Mcd Result: ‘AAP’ wins majority in MCD, 134 seats, Kejriwal said – ‘All together will clean Delhi’ – Delhi Mcd Election Live Update: Ward Wise Mcd Election Results, Nigam Chunav Ceo Delhi Results

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05:55 PM, 07-Dec-2022

AAP claims that national politics in the country is becoming AAP Vs BJP

You have tweeted that you have uprooted the BJP from power in the MCD. Somewhere these election results indicate about the national politics in the country, which is becoming AAP vs BJP. Kejriwal vs Modi is becoming.

05:42 PM, 07-Dec-2022

Today we won the fourth election in Delhi: AAP

After the victory in the MCD elections, the Aam Aadmi Party has tweeted from its Twitter handle that, ‘Today we have won the fourth election in Delhi, we fought the entire election on the issues of work politics, the people of Delhi have given a message’. Do positive politics, not negative.

04:41 PM, 07-Dec-2022

Office bearers meeting will be held at BJP headquarters today

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has called a meeting of its key office bearers in Delhi at 5.30 pm today at the BJP headquarters. According to BJP sources, later a meeting of the winning councilors in MCD has also been called.

04:36 PM, 07-Dec-2022

Harbhajan Singh congratulated the victory

On AAP’s victory in Delhi MCD elections, former cricketer and AAP MP Harbhajan Singh said that it is a big victory. Achieving this was a herculean task. I congratulate everyone including Kejriwal ji.

04:31 PM, 07-Dec-2022

Aam Aadmi Party won 134 seats in MCD elections

The counting of votes for the MCD elections is over. In the MCD elections, Aam Aadmi Party won 134 seats, BJP 104 seats, Congress 9 seats and Independents 3 seats.

04:14 PM, 07-Dec-2022

Congratulations to the people of Delhi: Kejriwal

The people of Delhi have given a big message. Do positive politics, don’t do negative politics. They go in public and say that arrangements have been made for school for your children, treatment for the family. We don’t abuse. My heart says that if positive politics increases, then the country will become the number 1 country in the world. The country will not move forward with Gungagardi, Lafungai. 75 years behind. Now is not the time. Politics of development and positive will have to be done. Congratulations to the people of Delhi. I tell everyone not to be arrogant. Big power has fallen. Many corporators, MLAs, have become ministers, no one should be arrogant, if he is arrogant, then God will not forgive.

04:06 PM, 07-Dec-2022

No matter how much someone provokes, we don’t want to abuse: Kejriwal

The people of Delhi have given a message to the whole country. Many people come to me. Many big leaders, leaders of years old, say that to get votes one has to abuse. You do me-me. We are the party of Sharifs. No matter how much someone provokes, we should not abuse. People say that building schools and hospitals does not get votes. The people of Delhi have given a message that by fixing electricity, water and roads, they get votes. Today he has won the fourth election in Delhi.

04:00 PM, 07-Dec-2022

Seek blessings from central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Kejriwal

Cooperation is needed to fix Delhi. The cooperation of the central government is also needed. I seek blessings from the Central Government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now Delhi has to be cleaned. Everyone’s duty will be imposed. Duty will also be imposed on children, women, elderly and youth. Delhi has a family of 2 crore people. Everyone together will clean Delhi. You also have to remove corruption from yourself. Till now the system of loot was going on. Like the Delhi government, the MCD also has to be cleaned. Everyone is looking at us.

03:48 PM, 07-Dec-2022

Everyone has to fix Delhi together, I want BJP’s cooperation too: Kejriwal

We will also take their cooperation in repairing Delhi. Everyone has to work together. There is an appeal to all, all the candidates, I tell all the parties that politics is till date. Everyone has to fix Delhi together. I also want the cooperation of BJP. I want the cooperation of Congress also. With everyone’s cooperation and meeting the people, I will fix Delhi. 250 councilors do not belong to any party, they are councilors of Delhi. From today all parties will cooperate. Many thanks to those who voted. Those who did not vote, I will get their work done first.

03:37 PM, 07-Dec-2022

Sisodia told AAP the most honest party

Today, honesty and work defeated the world’s biggest party which was ruling in MCD for 15 years. The people of Delhi have given us a big responsibility to make Delhi clean and beautiful under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal ji. Let us all work together to make Delhi the best city in the country.

03:24 PM, 07-Dec-2022

CM Kejriwal said – I love you too

Today the son of Delhi has given his brother the responsibility of cleaning Delhi, removing corruption and repairing the parks. Gave so much love and trust. I will try my best to keep your trust. I love you too. Many congratulations to all the candidates who have won. Congratulations to Aam Aadmi Party, BJP, Congress and Independents as well. The losers should not be disheartened.

03:13 PM, 07-Dec-2022

I want to congratulate the people of Delhi: Kejriwal

On the victory in MCD, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that I would like to congratulate the people of Delhi. I would like to congratulate the people of Delhi for such a big and resounding victory, for such a big change. The people of Delhi have given me many responsibilities including cleaning Delhi, removing corruption, fixing the park. I will try hard day and night to keep this trust of yours.

03:09 PM, 07-Dec-2022

This is a big responsibility for us: Sisodia

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that the people of Delhi thanked the people for giving majority to the AAP government under the leadership of Kejriwal by removing the corrupt BJP government of 15 years. This is a big responsibility for us.

03:07 PM, 07-Dec-2022

Today the public has won: Mann

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann said that ‘I congratulate you a lot, there are leaders who contest elections but the people win, today the people have won. You have made your friends and elder brothers win. Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann said that when today’s exit poll can be proved wrong then tomorrow’s exit poll cannot be proved wrong? Tomorrow you will see miracles in Gujarat.

Updated: 27/12/2022 — 12:58