Honesty, communication skills and being presentable. Honesty, communication skills and being presentable

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27 minutes ago

‘The quickest way to triple your success is to double your investment in personal development.’

– Robin Sharma

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Robin Sharma Funda

Do you also often think that by improving my personality, I can achieve more in life?

Robin Sharma, Canadian best selling author and leadership expert, is right. A good personality can change the style and quality of doing any work. With good communication skills, you can form a good relationship with your customers. You can get more business by being presentable. By being regular in your work, you can increase sales by getting good word of mouth. More students can crack GD (Group Discussion) and Interview.

Wouldn’t you like to have a great personality? So be ready to understand deep things.

personality basic truth of

Today I will tell what should be in a good personality, and how to develop it

A. First understand that there are many types of personality like shy, friendly, shy, fearless etc.

B. It refers to the specific pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving of a person. It derives from a mix of the atmosphere and experiences around us as well as public dispositions and inclinations.

C. Although personality can change throughout life, yet one’s core personality traits will remain relatively the same even when one grows up, if not increased with effort.

Practical personality 3 surefire ways to develop

By practical personality, I mean those who benefit in business from today.

According to me, we need three things apart from being good in the knowledge and skills of our field, to be successful in our vocation by creating a great personality:

1. Honesty

2. communication skills, and

3. Being Presentable

1) Honesty: Oh hey, don’t be surprised! In today’s era boring thing like honesty! But friend, this is the solid way of building long-term personality.

A. no one can be fooled for long

B. If you make false promises to your customers for immediate gain, do not provide the right goods and services in exchange for the money charged, or engage in any other method that could be classified as dishonesty, you may ultimately lose your name. spoil the market

C. Always try to be known as the person who fulfills your promises and gives good goods and services

D. This is the biggest condition for success in any vocation. Do not suffer big losses in the pursuit of getting small gains.

E. So, in your character and personality, everyday honesty will be the last quality. Never leave it

hon 1667213896

2) Communication Skills: Human to human connection is communication.

A. Your communication skills include the art of speaking, the art of writing, and the art of listening.

B. Remember in any business, after all, it is the personal experience that the customer takes along.

C. Speaking in any language (English or Hindi or Tamil or Assamese), keep your pronunciation clear and clear and speak in a one-word manner.

D. Do not use abusive words and negative words.

E. right words said at the right time like Thank you, welcome, I do, absolutely, will be, got it, don’t you worry, have a nice journey This enhances the pleasant customer experience and the customer walks out of your shop/office happy with a soft smile on his face.

F. The most important word for any person is his name, so as far as possible call the person by their name and do not pronounce it wrong. (Use ‘You’ or ‘G’ next to name if necessary to be correct in etiquette in India)

G. In India, instead of calling senior people by name, the practice of saying ‘Sir’, ‘Sir Ji’, ‘Dada’, ‘Bhai’, ‘Bhaiya’, ‘Madam’, ‘Ma’am’, ‘Mother’, ‘Sister’ etc. Is.

comm 1667213955

3) Being Presentable: The person in front should enjoy meeting you, seeing you, and hearing you.

A. to be presentable (i) looking nice or interesting so that people like to talk to you, (ii) speaking sweetly so that people want to talk to you, and (iii) Confidently get up, sit, walk or shake hands so that you can be trusted.

B. Most important are personal hygiene, and wearing the right clothes, even if not branded or expensive.

C. The answer to what clothes a man should wear is, according to the situation, according to the place you are going to go. Clothes should be comfortable and functional for you.

D. Use the right perfume to avoid body odor, but not too much.

E. To be most presentable, it is necessary to have confidence in your personality and a smile on your face!

presentable 1667213856

happiness inside

Start the day with meditation, exercise, bath and a good breakfast. Be grateful for everything you have got in life. Keep realistic thinking with a positive attitude. With this you will be able to do the three things mentioned above.

Today’s career fund is that good personality contributes a lot to success in your vocation and business. For him, honesty, communication skills and presentability are everything.

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