London MPs score less than 10-year-olds, shocking numbers found in exam results

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60% of the parents felt that the pressure of such exams harmed the mental health of the children.
Chairman Walker accepts the need to improve the examination of 10 to 11 year olds
MPs stress less on tests and how to inculcate their love of reading

London. Palace of Westminster, London House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two chambers of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. A year’s 6 SATs exam was organized for the MPs of the House and their colleagues. On an average, less results have been obtained in this test than 10-year-olds across the country.

According to the report of ‘The Guardian’, along with MPs in this examination, MPs including Robin Walker, Chairman of the Commons Education Select CommitteeMps) has taken the examinations at Westminster, a supervised program for 11-year-olds from More Than a Score.

Only 44% of a cross-party group of MPs called the Westminster Class of 2022 achieved the expected standard in maths and only 50% achieved the expected standard in spelling, punctuation and grammar.
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Last time the examinations were conducted across the country in 2019 as well. But this time 59% of students aged 10 and 11 reached the expected level in maths sets, reading and writing tests. This is less than 65% as compared to 2019. Detailed figures published by the Department for Education over the summer show disadvantaged children decline more than better-off students.

Committee chair Robin Walker joins Conservative colleagues Flick Drummond and Gagan Mohindra as well as the Green Party’s Lady Bennett, Labor MPs Ian Byrne and Emma Level-Buck at the Big SATs sit-in Westminster to experience the exams at first hand participated in. ‘More Than a Score’ hopes politicians will take their high-pressure experience with them. They will feel that at that age ‘Exams only judge the schools, do not help in the learning of the children.

Byron said that the test was terrible. Such pressure will have a big impact on the minds of these young children. Sets of this level should be abolished. I am glad that so many cross-party colleagues can also feel the pressure of such test sets.

Meanwhile, Walker, the new chairman of the select committee, has accepted the need for improvement in the examination of children aged 10 to 11 years. But has refused to withdraw the exam completely. In the meantime it realized that there will always be a place for testing but it cannot be the be all and end all to reach the most opportunity. Ultimately, it is not just about testing but it should be about how we inculcate in them the love of reading.

Some comments have been made on behalf of Drummond regarding this examination. These comments are welcomed. In this, many words used in the grammar test have been described as unnecessary. He said that we should have an assessment, but it should not be a high pressure one in which six months or more are wasted. Sharing his experiences, he said that it was a very tough test and we need to accept what would be really useful for the future. He also said that we are not educating the youth to pass the test. He also emphasized that we should give them the love of learning i.e. ‘love of learning’.

A campaign has also been launched regarding this type of examination. This YouGov poll found that 8 percent of parents and principals agreed that preparing for the SAT and other tests should be at the bottom of their priorities in the classroom. It was also found that 60 per cent of the parents felt that the pressure of such exams harms the mental health of the children.

Alison Ali of More Than a Score said that “this is more than a test of maths and English abilities, it is an opportunity for MPs to put themselves in the shoes of 10 and 11 year olds. Through this he will see how many of these questions are absurd which the children face. Will also see how they affect and narrow the entire curriculum immensely. All these are used only to judge the schools. This does not help in the learning of children.

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