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21 minutes ago

Monika Kumar’s composition from Nakodar-Hoshiarpur Up-Down:

‘Sitting on the same road and almost the same bus every day for four years for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening develops patience. Knowingly and unknowingly reading faces daily can create such wisdom within you as if you have read all the faces of this world. After traveling alone with fifty five people, you can travel alone but fearlessly with co-travellers up to the number of five hundred, five thousand and five lakhs.

In a highly populated country, it is not far-fetched to acquire the virtue of using public spaces for something very personal, such as crying. Whatever is taboo is taboo for the impatient. Leaving the world back and forth like the trees on the outside of a daily moving bus, it will one day stand still. You will stop getting sorrow from the world. While there is not much left in the world to see but fortunately the end of the world’s desire is not the end of life’s struggle and happiness.’

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Accurate description of the situation of rural students

The above creation of Monika Kumar exposes the spirituality and philosophy hidden in the struggle of lakhs of rural students of India.

It is well known that success in competitive exams in India is disproportionately confined to the best colleges in the country. Challenging home environment, schools with less resources, lack of funds to enroll in coaching institutes and lack of good mentors become problems for rural students.

Because these challenges remain today, so too does inequality. But now time is changing.

Today we will talk about how rural students of India can prepare better for competitive exams. This article is not for those who have gone to the city or are going to go, but for those who are preparing by staying in the village.

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3 perfect tips for rural students

1) Need a strong foundation:

A) In competitive exams for rural students One of the major reasons for not being successful is the weakness of the basic foundation of weak schooling.

B) Efforts to rectify this will have to come from the parents and elders and efforts should be made to make the children study in the best schools located around the village.

C) Demand good teachers from the school management.

d) Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs): This challenge was addressed by setting up Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs) in 1985. It is a system of Kendriya Vidyalayas in India mainly for talented students from rural areas.

Run by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, New Delhi, an autonomous organization under the Department of School Education and Literacy. These residential schools, located in almost every district of the country, provide high quality education to 1% of the students who qualify the entrance test, to get admission in these schools in each district.

2) Right Approach:

A) For rural students, the distance from areas with good education and lack of guidance at the local level leads to wastage of both their time and energy. So now the right approach becomes essential.

B) Students of rural areas should first observe the syllabus of their favorite competitive exam.

C) After that start studying from reliable study material. Study material can be procured from cities.

d) It would be better for students to keep in touch with any of their seniors or any coaching institute for guidance for the exam.

E) If basics are weak then start with simple books. After developing the basic understanding related to that subject, one should study the reliable books of the subject.

3) Online Education:

A) Take advantage of the spread of technology and the Internet. Now rural students do not have to travel several kilometers daily to go to coaching classes, and can get online education sitting at home.

B) Invest in a decent internet connection, and start your preparation with ease.

C) As the internet is flooded with study material for the preparation of competitive exams, students are able to access offline without the help of expensive coaching classes Can prepare effectively.

d) Taking online education saves the student’s time and money, and the student can prepare for competitive exams from his village and home.

E) The danger is only one: if the student does not have self-discipline, then things will not work out.

f) And if the student is unable to do online coaching then he/she need not be disheartened, they correspondence courses Should take advantage of (correspondence course).

an advice

Students from rural background should never underestimate themselves as compared to any other urban competitor. Students from rural background can also succeed in this exam on the strength of their self-confidence and serious studies.

So today’s career funda is that despite all the shortcomings of the system, the students of rural areas can make the best preparation for the exam in the village itself with the right planning to make their life.

Will do and show!

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