Break the goal into pieces, understand the ability honestly. Break the goal into pieces, understand the ability honestly

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18 minutes ago

‘There is one destination, but the path is many’ Azhar, the thinking is that where will you go before’

– Azhar Lakhnavi

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accurate point on goal setting

Are you or someone of your own engaged in preparing for competitive exams?

What precise lines have been said by the well-known poet of Lucknow, Azhar Lakhnavi on setting goals and achieving them! Today I will tell you how to set goals and move towards them to prepare for competitive exams.

While preparing students for many exams for over thirty years, I have seen that without the right strategy, things do not work out. So learn the right strategy today!

7 Strategic Steps to Goal Setting and Achieving

1) The goal should be of personal importance to you: The first thing to ask while setting the goal is whether you have set that goal due to social pressure, or do you have your own personal goal for which you will unite the ground and sky? We can achieve goals associated with our happiness much faster, and without external pressure, so the effort should be the same. So talk directly to your parents, and do what you want from your heart.

2) Write the goals in very specific words: Once you have set a goal with your heart, the second thing is to make it very specific. General goals which are written in bold words, they do not have any importance. The goal should be written in very limited words, then only the way to achieve it will be ready.

Example: If you say ‘I will do well in maths this year’ then these are general goals which means nothing. So you say ‘I will score 80% this year in maths’. It has now become a specific goal, and all your energy can be directed towards it.

3) Divide your goal into pieces: Set different goals for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly. This will make it easier for you to measure your performance consistently. Don’t plan on making one long world-conquering jump, but shorter jumps. Constantly assess yourself. correct mistakes. Yes, if you want to make a life-long mission statement ahead of competitive exams, you can do a great job! Example: I will be a good person who will be kind, forgiving and helpful, and will help one person every day.

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4) Goals should be challenging but realistic: Difficult or challenging goals give better performance than medium or easy goals. The more challenging the target, the higher the performance. But remember, do not set such a challenge in enthusiasm that nothing can happen, and every day the burden on the mind increases a little. Honestly understand your ability, and then decide.

5) Target not ‘stone streak’: Goal setting is a constantly changing process. So keep revising your goals, and use them as guidelines. Focus on the degree of achievement rather than the absolute goal-achievement. Example ‘Today I achieved the 80% goal.‘ It is a matter of pride, not of shame.

6) Power of Small Steps: I told you to break big goals into smaller, daily and weekly goals to achieve. Make it your lifestyle. has been said ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ This philosophy in Japan kaizen According to which if you want to increase your ‘vocabulary’, then start today: very small: i.e. learn only one new word every day. Keep doing this slowly, without breaks. You will go on, the caravan will be formed.

7) Motivation, Analysis and Sustainable Efforts: Motivation alone is not enough to achieve the goal. You need to be able to use that inspiration in the most effective way possible. For this, you can change your strategy and see which one works the most. Then you will find that little by little improvement is going on, and the motivation that comes from it will be more solid than any motivational speaker.

Today’s career is funded that by applying logical and scientific methods in goal setting, you can continuously make little forward movement, and eventually move towards clearing the exam.

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