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Anshu Singh. Cyber ​​Security: Recently cyber security is again in the news after digital services of AIIMS, New Delhi were halted due to ransomware attack. This is such a technical field, in which with the increasing cyber attacks, the opportunities for skilled youth in cyber security are continuously increasing. Let’s know how to secure your career in this field…

Today in the global market, jobs are being created around modern and developed technology. Companies and organizations are focusing on digital innovation. But in the meantime, to prevent the growing cyber attacks, the need for skilled and professional youth in cyber security has increased manifold. According to the Data Security Council of India, by the year 2025, around 10 lakh cyber security experts will be required.

A study by the University of Maryland states that hackers carry out a cyber attack every 39 seconds, which is an average of 2,244 attacks a day. It can be understood to what extent our digital networks have become insecure that any third party can infiltrate them.

The organization that is the victim of a cyber attack not only has to bear the loss of data and money, but also breaks the trust of the customers. Recently there has been a major cyber attack on AIIMS located in New Delhi. This forced the institute to shut down many of its servers and switch to manual operations. According to a report by cyber security think tank ‘Cyberpeace Foundation’ and security consultant Autobot Infosec Pvt Ltd, India’s healthcare sector has witnessed close to 1.9 million cyber attacks till November 28 this year. The report states that these attacks were carried out from unique IP addresses, whose sources were in Vietnam, Pakistan and China. On the other hand, according to IndusFace, a Tata Capital-backed security firm, India is the second most targeted country in terms of attacks on the healthcare sector. According to this, out of 1 million attacks on healthcare customers every month in 2022, 278,000 happened in India. About 80 percent of these attacks targeted HR Management Systems (HRMS), customer service portals, ticketing systems, and developer tools.

what is cyber security

Under cyber security, digital networks, servers, electronic devices, mobile and computer systems are protected from any unauthorized digital access and cyber attacks. The youth who want to become its experts will have to assess the security of both hardware and software from time to time. It has to be ensured that the data is not misused or wasted. It is their responsibility to keep the data and confidential information of the company or organization safe from hackers, viruses and other cyber crimes. If there is any deficiency in the network or infrastructure, it can be rectified in time. They have to develop a unique application security system considering the client’s asset risk, corporate policy compliance and other risks. So they work closely with IT specialists, software developers and programmers.

educational qualification

Generally, students can do certificate course in cyber security only after 12th. However, pursuing a degree course would be more beneficial. You can do B.Sc, B.Tech (Computer Science), IT System Engineering or BE in Cyber ​​Security. Apart from this, MSc and MTech can also be done in cyber security. Some people also work in this field by further enhancing their qualification through MCA or MBA. On the other hand, those who have more than two years of work experience in the cyber security industry can go into the field of forensics. In view of the increasing role and demand of cyber security experts in the country, many specialized courses related to this are being conducted in various universities. But before enrolling anywhere, it would be advisable to do a thorough investigation about the course. Students can check by visiting the website of the institute or can also test at the personal level. It would also be good to check the curriculum structure of the institute and the grades of the university.

basic skills

Cyber ​​security experts first have to understand the intricacies of the industry, only then they can find a solution to a problem. They know how the network works, how it is built and how it can be broken, that is, cyber security experts have to be visionary, so that they can understand the trends of attack and the changing pattern of hackers. Apart from this, knowledge of software, cryptography, maths, programming languages ​​(C plus plus, Java, Node, Python, Ruby, Go), networking protocols, data structures, firewalls and design patterns will be required. Experts say that cyber security experts will have to have knowledge of TCP/IP, common networking ports and protocols, traffic flow, system management, OSI model, defense in depth, and automatic update method ie patch management. They should also be aware of security policies, privacy and intellectual property laws.

the possibilities

According to Strategic Market Research, the global cyber security market will reach around $478 billion by 2030. Industry experts estimate that at present there is a shortage of about 35 lakh cyber security experts, while by the year 2025 this requirement will increase to 45 lakh experts, which means that there will be no dearth of opportunities for skilled youth. They can choose domains like Information Security, Network Security Engineering, Software Development, Cloud Security, Cyber ​​Security Analyst, Cyber ​​Security Manager, Security Architect and Data Security as per their interest. However, it would be better that before choosing a domain of your choice, do a complete research about it. By the way, companies like Google and Microsoft have also taken initiative to train youth in cyber security. Microsoft has set a target of providing internships and jobs to about 10,000 youth in the next three years.

Skill gap has to be removed

Raman Batra, Executive Vice President, Greater Noida-based NIET, says there is still a huge skill gap in the cyber security sector, both for entry-level and senior roles. For this, companies will have to work closely with colleges and universities. The youth associated with IT security will have to be encouraged to move forward by giving them scholarships, internships and apprenticeships. The disparity in salary in the industry has to be removed. Because many big companies today are providing cyber experts with facilities like health, insurance, flexible work schedule. Apart from all these, the gap can also be filled by training working and retired IT professionals in cyber security.

Microsoft has launched a cyber security program in association with Data Security Council of India, Tata Strive and ICT Academy.

Google is planning to launch a cyber security training program for the skill development of the people working in the cyber security department around the world.

IBM Corp has also announced a $5 million grant to schools around the world to raise awareness about cyber security.

premier institute

National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Delhi

Webel Fujisoft Vara Center of Excellence, Kolkata

NIET, Greater Noida

NIMAS, Kolkata


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