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The second stage preliminary examination for the 10th class equivalency post has also been completed. The second stage preliminary exam was easier than the first exam. Not only that, many things in the same pattern as in the first question paper were repeated this time as well.

But there were questions where 7–8 marks were more likely to be negative. There are many people who get wrong when they ask the same answer over and over again. Those who have studied the previous question paper will find this exam easy.

For the question about rain that usually falls in the afternoon with thunderstorms, both ‘convective rain’ and ‘convective rain’ are correct, but the PSC answer is convective rain.

The Magna Carta of India and the cornerstone of the Indian Constitution is the answer to both the questions Fundamental Rights. There will be people who write the wrong answer because they suspect that they will be asked the same question next to each other.

The exercise of the right to consent is a political right under the Constitution. Many people hesitated to enter the ‘none’ option even though this answer was not present in the options.

The answer to the question ‘Who is known as the Renaissance hero of modern India’ was written as ‘Rajaram Mohan Roy’ and the next question asked ‘Who is the father of Indian Renaissance’? The thought was whether the same answer would come twice. Don’t get confused by knowing the answer even if PSC asks vice versa. The aim of PSC there is only to trap the candidates

Right questions are coming from Human Rights Commission, Right to Information Commission and Women’s Commission. So don’t forget to drive these in the last revision.

The PSC strategy of forcing even unknown questions to answer and trapping in negative marks has also been applied in this question paper. If you do not know at all, it is wise to leave the answer blank.

Ayyankali’s Venganur farmers’ strike, Anchuteng riot, Sehat telemedicine project and Akamma Cherian are also repeated in this question paper.

The question of average summer rainfall can be avoided as it does not ask exactly where it rains.

The question of calculating the distance from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in the last exam was repeated in this question paper with a mistake.

It is not difficult to score 75 marks. Two more steps have to be completed to determine the cut off mark.

Now for the attention of the writers

You can get good marks if you sift through the questions from the last 2 exams. Don’t forget to study 200 questions and related material in these question papers.

English Summary: Kerala PSC 10th Level Preliminary Examination

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