From fashion designer to animator can be made. From Fashion Designer to Animator

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‘Artists are nothing without talent, but talent is nothing without work’ – Émile Zola (French novelist and journalist)

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you have a great hand

Is there someone around you who can draw very well but is not able to make a proper career choice in the field of his choice?

many of us have Has talent for drawing, painting, singing, playing a musical instrument, etc. But many times parents do not allow their children to develop these talents because it is difficult to earn income from them or they do not see the scope of career in that field.

Today I will tell you about career options related to one such talent – ​​drawing. Are you ready?

7 career options for those with good drawing skills

1) Fashion Designer or Textile Designer

A) Fashion designers create new designs for their clients using CAD programs, or by drawing them by hand. (Drawing sense should also be good to run CAD well)

B) A high-end fashion designer usually creates detailed, innovative designs by hand. Most fashion designers work for apparel companies that mass-produce clothing, taking inspiration from runway shows, high-end brands, and seasonal trends.

C) They may begin by hand sketching the new season’s collection, but often finalize their designs in a CAD program to show to buyers and the costume production development team. Fashion designers also choose the colors and fabrics to use in their designs.

d) Textile designers develop iterative designs by hand drawing or using CAD software.

E) They often work on a freelance basis but may also be employed by a clothing manufacturer or apparel brand.

Some of the leading institutes for fashion designing education are National Institute of Fashion Technology, National Institute of Design, Pearl Academy, Army Institute of Fashion Design etc.

2) Cartoonist: If you can draw well, are politically and socially aware, then you can make a career in cartooning.

A) Cartoonists draw political, advertising, humor and sports cartoons. Some cartoonists may work with a team in which they may sketch out others’ ideas or write captions.

B) Apart from drawing skills, most cartoonists must have humour, criticism, political and social awareness and a good general knowledge.

C) Earlier cartoonists had a good career option available in designing comics, but after the rise of digital media and TV in the past, now there is less scope in the field of comics, although its shortcoming is fulfilled by the field of animation.

3) Animator: Animators create moving images for cartoons, video games and animated films. They often begin with hand-drawing, but use computer software and graphics to create two- and three-dimensional animations for characters and stories.

A) Animators are responsible for drawing every aspect of the animation, including the characters, foreground, background, and any other moving objects.

B) Artists work to develop design concepts, create storyboards, and present ideas to creative or production teams.

C) The creative team then develops the individual images into a moving image and visual effect.

National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, National Institute of Film and Fine Arts Kolkata, St. Xavier’s College Kolkata, Maya Institute, Arena Animation etc. IIT Bombay also offers a Post Graduate Program in Animation.

4) Art Commission: If you can draw/paint well then you can commission art pieces for others i.e. take money and paint as per the customer’s wish. You can also set up an exhibition of your drawings and paintings. There are many websites available these days that help in doing online commission.

5) Graphic Designer: Graphic designers create personal, original illustrations for clothing, websites, print media, advertising and logos. They gain knowledge about the brand they are designing for and ensure the graphics are cohesive and visually pleasing.

A) A graphic designer primarily works in a CAD program to allow the graphic to be easily used on the required print medium, but many times they may start with a drawing by hand.

B) They use creativity to display color in a simple, yet noticeable way, as printing is often limited to eight or fewer colors.

C) Advertising design is a specialized field in which designers use illustrations, calligraphy, photography, and graphic design to create compelling images to use for advertising in digital and print publications.

The major institutes in this area are National Institute of Design, Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pearl Academy, LPU, etc.

6) Art Teacher: Nowadays art teachers are needed everywhere from the above mentioned institutes to schools. Art teachers work at all education levels from elementary through college to teach students about a variety of art methods. Art teachers teach self-expression through drawing, painting, and sculpture. People with a degree in fine or visual arts from a good university are preferred for the post of art teacher.

7) Architect and Interior Designer: Architects work on scales ranging from a small room in a house to an entire city. A good architect can breathe life into dead bricks, while a bad architect can ruin a great site!

A) Interior designers create beautiful and functional indoor spaces in homes, businesses and public buildings.

B) They work on new or existing buildings. They make the layout of the room.

C) A larger project may involve custom-designed furniture, which the interior designer is responsible for executing in partnership with custom manufacturing companies. They design suitable furniture for the room based on the desired use.

Many good private and public institutes including IITs are available in architecture in India at graduation and post graduation level, such as NID Ahmedabad, JJ School of Arts Mumbai, Indian Institute of Art and Design, Pearl Academy etc.

Apart from this, you can make a career in the fields of motion graphics designer, art director, industrial designer etc.

So today’s career tip is, don’t waste your drawing, sketching and imagination skills, rather pursue a professional career in these wonderful fields.

Will do and show!

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