Root word FIN means limited, FINAL and FINISH are made from it. understand the meaning of words by separating prefix and suffix

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Words are important. If you can’t say what you want to say, then what you say will mean nothing.

– From the film The Last Emperor, written by Mark Peplo and Bernardo Bertolucci

Welcome to Career Funda!

This is my fifth article in the series Learn 40 English Words in 10 Minutes.

Now you know that most of the English ‘root words’ have come from Greek and Latin languages. A useful way to build vocabulary through root words is to first look at a root word and then look for familiar prefixes and suffixes that go with that base.

Let’s start another journey of ’40 words in 10 minutes’

I’ll give you the root word, and then the English words that can be formed from it and their meanings.

1) Pyro: It comes from the Greek, meaning “fire, heat or high temperature”.

From this root we get the words:

PYRE (Pyre): A pile of wood, pyre for burning the dead body in the funeral

PYROGEN (Pyrogen): febrifuge

PYROMETER (Pyrometer): remote-sensing thermometer to measure the temperature of distant objects

PYROMANIA (Peromania): a type of disorder, an obsessive desire to set things on fire

PYROMANCY (Pyromancy): Using fire to gain information supernaturally

PYRHELIOMETER: a device for measuring the radiation energy of the sun received on the earth

There are 6 words in total. did you enjoy Easy isn’t it?

2) Doloro, Dolor, Dolori, Dol: It comes from the Latin language meaning to feel pain, sorrow or grief.

From this root we get the words:

Dolor (dolor): mental pain.

DOLEFUL (dolful): to be full of sorrow or sadness.

CONDOLE (condolle): expressing sympathy or sorrow.

DOLESOME (dolsum): Very sad.

condolence (condolence): sympathy with someone experiencing pain, grief, or misfortune.

condolatory (condolatori): showing sympathy for someone experiencing suffering, loss, or pain.

There are 12 words in total. did you enjoy Easy isn’t it?

3) Mania: The word comes from ‘Greek’ meaning addiction and excessive passion.

From this root we get the words:

maniacal (maniacal): displaying extremely wild or violent behavior.

egomania (egomania): a mental condition in which a person is interested only in himself.

DIPSOMANIA (Dipsomania): Craving for alcohol.

BIBLIOMANIA (bibliomania): the obsession with collecting and keeping books.

HYPERMANIA (hypermania): abnormally high energy levels or extreme changes in emotion.

MONOMANIA (monomania): An exaggerated or obsessive enthusiasm for a single thing.

MYTHOMANIA (Mithomania): An abnormal tendency to tell falsehoods or exaggerations.

KLEPTOMANIA (Kleptomania): a disease of stealing, especially without economic motive.

MEGALOMANIA (megalomania): mental disorder characterized by an exaggerated belief in one’s own power.

ERGASIOMANIA (Argasomania): The urge to work continuously, which may be to the extent of insanity.

There are 22 words in total. Bunching is so easy, isn’t it?

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4) viva, vivi, vivi, vivi: The word comes from the Latin language, meaning “life; living; alive.”

From this root we get the words:

VIVID (Vivid): having or forming a clear picture in the mind.

REVIVE (Revive): return to consciousness or life.

SURVIVE (Survive): To remain in or after a difficult or dangerous situation.

CONVIVIAL (Convvl): Happy and friendly in atmosphere or character.

VIVACIOUS: full of energy; alive and happy.

BON VIVANT (Bon Vivon): A person who wants a luxurious lifestyle for himself, enjoys.

ANTI VIVISECTION Opposition to the use of live animals for scientific research.

There are 29 words in total. did you enjoy Easy isn’t it?

5) Dono: The word comes from the Latin language meaning ‘gift’

From this root we get the words:

DONOR (Donor): Whatever he gives, donates or presents.

DONATE (Donate): Donate.

PARDON (Pardon): To forgive offenses without punishment.

CONDONE Ignoring or accepting behavior that some people consider to be wrong.

DONATION: Money, etc., that is given as a donation to a person or institution.

There are 34 words in total. did you enjoy Easy isn’t it?

6) Fin: The word comes from the Latin language meaning ‘to end something, to limit’

From this root we get the words:

FINAL: The last.


INFINITY: Infinite which has no limit.

DEFINITE): sure.

INFINITESMIL (Infinitesimal): very small.

CONFINEMENT: solitude.

And it’s all 40!

So today’s career funda is that it is important to strengthen vocabulary while learning English, and for that root word study is the best way.

Will do and show!

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