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Only 4330 people have been appointed in 14 districts with only seven months left for the LD clerk rank list period to end. 6332 candidates have been recommended for appointment from existing rank lists. But if we deduct NJD and transfer of posts from the total recommended appointment, it becomes clear that only 4330 people have been appointed. 1595 NJD vacancies of LDC in 14 districts have been reported in PSC. 407 appointment by transfer (has separate rank list). If we add these two together it is 2002. If we subtract this from the total appointment recommendation we get 4330. So many people have been appointed from the LD Clerk rank lists so far. The figures of NJD of differently abled and transferees in Kannur and Kasaragod districts have been provided separately on the website. Information for other districts is not available.

A hiring recommendation is not all hiring

Only the number of persons recommended for appointment is known from the rank lists. But the number of appointees will be very less than this. For example, if 10 people are sent PSC recruitment recommendations, in some cases only 5 people will be employed. The remaining 5 vacancies will be re-reported to PSC as NJD (Not Joining Duty). But the number of appointment recommendation will be 10. The total number of recommendations will rise to 15 when the PSC recommends appointment in 5 vacancies reported as NJD. But actually only 5 people were appointed. If 3 candidates are not employed based on the 5 NJD vacancies based on the appointment recommendation, it will be reported again as NJD. When the PSC makes recommendation for appointment in these vacancies, the total number of recommendation for appointment will rise to 18. But only 7 people got jobs. The total number of appointment recommendation in LD Clerk rank list is published by adding the number of appointment through transfer along with NJD. If this is also reduced, the number of appointments made from the rank list of direct recruitment will be drastically reduced.

Hiring is down

Only 17% appointment recommendation has been done so far from the existing rank list in all 14 districts. 11,413 candidates have been recommended for this post from the previous rank list. If the maximum number of vacancies are not reported by April 1, 2021 when the existing rank lists expire, thousands of candidates will be disappointed. There are 36,783 people in the LD Clerk rank list in main, supplementary and differently abled categories.


Vacancies are decreasing every year

Statistics show that the vacancies in the post of LD Clerk are decreasing every year. So far 6332 candidates have received appointment recommendation from the existing rank list. 11,413 candidates were recommended for appointment from last LDC rank lists. 12,181 candidates were recommended from the previous (2012) rank list and 15,357 candidates from the previous (2009) rank list. Appointments in the new rank lists will not increase but decrease as compared to the previous rank lists.

Comparison of appointment recommendation in 4 LDC rank lists including current one


There are many reasons…

A number of issues ranging from restriction of creation of new posts to excessive dependent appointments are the reasons for the decrease in appointments from the LD Clerk rank list. It is clear from the investigation conducted by the candidates that there are not enough clerk posts in many departments like Food Safety Department, Excise, Registration etc. Due to the economic crisis, the government is not ready to create new posts, which has a negative effect on the functioning of these departments.

Depending on the dependent assignment

Dependent recruitment is fixed at 5 per cent, but it is subverted in many departments. Some departments report only the remaining vacancies to the PSC after making dependent appointments. Out of 100 vacancies in the Health Department, 97 dependent appointments were made. 256 vacancies are reserved for dependent appointment in Panchayat Department. When relief vacancies arise, they are diverted for dependent appointment without reporting to PSC. This is mostly done in the revenue department.

No vacancy; But there are temporary ones

The condition is that vacancies existing for more than six months should be reported to the PSC. But various departments are not ready to follow this exactly. They are interested in hiring temporary workers in such vacancies. There is also a complaint that those who are appointed through employment exchange and otherwise are fixed when they get an opportunity. Often these temporary appointments are made when the PSC rank list is available. Also, the institutions that have left the appointment to the PSC are appointing temporary staff without preparing the appointment rules in time. Over the years, all appointments from the State Library Council, Language Institute, Pollution Control Board and many cooperative apex bodies etc. have been left to the PSC. But these people are interested in appointing and fixing temporary workers without preparing rules.

Expected Vacancies

If expected vacancies are reported then PSC can issue appointment recommendation on the date of availability of the respective vacancy. The expected vacancy occurring each year is to be reported to the PSC at the beginning of the year. The government also issues circulars from time to time mentioning this. But there is gross laxity in reporting expected vacancies.

Disasters like floods and Covid-19 also affected LD Clerk appointments. Due to these reasons there has been a huge reduction in reporting of existing vacancies. Candidates allege that even reportable vacancies are being hoarded under the guise of this. Elections to local bodies will be held this year. Although the Election Code of Conduct will not affect PSC appointments, there will be a huge reduction in vacancy reporting during elections.

Promotion out of office

Various departments do not follow the requirement that only certain percentage of vacancies should be reserved for promotional appointments. The promotion of last grade employees in numerous vacancies is tarnishing the chances of appointment of those in the rank list. But the promotion of LD Clerk vacancies has been blocked at many places.

Here are the vacancies

∙It has been a year since 8 vacancies came into existence in the Women and Child Development Department. Not yet reported to PSC. These are the vacancies since the demerger from the Department of Social Justice.

∙ 5 Vacancies in Soil Conservation Department. There is no need to report to the PSC as there is no funding from the government.

∙ 10 Vacancies in Education Department. Candidates have been coming and going for months, but they hesitated to report.

∙ There are 11 vacancies in the police force. Unreported due to detention at headquarters.

∙ Irrigation department to report 5 vacancies. Inter-district transfers beyond a certain percentage delay PSC recruitment.

∙ 7 Vacancies in Health Department. Even vacancies created by promotion are not filled. (These are the existing vacancies in Thiruvananthapuram district. Candidates point out that similar vacancies have been hoarded in other districts as well)

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