Rajasthan GK Questions For CET Exam Test Series 17-See important general knowledge questions from here.

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Rajasthan GK Questions For CET Exam Test Series 17, Read Important General Knowledge Questions for Rajasthan CET Exam, RSMSSB CET Competition Exam 25 GK Questions, Top 25 GK Questions for Rajasthan CET Exam

Hello friends-Resultuniraj.co.in The team is providing you 25 important general knowledge questions for Rajasthan CET Exam on this page. If you have also applied for Rajasthan CET Exam, then this page is going to be very beneficial for you.

Our team is providing handwritten notes of Rajasthan CET along with general knowledge questions. If you also want to buy notes for RSMSSB CET exam, then you can fill your information in the form given below. For more information, you must read this page till the end.

RSMSSB CET Exam Top 25 GK Questions

1. Agnikul / Agnivansh theory was first propounded in relation to the origin of which Rajputs?

Rajasthan GK Questions For CET Exam Test Series 17

A. Jayanak

B. Chandbardai

C. Amir Khusrau

D. none of these

Answer – B

2. In which district of Rajasthan is Chappan Basin located?


B. Pali


D. Bhaker

Ans- C

3. Whose court poet was Bihari, the author of Bihari Satsai?

A.Jaswant Singh

B. Sawai Jaisingh

C. Mirza Raja Jaisingh

D. none of these

Ans- C

4. By what name is the area between Dungarpur and Banswara known?

A. Bhaker

B. Kanthal

C. mortgage

D. mekal

Answer – B

5. Which dynasty of Rajputs ruled the princely state of Jaipur?

A. Kachwaha


C. Hada


Ans- A

6. Mughal (Aurangzeb) – Maratha (Shivaji) treaty of June 11, 1965 was made possible by whose efforts?

A. Bhagwan Das

B. Sawai Jaisingh

C. Mirza Raja Jaisingh

D. none of these

Ans- C

7. Which Rajput Marathas were saved from terror because of their extreme remoteness?

A. Quota

B. Jaisalmer


D. Both B and C

Ans- D

8. Where was the first dairy plant established in Rajasthan?

A. Bikaner

B. in Jodhpur

C. in Ajmer

D. in Raniwad

Ans- C

9. In whose reign Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti came to Rajasthan?

A. Rana Pratap

B. Rana Kumbha

C. Rana Song

D. Prithviraj Chauhan

Ans- D

10. How much area is covered by the western desert of Rajasthan?



C.More than 60%

D.less than 30%

Ans- C

11. Who was the first Rajput ruler who did not accept Akbar’s submission till his death?

A.Jaswant Singh

B. Rao Uday Singh

C. Rao Chandrasen

D. none of these

Ans- C

12. On which Abu mountain in Dilwara village, the temple of Rishabhdev (Adinath) was built in 1031 AD?


B. Object Pal

C. Vimal Shah Vaish

D. none of these

Ans- C

13. Which Parmar ruler was able to kill three buffaloes with one arrow?

A. Dharavarsha

B. Utpal Raj

C. Bhoj Parmar

D. none of these

Ans- A

14. Which king of Rajasthan is called Rai Pithora?

A. Govind Raj

B. Hariraj

C. Prithviraj

D. none of these

Ans- C

15. Who is the first Paramveer Chakra recipient of Rajasthan?

A. Hanumant Singh

B. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

C. Limba Ram

D.Kishan Singh

Answer – B

16. Which ruler of medieval Rajasthan was called by the name Abhinav Bharatacharya?

A. Maharana Kumbha

B. Maharaja Mansingh

C. Sawai Jaisingh

D. Prithviraj Chauhan

Ans- A

17. Parimardin Dev (Chandela) had to lose his two brave generals Alhaev and Udal in the battle with whom?

A. Bhima (Solanki)

B. Jaichand (Garhwal)

C. Muhammad Ghori (Turk)

D. Prithviraj Chauhan (Chauhan)

Ans- D

18. Which Parmar ruler was known as Kaviraj?

A. Bhoj Parmar

B. Dharavarsha


D. none of these

Ans- A

19. Which Chauhan Chauhanvanshi ruler established the Sanskrit school in Ajmer?

A. Prithviraj VI

B. Govind Raj

C. Vigraharaja IV


Ans- C

20. At whose hands was Prithviraj defeated in the second battle of Tarain (1192 AD)?

A. Muhammad Ghori

B. Timur Lung

C. Mahmud Ghaznabi

D. Nadir Shah

Ans- A

21. Who is known as Gandhi of Bangar in Rajasthan?

A.Jamuna Lal Bajaj

B. Bhogilal Pandya

C.Motilal Tejawat

D. Gokulbhai Bhatt

Answer – B

22. In the battle of Bhutala, which ruler of Mewar forced the army of Sultan Iltutmish of Delhi to return?

A. Rana Sanga

B.Ratan Singh

C. Rana Pratap

D.Jayatra Singh

Ans- D

23. Which city is famous in Rajasthan by the name of Nawabs?





Ans- A

24. Which is the deepest lake in Rajasthan?

A. Phalodi


C. Navlakha

D. sure

Ans- D

25. Who is the first in the history of Mewar to issue gold coins?

A.Ratan Singh

B. Khuman

C. Bappa Rawal

D. Hummer

Ans- C

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