Mcd Election Result Live: Mcd Election Results Ward Wise Today Delhi Nagar Nigam Chunav Results – Delhi Mcd Chunav Result Live: AAP wins six seats in MCD elections, BJP wins three

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10:32 AM, 07-Dec-2022

AAP candidate Ashu Thakur won

Aam Aadmi Party candidate Ashu Thakur has won from 171 Ward CR Park by 250 votes.

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Photo: Shubham Bansal

10:27 AM, 07-Dec-2022

Ward 173 Greater Kailash won by BJP

Supporters of AAP candidate are celebrating from Chandni Chowk.

Ward 173 Greater Kailash BJP candidate Shikha Rai has won

Manish Chadha, the BJP candidate from Ward No. 82 from Paharganj, is leading in the third round as well.

10:25 AM, 07-Dec-2022

After third round on ward number 171

BJP 1153

Aam Aadmi Party 999

INC 365

After four rounds on ward number 171

BJP 1421

Aam Aadmi Party-1171

Congress- 387

Ward 233 BJP 3023, AAP 1093 Congress 850

Ward 234 BJP 1328 AAP 1765 Congress 3123

Ward 235 BJP 1371 AAP 2537 Congress 1733

Ward 236 BJP 2066 AAP 1796 Congress 1841

10:23 AM, 07-Dec-2022

BJP won from Geeta Colony Ward No. 210

Due to no lapse in security, the Delhi Police is monitoring the CSIR Complex Pusa Road outside the counting center with drones.

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Photo: Bhupinder Singh

10:21 AM, 07-Dec-2022

Aam Aadmi Party won by 1484 from Kapaseda Ward No. 132

Aam Aadmi Party won by 1484 from Kapaseda Ward No. 132

Results of 4 wards came, BJP won in two, Aam Aadmi Party won

BJP won 3 seats

Ward 81-Qureesh Nagar (Female)

BJP’s Shamina Raja – 1673

Aap Ki Shamim Bano – 4465

Congress Arfa-1773

10:19 AM, 07-Dec-2022

AAP from Kalyanpuri and Gharauli, BJP ahead from Kondli

AAP from Kalyanpuri and Gharauli, BJP ahead from Kondli

79 – Ballimaran

BJP’s Ramdev Sharma-1332

Mohd Sadiq of AAP-5538

Salik Khan-381

10:16 AM, 07-Dec-2022

You won from Jama Masjid.

ahead of civil lines

BJP ahead by more than 7500 votes from Maujpur ward

BJP is ahead by just 1 vote in Ward No. 113 Mohan Garden

AAP won from ward number 75 Jama Masjid.

10:14 AM, 07-Dec-2022

Bahujan Samaj Party also ahead on one seat

BJP’s Ravi ahead in ward number 74 with 900 votes, AAP’s Purandeep Sahni got 856 votes.

Bahujan Samaj Party also ahead in one seat

Aam Aadmi Party was ahead in number 142 Daryaganj. Earlier BJP was leading here. While Congress is at number two here. Congress candidate and former mayor is behind by 185 votes from here.

10:12 AM, 07-Dec-2022

BJP leading by 2400 votes from Ward No. 20 Samay Pur Badli

From Jam Masjid Ward 75 AAP candidate Sultana Abad leading in fourth round as well

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Ward No. 152

BJP 290

Aam Aadmi Party 1327

INC 424

Ward No. 153

BJP 62

Aam Aadmi Party 1426

INC 117

10:06 AM, 07-Dec-2022

BJP ahead by 700 votes from Dilshad Colony

Ward number 69 from Kamla Nagar BJP ahead of 1300

Ward number 204 Preet Vihar BJP ahead by 2.5 thousand votes

Ward Number- 149

BJP- 47

Congress – 5

you – 15

Ward Number- 148

BJP- 28

Congress – 4

You – 8

Ward Number- 150

BJP – 10

Congress- 2

you- 5

BJP leading by 700 votes from Ward No. 217 Dilshad Colony

BJP leading by 2000 votes from Ward No. 203 Laxmi Nagar

BJP ahead by 22 votes in Ward No. 215 Shahdara

10:06 AM, 07-Dec-2022

BJP ahead by 2000 votes in Shahdara

after the first round of counting

Ward 215 BJP 2447 AAP 1690 Congress 995

Ward 216 BJP 3377 AAP 2636 Congress 216

Ward 217 BJP 2296 AAP 2194 Congress 433

BJP ahead by 2000 votes in Ward No. 215 Shahdara

Ward No. 237 Harsh Vihar Aam Aadmi Party ahead by 2000 votes

Ward number 53 BJP ahead by 3800 votes

10:01 AM, 07-Dec-2022

Independents ahead in former Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma’s village

Aam Aadmi Party leading by 2344 votes from Ward No. 169 Sangam Vihar B

Second round in Ward No. 75 – AAP 2716, Congress 748, BJP 64

Former Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma’s village ward number 35 Mundka Independent leading by 910 votes

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09:53 AM, 07-Dec-2022

According to Delhi Election Commission

At the same time, according to the Delhi Election Commission, BJP is getting 109 seats and AAP is getting 105 seats in the trends.

09:51 AM, 07-Dec-2022

Aam Aadmi Party takes lead in initial vote count

Congress leading by 1239 votes from Ward No. 32 Kanjhawala. The Aam Aadmi Party took the lead in the initial vote count. AAP is leading in 118 and BJP in 120 seats. The Congress is leading in seven seats.

Updated: 07/12/2022 — 10:38