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PSC Chairman MK Zakir said that there is no shortage of government jobs, but the capacity of the employees will have to be increased.

There is widespread concern about the employment sector post-Covid. It also applies to government jobs. But the fact is that post-Covid, the state government does not expect a major reduction in employment opportunities in the sector. Instead, recruitment in some departments is also likely to increase over the present. At the same time, there is no doubt that the changes brought about by Covid will be reflected in the government sector as well. A constructive assessment is required in such matters.

‘Health’ will increase

The Kerala model in the field of health is world famous. The service mindedness and expertise of the doctors, nurses, paramedics and sanitation workers are behind this achievement. We have again seen this expertise of the health sector in Kerala in the context of Covid-19. We cannot go back from this position which is accepted by the whole world. Therefore, the number of employees is likely to increase rather than decrease. Hence the chances of job seekers in this field will double.

‘Strength’ for the police

Police department is another important department which is actively involved in the prevention of covid. Along with implementing the lockdown directives, the forces have been able to work with the people on essential services. Such activities need to be intensified even after covid. Therefore, there is a possibility that more appointments will be made to the police. The rank list is now available for all seven battalions of civil police officers. The new notification for this has also been published. There will be opportunities for those who are in the rank list and those who are waiting for inclusion.

There is also a possibility of good recruitment in the local self-government bodies which work more closely with the people. Opportunities are also high in various posts like panchayat, municipal common service, rural development, social justice etc.

Possibility of redeployment

After covid, there is a propaganda that employment opportunities in some government departments will decrease to a large extent. However, such a crisis is not expected. All posts can be recruited based on cadre strength. The government cannot back down from this.

Employees of some departments may have to be redeployed to other departments depending on workload fluctuations. However, it is not expected that the post will be cut due to this. The Chief Minister and the Finance Minister have repeatedly stated that despite the financial crisis, they do not intend to implement the ban on appointments.

Arousal, action

Even though the working conditions in government departments are not expected to change much post-Covid, public sector organizations in the state will have to become more self-sufficient. Organizations in the manufacturing sector also need to go further. If there are activities that minimize the losses then the hirings will not be reduced.

There is a propaganda that most of the revenue income of the state is used to pay the salaries of the government employees. However, those making such campaigns need to be convinced that this is not the case and that only if the employees stand with the people will the government services reach the people without interruption. Government employees must now be more careful to fulfill their responsibility to taxpayers.

Lists are live

PSC gives priority to recruitment in health sector. Efforts are made to keep active the rank lists of the employees required for service in the health sector such as Assistant Surgeon, Staff Nurse, Junior Health Inspector etc.

PSC policy is to publish a new rank list on the day following the expiry of a rank list. Following the lockdown, many procedures, including the conduct of examinations, are stalled. Efforts are being made to restore this soon. The rank list of all major posts including LDC will be published as soon as the existing list expires.

There is no government proposal to reduce the lists

The allegation of reducing candidates in PSC lists is not true. PSC has not received any such instruction from the government. There is no substance in the contention that as many candidates as were included in the previous list of a post should be included in the new list. Candidates are included in various lists from time to time keeping in view the fluctuations in the reported and actual vacancies.

There is no longer a situation where the rank lists last up to four and a half years as it used to be. Therefore, the candidates are included in the list by evaluating the vacancies that are likely to be reported for a maximum of 3 years. So those who appeared for the exam need not worry about this.

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