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Kollam ∙ It is reported that more employees of the office of the director of urban affairs in the capital were involved in the incident in which a young woman named Nisha Balakrishnan lost her job after reporting the midnight vacancy. Not only the then Establishment Division Clerk who notified the vacancy to the PSC via email, but the officers up to the Director who signed the midnight file is responsible for this.

Officials have subverted many government orders regarding the reporting of vacancies. Earlier, the information was out that the government is protecting the officials of the establishment section including the clerk because they are active workers of the NGO union.

Apart from the Establishment Clerk, Junior Superintendent, Administrative Assistant, Joint Director, Director etc. see such files. Vacancy notified by Kochi Corporation in the office of the Director of Urban Affairs before noon on March 28, 2018, will be reported to PSC at 12 midnight on March 31, 2018, when the rank list expires. The report given by the officials to Minister MB Rajesh was delayed as they had to check the procedures including reservation in addition to 2 public holidays.

But the job of the Office of the Director of Urban Affairs is only to report the vacancies to the PSC. The PSC has the power to determine the order of reservation and who should be advised based on rank. The argument of the minister that considering the expiration of the rank list, the officials worked on holidays and reported the vacancy was also disproved here.

The 1971 order of the Public Administration Department to report vacancies to the PSC as soon as possible, the 1986 order of the Public Administration Department following the High Court’s criticism of the delay in reporting vacancies, and the June and November 1996 orders of the Civil Service Reforms Department, citing the delay in reporting vacancies without taking repeated orders at face value, came to power after the first Pinarayi government came to power. Officials have ‘cheated’ in Nisha’s case by waiting for the moment of expiry of the list when the announcements made many times were ahead.

Legal aid will be available

The Save University Campaign Committee has decided to provide all necessary legal assistance to Nisha Balakrishnan in the matter of officials killing Nisha Balakrishnan’s job prospects by delaying the notification of vacancy till midnight on the expiry date of the PSC rank list. Committee Chairman RS Sasikumar informed that Adv. George Bhattanam will appear in court for Nisha.

JB Mather wrote to the Women’s Commission

JB Mather MP wrote a letter to State Women’s Commission Chairperson P. Satidevi demanding that action be taken against the government officials who intentionally tortured Nisha by not giving her the job she deserves. The MP’s letter referred to the series published by Manorama called ‘Kodi Appadal Pani Padikal’ about back door appointments.

In the letter, JB Mather also pointed out that the officials who robbed Nisha of her right to work are part of the government system and are not compatible with a civilized society.

The government’s eagerness to justify and retain the officials who destroyed Nisha’s future by reporting the vacancy at 12 midnight is the remainder of the 6-year performance report of the Pinarayi government. The fatherhood of ‘socialism’, which betrays the job-seeking youth of the country and creates doors where the undeserving and needy people are not there, is owned by the Pinarayi government alone. If anyone strikes against the government of the party that preaches that strike is a right, Nisha’s situation will also happen.

AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal MP.

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