how to start rangoli business

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How to start Rangoli business: If you also want to earn a lot of profit by doing a small business during Diwali, then you can also think about starting the business of Rangoli sold during Diwali and Dussehra, the biggest benefit that you will get to start this Rangoli business. What motivates you is that to do this rangoli business, you neither need much investment nor do you have to try to buy more raw material.

If you are also thinking of starting this rangoli business, then you should read this article till the end because through this article we will show you how you can start your rangoli business and how to convert it into a profitable business. We have tried to tell about it in detail, so let’s start now without any delay.

how to start rangoli business

How to start Rangoli business: In today’s time, every person who celebrates Diwali at their home, they all make Rangoli at some place in their house because Rangoli brings a different happiness and union of colors in your house which brings festival to your house. Doubles the happiness. Now everyone does not know how to make Rangoli, keeping this in mind, many people have brought themselves in the business of Rangoli.

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Because people who do not know how to make Rangoli, they buy readymade Rangoli from the market. For this reason, in today’s time, big business groups are also trying to enter the business of this rangoli, due to which those business groups want to earn lakhs of money in a few days by investing some time in this business.

To make Rangoli, you have to buy a white Rangoli from the market which is always there, after which you have to make a beautiful Rangoli by using the color according to you, which you can sell to the customer for very good money,

Your bus should make that rangoli attractive, the customer will also give you the money you want. In view of this, if you want to do Rangoli business, then you have to think about how you can get the raw material related to this business.

To start Rangoli business, you have to keep some things in mind about which we have tried to explain in detail in this section of the article, so let’s start now,

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market selection

If you want to do rangoli business, it is not necessary that you have to choose the market, if you can manage this rangoli business from home, then you can start this business from home. But if you want to start this Rangoli business on a large scale, then you should take the shop for your business in the middle market because only then your shop will be more visible to the people and you will get a lot of growth in the number of your customers. Will happen. Only after that you can get good profits from Rangoli business.

raw material

If you want to start Rangoli business, then whatever you need to make Rangoli, you should get that product from the wholesale market at the wholesale rate. You should buy the colors used in Rangoli in bulk from the wholesale market.

Along with this, you also need to buy a mixing machine of Rangoli to mix the colors of Rangoli. With which you can make more and more Rangoli in less time and less cost in Rangoli business and then earn big profit by selling those Rangoli.

Rangoli packaging

When you make the Rangoli and your Rangoli is completely ready to be sold in the market, then an important step that happens between that is the packaging. If the packaging of your Rangoli is simple and it does not look so good, no matter how your Rangoli is, then you do not get much benefit.

Because of which you need to pay more attention to the packaging of your Rangoli because if the packaging of your Rangoli is very attractive and classy, ​​then the customer agrees to give you the price you want, so that you have to work as hard. After that, you get more benefit.


When your Rangoli is ready then you should not depend only on the market in today’s time because in today’s digital age you should try to get the customer from the digital market as well. If you want to keep Rangoli business only till stable market then you do not need to do much, same if you want to reach your Rangoli business to every corner of the country then you need to do digital marketing and social media platforms like Instagram. And you can make your product online using Facebook

After which if someone likes your Rangoli, then he can contact you to buy that Rangoli, which also makes it easy for you to get the customer. By doing this, you also get more profit in your Rangoli business and you also become successful in reaching your product to more people.

Rangoli Of Business To how many Pennies In Start did Go can Is,

The money depends on what scale you want to open or start Rangoli business, if you are thinking of starting a big business of Rangoli at the national level, then you should have at least 5 lakh to 10 lakh. You may need up to Rs. will be able to

Rangoli Of Business To Start to do Of For License Of Too Need would have Is,

If you want to start Rangoli business on the market label also, then you do not need any kind of license or registration, you can sell these Rangoli in the market without any license, same if you do this Rangoli business at the national level. Or if you want to start the business of making Rangoli only for the whole year by starting on a very big label, then you need the registration number for your business at that time.

Rangoli Of Business To Start by doing You month In How much? earn Can Huh,

How much money you can earn in a month by starting Rangoli business, it also depends on how many Rangoli you are able to sell in a month. If you sell up to 500 Rangoli in a month and keep its price around 200 rupees, then you sell up to 1 lakh Rangoli in a month.

After that, if you buy 10 thousand raw material for making Rangoli and after that pay rent for your shop from 10 to 15, then you have about 75 thousand to 80 thousand rupees left for your monthly income. Huh.

So much money, if you do the business of Rangoli only in your market, then you can earn the same if you want to do your Rangoli business by activating digital in addition to your market, then about 2 lakh to 3 lakh per month. Months can earn which is a very good amount.


Today, through this article, we have tried to tell you in detail about how you can start Rangoli business. Hope you liked this article, if so then you can also share this article with your friends and if any kind of question comes in your mind while reading the article then you can comment below. You can ask questions in the section.

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