Kerala Results: Aided Schools | NSS and KCBC oppose move to leave aided school appointments to PSC; Vellapalli is ready

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NSS and KCBC are against the move to leave appointments in aided institutions to PSC. KCBC said that taking up aided recruitment is a threat by the government and action should be taken against the irregular management. The NSS has also made it clear that it will oppose the move to leave aided recruitment to the PSC. There is an ulterior motive behind the CPM move. NSS General Secretary G. Sukumaran Nair said.

But SNDP Yuga General Secretary Vellapalli Natesan said that they are ready to leave the appointment of aided schools to PSC. There is no management rule when government pays salaries. Vellappally also said that PSC should make appointment with reservation.

CPM central committee member and former minister AK Balan came forward with the demand that appointments in aided institutions should be left to PSC. He said this in an interview to Asianet News. To ensure social justice in this sector, the government should take over the recruitment in aided institutions. AK Balan pointed out that currently only those who have the ability to pay lakhs and crores of bribes are getting appointed in such institutions.

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AK Balan asked where the crores bought by the management as bribes go. The poor are not employed in the institutions of the dominant communities. If left to PSC, unnecessary appointments can be avoided. Financial burden can also be reduced. It is hoped that the second Pinarayi government will initiate this move. K Balan said. MES and SNDP have agreed to this proposal. It is expected that other communities will also cooperate. A. A. said that a second liberation struggle is no longer possible in Kerala. K Balan said.

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SNDP Yuga General Secretary Vellappally Natesan had earlier come forward with the demand that appointments in aided schools and colleges should be left to PSC. Earlier, MES Chairman Fazal Ghafoor had also made a similar demand. Vellappally Natesan stated that if other managements are also ready, the appointment of SNDP Yog and SN Trust in all educational institutions can be left to the government. He had also said that the injustice faced by the Ezhava community will become clear when the appointment is made through PSC.

Vellappally said that the communities with less population are holding more institutions, where all appointments are made by the management and salaries are paid by the government. What kind of democracy is this? He pointed out that this is only in Kerala.

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