CV and Resume: Do you also have confusion between CV and Resume? Learn the difference between the two here

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Jagran NewsPublish Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2023 03:09 PM (IST)Updated Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2023 03:09 PM (IST)

New Delhi, Online Desk. In our life we ​​have often heard two words mostly. Both these words become very important for a working person. The first word is Resume and the second word is CV. Although people have a misconception that both the words are the same, but in reality the meanings of both the words are very different. There is a big difference between both the words. Do you know what really separates Civi from Resume? Or what is the basic difference between CV and Resume? Today, from this article of ours, you will know what is the difference between any CV and Resume?

What is Resume?

Resume is a French word, it is a small document of two pages. It includes complete and clear information about any person about his work. A brief and to the point summary about the candidate is written in the resume. The sole purpose of the resume is to present the contender for a job in which all the necessary information is written for that post. for which the person applies. If understood in simple words, the resume can be prepared keeping in mind the needs and demands of a specific post.

key points to include in resume

1. Education and Training Skills


3. Work on any project started

4.Contact Details

5.Certificates and Awards

6. Voluntary Work

7. Languages ​​Spoken

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what is cv

CV is a Latin word meaning Curriculum Vitae. CV is very different from resume. Education and achievements are explained in detail in the CV. It can also be of several pages. CV is chronological that means in CV you write all the information in a sequential manner. In CV any person can write the complete story of his education and achievements. A CV includes a detailed description of a person’s job history, education, achievements, presentations, honors and awards, research and other achievements.

key points to include in cv

1. Education

2. Work Experience

3. Publication

4. Skills

5. Appreciation and Rewards

6. Certificate

7. Contact Details

8. Fellowships and Grants

9. Research

10. Membership

11. Conference

12. Research

Difference between CV and Resume?

CV is a detailed document that contains information about all the professional achievements of a person, while Resume contains information about a person’s professional life. All the necessary things are written in it for the person’s job. CV is detailed while resume is prepared in less words or according to need.

Curriculum Vitae is a Latin word which in short form is called CV. The same resume is a French word that comes from résumé. Resume is very small as compared to CV, in this very point to point thing is written.

While CV focuses more on academic points, resume includes curriculum skills and non-academic details required for the job.

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