Involve them in everyday decisions, make them aware. Involve them in everyday decisions, make them aware

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‘Children learn to make good decisions not by following instructions, but by making decisions.’

– Alfie Kohn (American author and lecturer on education, parenting)

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Are you a parent who cares for your child Takes Decision? So do read this.

independent or not

Indian parents are famous for keeping their children dependent. Many examples will be found around us, even in families.

Even the youth of thirty years are not able to take their own financial decisions. Marriage-related decision being taken by the youth himself is considered a social crime in our country, at least in the village!

Why is this

Parents often think that the child or child is not yet mature, and that their decision will be wrong. They are concerned about the safety of their child and do not want any wrong decision in the child’s life. And consider your experience the best.

But this thinking becomes a problem when the children/youth become used to it, and surrender completely. Now the development of their thinking stops, and they start looking at mom or dad for every little thing.

after parents

As long as there are parents, that’s fine. But after them, trouble arises for such children as others are never able to give them selfless advice. As a result, many big decisions can be wrong. The solution is only one – children should be made to stand on their own feet, be taught to think, and also to take decisions.

old man, fish and daughter

I remember a story related to this.

A. Once upon a time there was an old man who had a daughter. The old man loved his daughter very much.

B. He would go to the river every day, catch fresh fish from there, and then make different dishes from that fish and feed it to his daughter.

C. Neither he would ever take his daughter fishing with him nor would he talk to her about cooking it. Gradually, eating prepared fish dishes became a habit of the daughter too. But the life of both of them was getting boring, the old man was spending his pampering on the daughter, and the daughter was enjoying it.

D. The problem happened when once the old man had to go out for a while. Now it became difficult for the daughter to feed herself, neither she knew how to do any work, nor did she have any experience in fishing.

Lesson If you really love your kids So by not making them dependent, give them training in independent decision making.

parenting tw 1667120254

free your kids decision-5 Steps to Make Maker

1) Encourage Decision Making, Don’t Criticize for Bad Decisions: Most of the parents knowingly or unknowingly critique every small and big decision of their children. Even if the child has taken a wrong decision, but do not criticize badly. The child is currently in learning mode and will learn while doing.

2) Involve them in everyday decisions: Older people often do not involve children in everyday decisions! If mom wants to ask what will be made for dinner in the evening, then she will ask either from father or from grandfather, grandmother. At the time of Diwali, which color should be done in the house, where should one go for a walk, what clothes should the child wear, which toys should be played with, all the decisions are made without asking their opinion.

3) A big reason for not including in decisions: Many a times, financial (ie money related) can be a major reason for not involving the children in everyday decisions by the parents. Suppose a father in a crowded shop asked his child about the shirt of his choice and the favorite shirt is outside his budget, then it is difficult for any father to handle such a situation in a public place, but this is the training So it’s needed!

4) Enable the child to make the right decisions: For this training, parents should first give a chance to select their child, then ask them the logic of their choice, like why did you choose such a thing? Then you can talk to them about that chosen thing, tell them why a certain thing isn’t good, or what the reality is. In the same way, children can become independent in decision making by learning things gradually.

5) Make children aware of their thinking: being aware of your thinking, Metacognition in technical language It is important. Experts agree that it is important for the development of children’s decision making, as it enables the planning, monitoring and evaluation of their responsibilities, school assignments and schedules. Awareness of one’s challenges in maths can lead to better planning on upcoming assignments, achieving more results.

So what’s the delay! Start giving your children the greatest gift of life: self-reliance. That’s what I’ve tried to do with both my kids.

Today’s career fund is not to be pampered by your children forcibly, but to give them a chance to stand on their feet and walk or run. It will live on even after you.

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