2022-10-30 21:13:56 | Today’s Horoscope and Panchang: October 31, 2022, Monday

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Rajendra Gupta

Today and tomorrow special day
31 October 2022: The birth anniversary of Iron Man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel today.
31 October 2022: National Unity Day today.
01 November 2022: Gopashtami tomorrow.

today’s Horoscope
October 31, 2022, Monday
Aries Horoscope: Today the mind will be restless for the whole day. Due to mental confusions, you will not feel like doing any work. Drive the vehicle carefully. Take special care towards health also. There can be a rift in married life due to something.

Taurus Horoscope: Your efforts will pay off today, you will get good news, new opportunities will bring changes in life. You will get the support of your loved ones, friends will also support you. You will get money. The works which have been stalled since time immemorial will start being completed. There will be an atmosphere of unity in the family. Everyone will be happy with you in the workplace. Stay away from negative thoughts.

Gemini: Money will be beneficial. Wishes will be fulfilled and the day will be auspicious and the journey will be auspicious. The mind will be happy with sudden gains, small efforts will bring success. Today you can meet an old friend of yours and childhood memories will be fresh again. Traders will get profit in investment.

Cancer: The profit in partnership is negligible. You will behave like your own aliens and physical illness is possible. It is better to avoid controversy, otherwise you may have to give for taking. You will get full support from friends. There may be obstacles in government work. Do not take any decision related to purchase and sale of land and building today.

Leo: Tension due to inauspicious news is the sum of an unpleasant incident. Travel and work after thinking carefully, the blessings of sages and saints will infuse energy in the mind. Attraction towards opposite sex will increase. Do not take any step by getting carried away by emotions, take a decision after thinking.

Virgo: Travel will be beneficial. There will be an increase in might. Success in work, hopeful benefits, will get help from the official class, opponents will remain weak. Traders will get profit in investment. Employed people will get success in the field. Today is also an auspicious day for women. Friends will help.

Libra: You will get stalled money, all work is likely to be done with effort. Money will be beneficial, the sum of increase in fame, honor and respect is being created. Today students will get good news. Today is an auspicious day for lawyers and doctors. The obstacles coming in any of your government work will end today.

Scorpio Horoscope: Today there will be happiness in getting work done. New contacts will be beneficial. New avenues of income will be paved, interest in risky work will increase, the cooperation of women will benefit. A family member will go ahead and help you. Friends will also help.

Sagittarius: There is a possibility of obstacles in the work. Work with patience and face difficulties, strength in intentions will pave the way for progress. Accident prevention is expected. Drive the vehicle slowly. Take special care of food. Think once before increasing your contact with someone. Somebody can cheat you. Be alert.

Capricorn: The journey will be pleasant and there will be news of progress, there will be happiness in getting rewards or gifts, it is a favorable day. The profit is certain. You can also get praise from the boss in the office. The day will also be happy with friends. There will be an atmosphere of laughter and happiness in the family. Good news can also be received from anywhere in the evening.

Aquarius: The responsibilities of the workplace will increase, along with happiness and prosperity, expenses will also increase. Secret enemies can harass you, be careful. Negligence regarding health can also cost you heavily. In the changing season, your problems may increase due to cold and cold. It would be better if you take care while taking special care of the food.

Pisces: Luck will bring success today, opponents will be defeated, work efficiently and stay calm, you will get an opportunity for progress. Success awaits you. There will be sweetness in married life today. There will also be success in matters of love affair.

Today’s Panchang
31 October 2022, Monday
Tithi Saptami 01:13 AM
Nakshatra Uttarashada 04:16 AM
Karan Gar 02:20 PM
Vanij 01:13 am
Paksha Shukla
Yoga Dhruti 04:11 PM
var monday
Sunrise 06:31 am
Sunset 05:37 PM
Moon Sagittarius 11:24 am
Rahu Kaal 07:55 – 09:18 AM
Vikrami Samvat 2079
Shaka Samvat 1944 (Blessed)
month kartik
auspicious time
Abhijit 11:42 – 12:26 PM

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