Do agriculture with methods like bee keeping, double the income. Do agriculture with methods like beekeeping, double the income

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‘Agriculture can drive job-based economic growth, provided it is intellectually satisfying and economically beneficial’

– M S Swaminathan: Father of Green Revolution

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extra income with agriculture

Are you associated with the agriculture field, are a farmer, and want to know what are the tasks that can be done along with agriculture to increase your agricultural income, then keep reading.

Farmers are the lifeline of the country. Even though we are no longer an agricultural country in terms of income (agriculture is 15% of GDP), but in terms of population we are still an agricultural country, because about 55-60% of the population is dependent on agriculture. It is very important for the economic health of the country to increase the income of the farmers.

income doubling program

Since 2015, the Government of India has made significant investments in soil and seed quality, provision of nutrients, large investments in warehouses and cold chains, food processing, implementation of the National Agriculture Market, and crop insurance to double farmers’ income. provision has been made.

These provisions also include promotion of ancillary activities like dairy-animal husbandry, poultry-rearing, bee-keeping, trees on ridges, horticulture and pisciculture. It has also yielded good results.

One thing in a hundred things, to increase the income of the farmers, we have to move ahead with the production of food grains.

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5 tips to increase parallel income in agriculture

The suggestions given are suitable for both general agriculture (food grain agriculture) and horticulture agriculture (horticulture).

1) Animal Husbandry for Dairy and Meat

This involves raising animals primarily for milk, meat, or eggs. For example, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry (chickens, ducks, etc.).

Animal husbandry is a more complex field than agriculture and requires more financial and personal involvement. You should be aware of the regulations in your area. As such it is important to note that not all commercial animal farms are permitted in all areas. In addition, some countries even have strict rules regarding the distance of livestock premises from populated areas. But you can easily do it on your agricultural land.

The fertility of the soil is also maintained by rearing animals on agricultural land, this happens due to mixing of animal waste in the soil. Nowadays, the trend of mixed farming is increasing in foreign countries. In this the agricultural land is divided into two parts. Cultivation is done on one part and animal husbandry on the other, then these places are interchanged in the next season.

By doing animal husbandry on agricultural land itself, you do not need to rent or lease separate land for this. There are other costs associated with animal feed and vaccinations. It is a good technique to start with keeping 2-3 animals on a small scale and gradually increase this activity.

2) Bee-keeping (Beekeeping / Apiculture)

Beekeeping is a special type of farming. Farmers keep honey bees on agricultural land to collect honey, pollen, royal jelly or wax. The central government also gives 80 to 85% subsidy on beekeeping.

Places around which trees and plants are in abundance in an area of ​​2-3 km, from which pollen and nectar can be available for a long time, the place for box installation is flat and has proper drainage, the garden or fruit garden near the place is more. It should not be dense so that the movement of air can be smooth in summer season, the place should be shady, etc. are the characteristics of ideal area of ​​beekeeping which are easily available in your agricultural land. Apple growers also hire your services.

3) Fish farming, Snail farming

Farmers raise fish/snails for meat, or ‘jelly’ excretion.

Farmers can do fish and snail farming on their agricultural land in two ways: First by artificially making small ponds and second through aquaponics.

In aquaponics, large tanks are filled with water and vegetables etc. are grown on top of the tank and fish are reared in the tanks. In doing business in this way, in the beginning, only one time expenditure is made on maintenance things, after that only profits are earned from it continuously. And in this way the fishes can be taken care of properly. Due to which the loss in fishes is also very less.

At present, apart from these, another technique has come, which Bio-floc (in which waste water is chemically recycled and used) It is called The cost of production of fish is also less and the profit from the production obtained is more.

Small scale fish farming can normally be started with an investment of up to one lakh. But to do it on a large scale, first it has to be registered by the government.

4) Trees on ridges

Farmers can earn extra by planting fruit trees like mango, jamun etc. on the rams of the field.

They can contribute to environmental improvement in times of shrinking forests. This also helps in conserving ground water. This is a long term business as it may take many years for the trees to grow and bear fruit.

Various state governments are also promoting the ‘Har Med Par Ped’ mission.

5) Vermicompost

This is a special type of farming in which the farmer uses the waste Cultivate worms to use to convert them into organic fertilizers. In this method, compost is made in a relatively short time, and the quality of compost is also high. The compost obtained from vermicompost method can also be stored more easily. Due to all these reasons, farmers are automatically getting attracted towards this method. 3 methods of its production – Tree, Bed and Tatia.

The government believes that there is an urgent need to develop these additional sources of income to increase the income of the farmer. For this, the government has started many schemes like National Livestock Mission, Gokul Mission, Blue Revolution, Bee Keeping, Poultry etc. due to which there has been a lot of growth in dairy, poultry, honey bee, fisheries sector in the past years.

Today’s career funda is that farmers can increase both income and profit by adopting new methods of traditional work of agriculture with progressive thinking.

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