Same feeling in schools also ‘Maths-Science children are perfect’. Career Options Vs Family Decision; Engineer Or Doctor (Maths Science)

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Students: Are you also troubled by the pressure of your parents, relatives around you to become an engineer or a doctor?

It is not the end of the world if there is no career in medical and engineering

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Choosing a career in India is a family decision, not an individual one. Which career the child wants to adopt, it depends on his family.

It is a kind of professional caste system: children of most doctors become doctors, children of army background go into the army. Because the parents find a promising career as a safe path, and the child is also brought up in the same family environment from the beginning, it is easier for him to make a career in that field.

If the child himself wants the same from his heart, then there is nothing wrong in it. The problem is when the child is not interested in that field and pressure is created by the family members.

How brilliantly sung by the modern revolutionary singer ‘Raahgir’ that ‘When a boatman’s son sinks his boat, he sinks his name in the eyes of his family members.’

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Why did this happen in India

In the 1950s, India was a poor, low life-expectancy country, and most of the public regarded doctors as gods. By the seventies, with the onset of modernization in India there was a dire need for industrialization (and therefore engineers). Liberalization in the 1990s led to a peak in the demand for engineering graduates.

For our parents’ generation, who were from the average social strata, a career of interest was beyond comprehension, a career that would give you food, security, and social respect. Not surprisingly, any parent would expect their child to grow up to be a doctor.

But parents are not the only ones to blame, Indian companies have also supported them and the education system is also to blame.

Remember your 10th standard days which students were allowed to take maths and bio subjects and who were allowed to take commerce and arts. Due to the high demand, schools used to (or have) offered Bio and Maths streams only to top-scorers. This created such a confusion in the society that if a student did not take maths and science subjects, then he was not a good student, which was also accepted by the employers. Due to which the ability of such students to get a job and ultimately the social level has made a difference.

By the 10th standard, the age of the student is around fifteen years and he is not even mature enough to take his own decisions. So he is the most innocent person in the whole game for whom the parents and the school decide together.

Most Indian parents today are still mentally in the 1980s.

What advantage and disadvantage did it bring to our society?

Sundar Pichai (Alphabet), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Parag Agarwal (Twitter), Shantanu Narayen (Adobe), Arvind Krishna (IBM), Indra Nooyi (Pepsico) etc. is a big list, etc. all in the biggest positions of these companies or So whether you are there or have lived there, this is an advantage. And due to the tremendous demand for engineering education, the degradation of engineering education caused by the indiscriminate opening of engineering colleges is the other side of the coin that more than half of India’s engineers are not employable. Although the degradation is not that much visible in medical education but there the level of competition is very high which motivates the candidates for suicide, drug habit etc.

The bigger loss than this is at the level of mental or thinking. That is, what are we doing when we are pressurizing our children to pursue a career path built on the leak? Are we not advising the frog in the well to stay in the well? Are we not looking at success in only one dimension? If all the parents had done this, we would not have got Sachin Tendulkar, Viswanathan Anand and AR Rahman at all.

Today’s alarming truth has become that the biggest selling point at the time of school admission is how many children can clear engineering medical exams in 12th!

There are more destinations, more paths

Standing on the ground, in India where we cry for the unemployment of engineers, we have teachers to teach maths in many parts of the country, teachers of social studies, lawyers and judges in the country, vacancies on big posts in the army, professionally Plumbers and electricians who do one job well etc. all are lacking. And if you look carefully, you will find that those who are well versed in these works have no dearth of work and opportunities.

Today’s career funda is that there are more destinations and more ways, career in medical and engineering is not the end of the world. In this column itself, I have given information about all such careers.

Will do and show!

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