Garage worker won 71 crore lottery, poverty of seven generations was removed in a moment

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Lottery Result-Sambad-News Today: Kathar Hussain, a resident of Tamil Nadu, has won a lottery worth Rs 71 crore. Kathar bought this lottery on his birthday. He works in a car garage in Dubai. There his salary is around 33 thousand rupees. The lottery ticket was very expensive. In such a situation, Kathar bought this lottery ticket by taking donations from friends. After winning such a huge amount, Kathar said that he will share this amount with his friend.

British newspaper The Sun dot co dot UK has published the story of Kathar Hussain. Kathar hails from the state of Tamil Nadu. He has come to India on leave. Then he won this lottery. This lottery was opened online. Crores of people around the world saw it. Qatar was also connected to it online. He himself saw the news of winning the lottery online. The host of the show could not contact him as he was in India and his phone was switched off. Due to this, lakhs of people could not see Kathar becoming the live winner during the show. Later the organizers of the lottery were able to contact Kathar.

Qatar has been living in Sharjah for almost five years. He works as a manager in a car garage. Kathar says that his family is very poor and he lives in a rented house in Tamil Nadu. His plan is to use this money to build a house for himself and move the family to Dubai.

Bought ticket on birthday
Kathar bought this ticket on his birthday. He told that lottery tickets are very expensive in Dubai. In such a situation, he did not have the money to buy it. But his friend Devraj had bought lottery tickets from Kathar by donating money from people.

the biggest winner
This is the biggest lottery win in the history of last 30 years in Dubai. Kathar says that he did not even imagine that he could win such a huge amount. He told that he was watching this lottery show online at his friend’s house in India when he came to know that he is the winner. Kathar says that after this victory, his life has completely changed. Now his plan is to quit his job and start his own business with this money.

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