science

Introduction → Main Content (Important Terms & Dates are Underlined) → Conclusion

CBSE Board Exam 2019: How to write answers

We found this format in Subjects like Social Science, in which the student wrote an Answer with a Short Introduction and also made the Main Content (Important Terms & Dates Underline) followed by a conclusion at the end. This Format is very useful for Subjects like Social Science.

Format 3: For Subjects like Mathematics

Given → To Prove or To Find → Formula & Main Steps → Final Answer

In Subjects like Mathematics, we found this format, in which the student has given the details of the things given in the first question, and then the conversion of Units on the same. After this Prove is told about what to do. After this, tell Formulae and Calculations and finally Final Answer. This format is very useful for writing answers in paper of Subjects like Mathematics.

2. Solve the questions that you get answers to well.

While solving the paper, you solve those questions first, whose answers you get well. If the copy checker gets many answers wrong in the beginning, then it creates negative impression in his mind. This may be due to the fact that during checking, other questions that you must have corrected, still you get average marks on them. So it is important that your start is very good.

3. Try to write To the Point Answers

During the analysis of Answer Booklets, we saw that almost all the students wrote To the Point Answers. Suppose if you are being asked the advantages of Nuclear Energy, then you just write the Advantages of Nuclear Energy. What is Nuclear Energy or its Disadvantages, do not write all these things which were not asked in the questions because you will not get its marks nor will it give you any other benefit. For other important information, please see the full video.

Must do’s after getting question paper in board exams

questions : I always get confused what to do after getting the question paper in the examination hall. Can you give me some tips?

answer : This is a common problem of all students, whether they are taking the exam from CBSE, UP board or any other board. All the students get very worried about what to do first after getting the examination paper. For this reason, students read the question paper with anxiety and stress, due to which their brain is not working properly at that time. As a result, students waste the time of reading 15 minutes question paper due to not understanding anything correctly. Thus, if seen, for this every student should adopt a strategy that should be included in the examination hall before writing the answers to the questions.

To solve this problem, after discussing with experienced exam counselors, teachers and students, we have collected a set of tasks that students should adopt immediately after receiving the question paper in the exam. These strategies are as follows:

1. Keep your mind absolutely calm, thinking that everything is fine and normal and there is no reason to be stressed or worried. This exam is also like those exams that you have passed before.
2. Now, first of all, check all the questions. If the question is inappropriate, incorrect or misprinted, then after checking, give this information to the examiner first so that it can be resolved in time.
3. After this, you should provide the details asked on the answer sheet such as roll number or other similar information. Most students forget to write the required information on the answer sheet, due to stress and haste.
4. Before writing the answer, the board has given 15 minutes to read the question paper. These 15 minutes mean a thorough reading of the question paper and a strategy to attempt it. So read the question paper peacefully and prepare your strategy in advance, in which question you have to give how much time and which question you are thinking to answer first.
5. Give priority to the questions that you know well and start answering those questions in which you are 100% confident. After that you can try to solve other questions which you find difficult or complicated.
6. You will be given 3 hours to solve the question paper. Therefore, before writing, allocate a suitable time to each section and then ensure the timing of the questions, at which time you can complete the answer with all the details and diagrams if necessary. By doing this, you will be able to solve your entire question paper easily without any stress within the given time limits.
7. Finally, the most important thing is that while preparing the strategy for writing the exam paper, you can also write the important formulas and equations in advance which you will use later while writing the answer. Sometimes, while writing an answer, a lot of things go around in our mind and we forget the exact formulas or words used in the answer, so you can write it in advance.

Thus, following all these suggestions while preparing the technique of writing for the exam a few minutes before the beginning can prove to be helpful to a great extent and with the help of these tips, you can answer your exam more effectively and thoroughly Can write from

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CBSE Date Sheet 2021 of 10th & 12th will be released on 31 December

Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ will announce CBSE Date Sheet 2021 (10th & 12th) himself on 31 December 2020, will be live on Twitter at 6 pm. Learn big updates and download Revised CBSE Syllabus 2020-21 and CBSE Sample Papers 2021.

Tips for Board Exams 2018 in Hindi

Now there is a lot of work left in the board exam to start. The students of 10th and 12th are busy preparing for the board examination loudly. Most of the students do not have any shortage in studies and preparation for the exam but other than studies There are very important things which are very important to take care of.

There are some small problems during exam time that students often do not think about or prepare themselves mentally for them. These may seem small to listen to some problems but very important role in any student’s result She pays

Today, in this article, we will know about some of the minor problems during the exam time for which students need to be mentally prepared.

So these problems are as follows:

1: What and how much to read the day before the exam (Or the day before the exam Revise To do) –

This is a problem that most students do not pay attention to before. It is very important to know what to read and how much to read a day before the exam.

Which topic is most important for the exam? Are you repeatedly forgetting that topic? How long does it take you to revise which chapter?

These are some such questions, if you know the answers, then only then you will be able to understand what and how much to read a day before the exam. You will get answers to these questions from practice.

For practice, you have to give your pre-board exam properly and in addition to that you will have to revision many times assuming that your exam is going to be done tomorrow.

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2: paper Solve While doing time management:

Time management is very important while solving paper. How much time is to be given to which section of paper and which section to solve first, all these things will be understood by practice. Time management is very important when solving paper. Before exam, try to solve more sample paper and practice paper etc.

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3: Paper Meet in Surprises –
During the exam, which section to do in the question paper first and which later should be cleared before you, but the question paper can be difficult and easy too l

What would you do if most of the questions in your favorite section (the section you were about to do first) became difficult?

Many students get nervous in such a situation and then they also have problems in the questions that they like well.

Students should always be ready for such situation also. Students should be ready to change their strategy according to the paper.

How to prepare for any exam: when there is a month or a week or a day left

4: Nervousness about exam center

Some students feel uncomfortable in the new place. Such students feel stressed while taking the exam at the new place. If the room inspector comes to them while giving the exam, they start getting upset. This directly affects their performance in the exam. Is that such students should prepare themselves mentally for any situation before the exam.

5: Not reaching the exam center on time and not keeping necessary documents

Students must arrive at the exam center on time during the exam, otherwise they may face difficulties. Don’t forget to carry important things (eg: geometry box, admit card, Aadhaar card, etc.) during the board exam. That you should not be allowed to sit in the board exam.


These were some of the problems due to which students may face difficulties even after the best preparation, so prepare yourself mentally to face these problems during the board exam. Even if you look small, ignoring them will have a direct impact on your board exam results.

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Best ways to write a board exam

The students may prepare whatever they want before the examination, but if they do not manage to perform well on the exam day, then all the hard work is wasted. Every time a student sits in the examination hall, he feels anxious and nervous every time. The pressure of the exam is so high that some students even forget the things remembered. While feeling anxious and anxious at the time of examination is quite natural, students can make the situation a little easier by adopting some easy tips while solving the paper in the examination hall.

Here in this article we are going to tell you the 8 most important tips with the help of which you can solve the paper in the best way and get the best marks:

1. Prioritize all the questions according to their importance.

This should be your first task as soon as you get a question paper. Initiate those questions for which you are completely confident, that is, you are confident that you will be able to solve those questions exactly right. While giving the board exam it is not necessary that you solve all the questions according to the given order. First write the answers to the same questions that you remember well. This not only increases your confidence, but also saves you enough time in which you can easily write and remember the answers to the questions for which you have a dilemma.

2. Avoid writing any answer in excessive words

While taking the exam, keep in mind that to write each answer, use only enough words according to its demand. Never write such paragraphs in the answers that talk about the topic about which neither the question has been asked nor its explanation has been sought.

For example, if you have been asked in science paper the definition of ‘Soil erosion’ i.e. ‘soil erosion’, then write only the definition here and not about the causes or effects of Soil erosion.

In fact, most of the students believe that by writing a longer or longer answer, the teacher will give them more marks, which is not true at all. Because teachers only evaluate the right and correct answers and not the stories written in the answer sheet.

If you want to top the exam then make study notes like this

3. Show comprehension in choosing one of the questions given in choice

In the paper, choice is given in many questions, out of which the student has to choose one question. But the interesting thing is that while choosing from such questions, students often naturally choose a thoughtless question which they have to regret while solving later because they could have solved the other question better. . This happens only due to haste and pressure. Therefore, in order to select the right question, the student should first read all the questions given in the option carefully instead of once and try to get a picture of the answers of those questions in his mind. Choose the question for which you find a clear picture in your mind.

4. Attempt all the questions given in the paper

We all know that there is no negative marking for wrong answers in the board examination, then you must also write the answers to all the questions about which you have some idea, because you will not lose anything for it. Read such questions carefully first and if necessary, read it again. Try to understand the style of the question and its demand. If you remember the answer, then it is fine, but if you do not remember the answer, in that case, use your brain to take the help of a smart guess. The examiner is always looking for some keyword based on which he can give marks to the student.

These are some of the questions frequently asked in CBSE class 10 board exam … important for you to know

5. Students should not waste time in preparing their answer sheet

It has often been observed that most of the students have a habit of decorating their answer sheet in colorful manner while solving paper in which they use all colors like blue, black, green, different color to the question, different colors to the headings or other Let’s write the points in a different color. The students doing this should keep in mind that doing this type of makeup will not prevent you from getting any higher marks, but will definitely waste your time in the exam, during which time you could write all the remaining answers thinking You left for the end. Therefore, leave out the unnecessary decorations and attach your answer sheet in a systematic and clean manner. Use only two pens, black pen for headings and blue pen for the rest. Also use pencil to make any Diagram. With this, your answer sheet will appear clean and orderly, as well as you will be able to save enough time to solve other questions.

6. Make sure to leave proper space in every word and every answer.

While writing the answer, pay special attention to this that you must leave proper space between every two words. Do not make the mistake of pressing all 15-20 words in a single line. This will make it difficult for the examiner to read the overlapped words which will directly affect your grade. So to keep your answer sheet clean and organized, keep in mind some special things:

  • Write most of the answers by making points.
  • Instead of writing all the sentences together, write them as paragraphs.
  • Be sure to leave one or two lines before and after each answer. This will make it easier for you to add a few more points to an answer later and your answer sheet will also be visible.

7. Students should not be nervous but remain calm and focused

It is not always necessary that you get the answer to every question. Such questions will be in every exam, whose answers you may not know. In such a situation, students should not panic. Because this will directly affect your mind, which will make you unable to write even those answers which you remembered well. Therefore, it is important that students remain calm and focused. You will have a lot of time to think and write answers to all the difficult questions. If there is a need, only to show understanding so that you can build your confidence.

If all the students adopt all the tips and suggestions given above and solve the questions asked in the board examination, then they will surely be able to get the desired marks. So, without worrying about results, just insist on giving your best.

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Tips for CBSE Board Exam: 100% Simple & Proven

Board exams are about to begin and at this time most students think how to prepare more syllabus in less time. These problems are most common to those students who did not prepare well throughout the year.

If you do a little smart work along with hard work a few days before the exam, then you can perform quite well in the Board Exams.

So let us know through this video how you can prepare maximum syllabus in a short time and how you can get a good score in the upcoming board exam.

Important – Important things related to CBSE Date Sheet 2021

1 # Latest SyllabusAnd Previous Years’ Papers through Research Do the

Before starting the preparation for the board exam of any subject, you should see the latest Syllabus of that subject and try to know by looking at its previous years’ papers.

• Which chapter was asked the most questions

• Which are the concepts that were asked almost every year

• Which chapter was asked the least questions

• From which chapter came simple questions and from which chapter difficult

Through the research of Syllabus and Previous Years’ Papers, you will understand which chapter of which subject is most important for the board examination. During preparation, prepare the chapters with more weightage first.

CBSE Sample Papers 2021 for 10th & 12th with Answers & Marking Schemes: All Subjects

2 # Short Answer Prepare first

While preparing any chapter, first prepare questions with 1 Mark or 2 Marks. By doing this, your basic concepts will be well understood and you will also be able to prepare big questions. In this way, you will be able to cover the entire syllabus of the board exam very quickly. These questions will be easily available in the previous years’ papers or question bank.

CBSE Board Exam 2021: Check 3 Important Formats for Writing Good Answers

3 # Long Answers To small Points Remember by dividing into

When you see Previous Years’ Papers, you will find that some questions have been asked repeatedly in the board exams and their answers are quite large. It is very important to prepare the answers to such questions because the chances of getting asked these questions are very high in the board. The best way to prepare them is to divide the big answer into small points and then memorize each point. If you remember the biggest answer by writing it 5 times, then you must remember that answer. Will be done. Even in the board exam, you will be able to write those answers easily.

4 # Study along with Revision Take special care of

The role of Revision is very important in the preparation of Board Exams. No matter how much you read, but if you did not revise it from time to time, then you will not even know when you have read it before. Revision is very important for better preparation of board exam, so whatever you read, keep repeating it from time to time. With this, you will not have any problem in revision one day before the exam.

5 # Model Papers or Guess papers Must practice with

Practice is very important for better performance in board exam. Even if you have read the entire syllabus well, but if you do not practice writing, then you may not be able to solve the entire paper at the time of exam. Therefore, practice regularly with Model Papers or Guess Papers for better preparation of board exam.

By solving Model Papers or Guess Papers, you will not only have your Writing Speed ​​but you will also know about some important concepts for Board Exams.

These were tips for better preparation of board exam in a short time. If you like this video, then write or share it and visit Jagranjosh.com to see more similar videos.

Tips for studies Study Tips in Hindi

As the time of exam approaches, the need to give more and more time to studies starts increasing. Because in the last months the whole syllabus has to be repeated, due to which it takes longer than usual days. If one is preparing for competitive exams like Engineering Entrance, SSC, Banking, or IAS then one may have to study for 10 to 12 hours. Studying for any exam for a long time can be difficult and stressful. Many times students sit for 10 to 12 hours after a lot of efforts, but they are unable to concentrate on their studies.

Through this article, we will learn about some ways of studying, which can double your ability to study. You can get amazing benefits by making small changes in your learning methods. At the same time, you can get better results in less time.

So let’s know about some special ways to study

Understand your body clock and ensure the right time to study

Every human has different body clock. If you relate it to studies, you can understand it in easy words in such a way that there is a time in 24 hours when our efficiency is at its peak. At this time when we do any work, they are able to do it more thoroughly and in a better way. Some people get up early in the morning and understand more than they read. While many people understand more than read at night and remember well. So before you start preparing for any exam, analyze your body clock.

Do know these interesting facts about exam

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Plan the next day for the night

Students wake up in the morning and go to coaching and school. Some office goers also prepare for competitive exams, they also have to go to office in the morning. In such a situation, if you study without planning anything every day, then you will not get anything. Therefore, proper plan is the first and most important step to do any work. If you have to clear any exam in a year, then you must have a full year (or every month) plan. However, the plan for the whole year and every month is just a blueprint (or blue print).
The most important thing is that you should make a complete plan of what you are going to do the next day at night. The next day you must make sure that you are able to complete the plans or targets you have set at night on time.
If you get up early in the morning (4:00 AM to 5:30 AM) and start studying, then by 11:00 PM you will be able to get enough time to study along with all the work and work.

How to prepare for any exam: when there is a month or a week or a day left

Mixture of study techniques

Some people say that even after getting up early in the morning and studying till late night, the syllabus is not ending in time or they are not getting enough time. So those people should focus on the technique of studying. Nowadays, the busyness has increased so much and you cannot get a chance to study only with notes. In such a situation, you can also use YouTube to understand a topic. If you want, you can click and save pictures of diagrams, maps, etc. on your smart phone, and you can see and understand it when needed. These methods are very helpful during the bus or train journey. You can also study some other methods from here |

Keep in mind the duration of the study

While studying or planning a study, keep in mind the duration of the study. Some people can easily study for 1 to 2 hours but for many people it is difficult to read even 1 hour continuously. It is important for these people to take short breaks during studies or to mix the above study techniques. While making the complete plan of studies, do not ignore these small break times. You should make any study plan according to your ability. If you study continuously for 1 hour today, then after 1 month there will be no magic that you will start reading 6-9 hours continuously.

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Physical exercise and brain development

If you are preparing (or are about to start) for any competitive exam, then buy tea coffee and fast food as soon as possible. As we know, healthy mind resides in a healthy body. If a person is ill or is suffering from many types of diseases, then he cannot concentrate his mind and this will directly affect his preparation for the exam. Therefore, physical exercise and healthy diet are very important to improve concentration. Performing light aerobic exercises like strolling, jumping jacks, jogging, increases the amount of oxygen in your brain and you can study more with more concentration.

Avocado, plum, broccoli, whole grains, fish and pumpkin seeds are examples of some foods that will have a great effect on your ability to eat.


Whether you are preparing for the board exam or any competitive exam, you will definitely get good results by using the methods given above. Initially, you may face some difficulties in adopting these methods. But after a while you will definitely get success. The most important thing is that whenever you study and as much as you study, read with full concentration.

Providing Gadgets and Internet for EWS Class Students to Attend Online Class Now School Responsibility

During a hearing on Friday, the Delhi High Court has ordered the students of Financially Weaker Section (EWS) in Private School, Private Unaided School and Government School to provide gadgets and internet for attending online classes.

Good News for School Students: Providing Gadgets and Internet for EWS Class Students to Attend Online Class Now School Responsibility

Good News for School Students: Providing Gadgets and Internet for EWS Class Students to Attend Online Class Now School Responsibility

The Delhi High Court, during a hearing on Friday, ordered the students of the economically weaker section (EWS) in the Private School, Private Unaided School and Government School to provide gadgets and internet for attending online classes. During the hearing, the Delhi High Court has asked the government and private schools to ensure that students from weaker sections also get the facility of online classes. Kendriya Vidyalayas are also included in these government schools which will provide gadgets and internet packs to EWS students.

A bench of Justices Manmohan and Sanjeev Narula has also ordered that a 3-member committee should be set up to speed up the process of identifying and supplying gadgets for EWS students. The High Court has also made it clear in the order that equipment and internet packs given to poor students will not be a part of tuition fee.

Due to the corona virus epidemic, schools across Delhi and NCR are studying online through schools across the country, but students from weaker income groups are unable to attend online classes due to lack of tools and resources. In view of the ever increasing cases of corona virus infection, it can be said that the option of online class will be used for a long time.

Recently, a petition was filed by a non-governmental institute Justice for All, in which it was said that more than 50,000 EWS students studying in private schools are not able to avail online classes if they talk only about Delhi.

In such a situation, this order of Delhi High Court has now brought relief for poor students.

Students keep themselves Motivet in these ways. Motivation for Students

It takes a lot of zeal or enthusiasm to do any work and this enthusiasm and enthusiasm comes from Motivation. Whether you are preparing for the board exam or any competitive exam. If you do any work When you are motivated, you try to give your 100%, if you are lacking in motivation, then you cannot do that work properly.

Some people say that indifference to any work or lack of passion is a disease and Motivation is a medicine for that disease. Whenever we are going through a difficult period or we lack enthusiasm, we have to take a medicine called Motivation. People often ask how can they keep themselves always motorized? In this article, we have answered the same question today.

So let’s know how to keep yourself Motivated:

1. See daily how far you are from your target

Keep your target (what you want or want to be) a photo or always in your pocket or save in your cellphone. Whenever you are feeling lack of enthusiasm or sad, look at your target. And take inspiration from that. Tell yourself about the later benefits of the target.

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2. Always plan for failures

The successful person always works hard to get success but he is also ready for the failures. On the other hand, an ordinary person works hard for success but he has no back up plan for the failures and then such person Sinks in the darkness. So work hard for success, but keep a plan for failures as well.

You will get success in every competitive exam, just keep these 5 things in mind

3. Your favorite politician, The player, Or read business success story

There are many examples around us whose reading story (or success story) will fill you with new enthusiasm. Read the success story of any of your favorite politician, sportsman, or businessman and take motions from him. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Abdul Kalam etc. are people whose life you can take inspiration from.

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4. Watch Motivational movies or listen to music that fills new energy with you

Sometimes movies teach us a lot. When you feel that something bad is happening to you or the situation is not right, then definitely watch these films, you will be filled with renewed vigor and courage again. Whenever you feel that you If you are going through a very difficult period, or you feel that a mountain of sorrows has broken on you, or you feel that life is hell, then watch motivational movies or listen to music that fills new energy in you. A new passion will fill my mind again.

10 movies that all school students must watch

5. Your life by going to flashback Think of the biggest success of

When you are surrounded by disappointments, take a few minutes to go back to the flashback and think about the biggest success of your life, by doing this, you will be re-energized. Let yourself be focused once again. Success was achieved by working hard and you can do it again.

6. Compare yourself to your past and see how far you’ve reached

If you feel lack of motivation, then compare yourself with your past. Compare how many achievements you have achieved. How far you have come and how far you have to go further. Doing this will give you a feeling of satisfaction. And the communication of new energy will also take place.


These were some ways in which you can always keep yourself Motivate. Some people sometimes need Motivational things, while some people often need them. If you will do everything by being Motivated, then you will give 100% And if you give your 100%, then success will surely kiss your steps.

Solve in pinches will be difficult, if not numerically, you will adopt this method