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, Weekly Horoscope .
Date – From 30 October to 05 November 2022, Jyotishacharya Pt. Narayanshankarnathuram Vyas,
Kotwali Bazar, Jabalpur (1/4) M.P.; 1/2
No. 098266-21998
Weekly Planetary Position:-
This week Sun in Libra, Mars in Gemini, Ta. From 9.26 am on 31st day, Mercury is retrograde in Libra, Jupiter in Pisces, Venus in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn, Rahu in Aries, Ketu in Libra and Moon in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. will transmit.

Effect of Planets:-
Ta. On 30th October, Mercury in Swati Nakshatra gives bearish tremors in cotton, gold, silver and gud. In the beginning of November, there will be uproar in the markets. On November 3, Venus enters Vishakha Nakshatra, Samaptam Yoga is being formed with Rahu, at this time the traders should forget the bearish hold, this position indicates bullishness in all the markets. There is a possibility of increase in cotton, dalwana, sugar, ghee, silver etc. Ta. From November 05, Mars will start moving in a curved motion, due to which there will be a good increase in oilseeds like wheat, gram, barley, cotton, cotton, rice, pulses, mustard, etc., and there will be an increase in sugar. In mountainous areas, there is a sum of rainfall with wind velocity. There is also the possibility of sporadic snowfall at some places.
Festivals/Vrats/Festivals :
On Sunday 30 October – Surya Shashthi fasting, Dala Chhath (1/4) Bihar; 1/2
On Monday 31 October-
Tuesday 01 November – Gopashtami,
On Wednesday 02 November – Vishnu Triratri Vratarambh, Akshaya Navami, Amla. Kushmanda Navami,
Thursday 03 November – Vishnu Triratri fast,
On Friday 04 November – Devuthani Gyaras, Prabodhini Ekadashi Vrat, Tulsi Marriage Begins, Bhishma Panchak Begins, Vishnu Triratri Fast Complete,
Saturday 05 November – Shani Pradosh fast,
Sheep- Your influence will increase in the workplace, there may be some tension from partners in the field of business, a new plan of action will be considered in the field of industry, you will work hard for your will, your expectations from spouse and children may increase, financial matters. Do not take any decision in a hurry, there will be chances of better success in the state sector, with the recommendation of someone, your stalled work can become.
Taurus- Adopt a positive attitude for success, you can get benefits in the field of Jasingh property and transportation, there is a possibility of getting pleasant news from an unknown person, there are chances of a meaningful journey in connection with work, there will be sweetness in married life, Jasingh property related There will be success in work, there is a possibility of suffering from some chronic disease at the end of the week, do labor only as much as your body supports.
Gemini-Financially, this week will give you the desired success, you may enter into new contracts, you will get benefit from an opposite sex friend or partner, you may have to face obstacles in the field of property and industry, You can start a new work, the cooperation of colleagues will remain, splendor is the sum of the expenditure on buying luxury goods.
Cancer- Take special care of food, it will be spent in gathering items of household necessities, there will be an opportunity to go to Manglik work with family, keep restraint on speech, your words may hurt someone, at the end of the week, there will be a Manglik festival. There is a possibility of a guest arrival, you should take special care of your health.
Lion- You may be a victim of mental stress, take care of the expectations of superiors in the workplace, if you are in politics, you will get success, you are likely to get financial benefits with the advice of a close friend, you should avoid complications in emotional relations, health May feel laziness and lethargy, try to avoid controversial matters, caution in migration is desirable.
Virgo- You can take the burden of extra responsibility in the field this week, students will get success in competitive exams, you will get the benefit of joining new business contracts, you will be financially satisfied, there will be an idea to buy a new vehicle, mental stress in the second half of the week. And disappointment may be experienced, due to bitterness in speech, be careful with close people, will try to strengthen the old identity again.
Libra- You may enter into new business contracts, you will get new success in the field of business, you will be happy with your financial situation, a family event may cost a lot, you can take pride in the achievements of children, your social activism will increase. There will be an increase in respect, in the middle of the week, a decision taken without any advice in more self-confidence can cause trouble.
Scorpio-You may have to face ups and downs, if you are looking for a new job, you will get success in the second half of the week, you may get good news from a close friend, take care of your spouse’s health, officials at the end of the week. Classes may express dissatisfaction with your work.
Sagittarius- Your wish will be fulfilled in the field of work, entrepreneurs can start a new work plan with partners, financial condition will be satisfactory, your health will be better than before, traveling with friends will be a coincidence, time and money will be spent in financial work. Maybe, you can invest in a new field of work.
Capricorn- This week you will not get the expected success, the support of senior colleague will remain, loneliness and tension may be experienced among loved ones in the middle of the week, there will be some relief from old troubles, you will get success in the state sector, be careful in travel, You can plan for the expansion of permanent property, there will be special happiness by getting the missing item.
Aquarius- In the beginning of the week, there will be special interest in going for outings and traveling far and wide, your senior officers in the field can appreciate you, you will get support in the responsibility of business work, you will get success in financial matters, Jasingh will spend in property works, social You will get success in work, do not spend money on non-essential tasks, take special care of domestic work at the end of the week.
Pisces- There will be an increase in income, attitude of colleagues in the workplace, your husband may be uncooperative, do not give any assurance to anyone in a hurry, there may be trouble in fulfilling, dispute of paternal property may come up, revered person’s advice is useful and It will be beneficial, take care of the health of the spouse, children will progress.

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