Daily 30 minutes power sleep controls BP, reduces stress. 30 minutes of daily power sleep controls BP, reduces stress

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18 minutes ago

‘Yoga brings you to the present, the only place where life exists’

– Maharishi Patanjali

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meditation for all

This is the second article in our series on ‘Meditation’.

Are you also a victim of insomnia, stress, nervousness, blood pressure and anxiety? In the previous article we talked about ‘T-break’ meditation, and today we will talk about ‘Power Sleep’ for stress relief.

Professionals and students both must read today’s article to increase their performance and reduce stress.

direct effect of stress on the brain

The effects of stress on the nervous system have been investigated for over 50 years. Some studies have shown that stress has many effects on the human nervous system and Structural changes can occur in different parts of the brain. Chronic stress can reduce ‘mental mass’, which means it can reduce the weight of the brain.

Two main types of meditation

Meditation is a practice that helps in achieving a higher state of awareness through various techniques. This can result in changes in consciousness and has been shown to have many health benefits. for stress relief There are two main styles of meditation – focused-meditation and open-monitoring meditation.

Focused meditation involves trying to slow down the internal dialogue by staying in the present and focusing on a single object, thought, sound or sight. Open-monitoring meditation is about becoming aware of stray/confused repressed thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, impulses and accepting them without hesitation.

‘Power sleep’ is a kind of meditation

power nap 1669282032

Now I will tell you how to do ‘power sleep’.

A. Wear clean, comfortable clothes.

B. Sit (or lie down) in any comfortable posture.

C. Close your eyes.

D. Keep in mind you don’t have to sleep.

E. Focus the meditation on inhaling and exhaling. You will hear the voice of ‘So Hum’.

F. Visualize yourself sitting or lying down in a comfortable position with your mind’s eye closed.

G. Then take the meditation to the tips of your thumbs, and think that all the ‘flesh’, ‘blood’, ‘bone’ present there is now going to rest.

H. Then think of all the toes in the same way.

I. Then, while doing the same, slowly move upwards in the body, keeping the heels, feet, knees, thighs, waist, stomach, lungs, throat ‘shutting down’ all in the same way with the eyes of the mind.

J. Finally, taking your meditation above the ‘nose’, focus on the position of the ‘pineal gland’ in the mind.

K. Stay in this position as long as you feel comfortable.

L. Then slowly go on ‘restarting’ the body-parts in the order in which you ‘shut-down’ them.

M. Allow 20-30 minutes comfortably for this process.

N. Do not stand up immediately after taking ‘power sleep’ – sit for a while with eyes open, then rub the palms of both your hands together and warm them lightly and apply it on the eyes, do this two or three times.

O. For better results, it can be followed by some healthy sweet like chocolate and cold/normal water.

P. It’s a time-tested, panacea for stress relief. That too absolutely free!

4 big things related to power sleep

sleep 1 1669282142

1) You can take ‘Power Sleep’ at any time except right after a meal.

2) Do it regularly, it gives instant refreshing feeling, only after seven-eight weeks of regular practice, its glimpse will start appearing in your good health as well.

3) ‘Power Sleep’ can help you sleep better. As a relaxation technique, it calms the mind and body while promoting inner peace. When done before bedtime, it can help reduce insomnia and sleep disturbances by promoting overall calmness.

4) Practicing ‘Power Sleep’ on a daily basis regulates your blood pressure and improves your decision making ability. Studies have found that meditation helps you make better decisions by improving the functioning of the decision-making centers of your brain.

Hope my suggested ‘power sleep’ will help professionals to do their work, and students to score better in exams.

Regular practice of meditation helps in managing negative emotions like anger, fear and so on by increasing self-awareness. We will talk about these in detail in the upcoming articles.

The ‘Career Funda’ for today is that both professionals and students who are stressed out by work pressure can use tried and tested meditation techniques like ‘Power Sleep’ to increase their productivity.

Will do and show!

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