You can’t do everything… get help, always keep learning. you can’t do everything…get help, always keep learning

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‘Impossible is a word that can only be found in the dictionary of fools.’

– Napoleon Bonaparte

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historical character great teacher

The best teachers are probably some historical women and men. Today I will tell you some lessons from the life of one such historical man, who is considered one of the greatest military commanders of the world. He is the French hero Napoleon Bonaparte.

You must have heard about them, haven’t you?

how napoleon rose up

1) Napoleon had a modest beginning, before becoming a prominent figure during the French Revolution. He was born in a simple family of Corsica. Joined the French Army as a lieutenant in artillery. Captain Bonaparte, 24, fought the Battle of Toulon against British and Spanish forces and played a major role in the victory. He was made a Brigadier General at the age of 24.

2) A rebellion broke out in Paris against the new French Revolutionary government. Brigadier Bonaparte was asked to stop the rebellions. He was never in favor of firing at the rebels but the young general hated anarchy even more. At the age of 26, he became the general of the French Internal Army.

3) they in 1804 At the age of 35, he became the ‘Emperor of the French’. This means that he was not the king of the country of France, but the king of the French people.

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is seen standing in his library in this painting by Jacques-Louis David in 1812.

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is seen standing in his library in this painting by Jacques-Louis David in 1812.

4 big lessons from Napoleon

Napoleon is inspirational for our ordinary life as well. let’s learn how

1) Lesson 1: Accept that you can’t do everything on your own

A. One There is a common misconception that a leader should be able to do everything alone., Napoleon says ‘If you need help, ask’.

B. Napoleon could not hold his gun properly on his shoulder, and when asked to load it tightly, his hand was always black after firing. Napoleon himself was not a great marksman, but he was a brilliant horseman, general and strategist.

C. Napoleon always thanked others after receiving aid, whether through words, or by paying his soldiers with gold and silver.

Lesson: Gratitude never goes in vain.

2) Lesson 2: action Be a doer, not just a thinker

A. Being a leader does not mean that you will not get your hands dirty in any work. Even when he was a famous general, he didn’t mind getting off his horse and going into the trenches.

B. He participated in the work of those he led. The kings of that time used to sit at the desk or throne and give orders to their subjects or servants. Napoleon said that if necessary, take decisive action.

C. Napoleon was entrusted with the task of defending the National Convention on behalf of the royal family. The number of the attacking crowd was high. Napoleon knew that once you hit a crowd, it would disintegrate, and he did so in time. Once you allow the crowd to come an inch ahead, they will try to go a mile ahead. So don’t be afraid to take decisive action on time.

Lesson: Leadership is not for cowards.

3) Lesson 3: Never stop reading/writing/learning

A. A leader should never think that he knows everything. Napoleon did not stop trying to improve himself even by acquiring knowledge. He used to tell his officers ‘don’t be ashamed to ask questions and figure out how to listen’.

B. Business managers need to be aware of many things outside the industry as well. For this, become a reader who read all kinds of books.

Lesson: Knowledge is infinite, embrace it continuously.

4) Lesson 4: Nothing is lost until you lose courage

A. In June 1812 he was badly defeated in Russia. Not from the Russian army, but from the Russian winter!

B. He attacked Russia with 600,000 soldiers and returned with only 95,000 soldiers. Napoleon resigned as Emperor of France in 1814. They were defeated by a coalition of Britain, Austria and Russia.

C. He was sent to Elba and made emperor of Elba. There he formed the administration for good governance. Louis 18 was made emperor of France but was a weak king. He could not rule France properly. Napoleon was watching all these events from Elba. He made a historic march from Elba to Paris.

D. He reached southern France with no chance of victory. But most of the French army remained loyal to Napoleon. So his army got bigger day by day. Fearing Napoleon, the French king decided to send one of Napoleon’s great enemies, General Navy, to stop him. Both meet at the same place. Napoleon knew he could not win the war so he did something out of history: as if he had nothing to lose or gain. He walked unarmed and reached in front of the General Navy camp.

E. Napoleon roared and said: Come, kill your king if you want or follow me to Paris. Overwhelmed by such valor, General Newey was shocked and ordered his army to capture him, but all were mesmerized by his action, attitude and enormity, and Napoleon our Emperor began to shout slogans and turned to Napoleon.

Napoleon now entered the city of Paris. He became Emperor of France for the second time in 1815.

In 1815, he was defeated by Prussian and British forces at the Battle of Waterloo.

Lesson: Your destiny is hidden in your deeds.

Today’s Sunday Motivational Career Fund is to explore the lives of amazing heroes, and enrich your life with their experiences.

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