2022-10-28 13:32:08 | Weekly Horoscope Saptahik Rashifal 31 Oct- 6 Nov 2022 Know Prediction Of All Zodiac Signs – Weekly Horoscope (31 Oct-6 Nov) : How will the coming week be for all 12 zodiac signs, who will get luck

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Aries sign people may have to face some sudden problems in the beginning of this week. There may be obstacles in the acquisition of ancestral property. For land-building disputes, court-court rounds may have to be made. During this, if luck is not supported, your work will not be completed on time, due to which there will be irritability in your nature. During this time, you will need to keep a lot of control over your speech and nature, otherwise, due to debate, relations built over years may get spoiled. This week will be full of ups and downs for business people. There will be a lot of profit from the money invested in the past, while the money stuck in the market will become a big cause of your concern. Avoid making risky investments. In the second half of the week, there will be a meeting with an influential person, with the help of which there will be an opportunity to join profitable schemes in future. During this, students who are preparing for examination-competition will get good news. People wandering in search of employment will get new opportunities, which should not be lost even after forgetting, otherwise they may have to wait for a long time. Take a conscious step forward in love affair and avoid ignoring the feelings of your love partner. Avoid making your love affair public, otherwise you may have to face unnecessary problems. There is a possibility of a difference of opinion with the spouse about something. Be aware of seasonal diseases.

Measure: Recite Hanuman Chalisa seven times daily and donate lentils on Tuesdays.


Taurus sign people should think about future losses rather than seeing little gains this week. Be very careful from those people in the workplace who are trying to obstruct your work often. During this time, do not forget to disclose your plans at all. If you do business, then do not forget to consult an expert or your well-wishers once before making any big deal. This is not a good time for those doing business in partnership. There may be ideological differences with the business partner. In the middle of the week, any worry related to children will become a big cause of your trouble. In order to get your work done, during this time it would be better for you to walk together with the people associated with the government and the government. In the latter part of the week, sudden business trips are possible, long or short distances. Take good care of both your health and your belongings during the journey. This week, do not say such a thing by getting carried away in emotions, due to which misunderstandings arise in your relationship. Try to avoid any dispute with love partner from communication, otherwise there may be a rift in your relationship. In married life, the mind may remain a little worried about the health of the spouse.

Measure: In the worship of Goddess Durga, recite Durga Sapsati and distribute Kheer Prasad to the girls on Friday.


Gemini sign people will have to maintain a balance between heart and mind while taking any major decision this week. Do not make any promise to anyone under pressure or getting carried away by emotion. Be very careful while transacting money, otherwise you may suffer financial loss. During this, unnecessary running around and wasteful expenditure will increase. The mind will be a little upset due to the hindrance in the work done. However, in difficult times, your partner and family will get full support. In the middle of the week, with the help of an influential person, you will breathe a sigh of relief when the pending work related to the government is completed. During this you will be completely successful in leveraging your contacts. The first half of the week may be full of troubles but in the latter half you will get full support of good luck. Those who have been thinking of expanding their business for a long time will see their dream come true with the help of friends and family. Employed people will get the support of both senior and junior in the field. The prestige of working women will increase both at home and outside. This week will prove to be lucky for you in terms of love relationship. Mutual trust and harmony with love partner will increase. Married life will remain happy. If you leave minor problems, then health will be normal.

Measure: Recite Chalisa by offering Ganpati’s Durva daily. Donate moong dal on Wednesday.


This week is full of auspiciousness and good fortune for the people of Cancer zodiac. In the beginning of the week, people associated with your business will get a lot of profit in business. There will be new sources of income for the employed people. Money will be spent on things related to comfort. People associated with politics can get the much-awaited post or responsibility, which will increase their prestige in the society. The time of the week is going to be very auspicious for students preparing for examination-competition or people looking for a career abroad. During this time, they may get to hear some good news. During this time, the journey made in connection with the work will prove to be very auspicious and will give desired benefits. Disputes related to land and building will be resolved. In the case going on in the court, the decision can come in your favor. This time will prove to be very auspicious for the people associated with the administrative service. During this time, they may get senior praise for some work or some important responsibility. Avoid rushing in any work in the second half of the week and drive the vehicle carefully, otherwise you may suffer financially and physically. This week is very auspicious in terms of love relationship. A friendship with someone can turn into a love affair. At the same time, there will be intensification in the love relationship already going on. Married life will remain happy. There will be opportunities to spend time happily with family.

Measure: Recite Shiva Chalisa by offering water from a copper vessel on the Shivling every day. Donate rice and milk on Monday.


This week will give favorable results for the people of Leo zodiac. In the beginning of the week, your fame and prestige will increase in the workplace. Seniors will appreciate your work. During this time, you will get the best support of your father while taking any big decision related to family. People wandering in the direction of employment will get desired employment. If you were thinking of getting a land-building or vehicle for a long time, then this week your wish can be fulfilled. Marriage of unmarried people can be fixed. Business people will get unexpected gains in the middle of the week. Money stuck in the market will also come out. During this, there will be participation in any religious-social program, where it is possible to meet old friends or acquaintances after a long time. At the end of the week, some pleasant news can be received from the side of children, due to which there will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family. This time will prove to be especially beneficial for working women. If you have been thinking of converting your love affair into marriage for a long time, it is possible that this week your family members will give their green signal for it. Married life will remain happy. Your health side looks a bit weak this week for auspiciousness and benefits. In such a situation, you should be very careful about the emergence of seasonal or chronic disease.

Measure: Offer Arghya to the rising Sun God every day and recite Aditya Hriday Stotra.

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