2022-10-23 06:07:19 | How is the next week going to be… Know through Horoscope, Tarot and Numerology. How is the next week going to be… Know through Horoscope, Tarot and Numerology

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rashi fal 1666406974

Know how this week will be for all the 12 zodiac signs according to the moon sign as well as with tarot cards and numerology. Weekly Horoscope by Pt. Manish Sharma, Tarot Cards Divya Chugh and Numerology by Dr. Babina Bohra…

rashi 1 1 1666406105

Luck will be with you. Moon is also favorable. Income will remain good. You will get success in disputed matters. You will get benefit from a friend. Mercury will dominate the opponents and will be successful in defeating everyone. Jupiter and Venus can remain unfavorable time. Have to be careful. You will get success on Saturday.


Lucky color – white

good number – 2

Tarot Cards – Page of cups

There will be a possibility of a pre-scheduled journey. You will establish emotional or professional relationships with new people. The mood will remain healthy and work on priorities. Will give his time to help friends and loved ones. You will feel physically tired at the end of the week. Avoid heavy food.

rashi 12 1 1666406143

Favorable Moon. There will be more work and income will also remain better. You will get the support of friends. Hurrying on Mars and Wednesday will cause damage. Opponents will also be strong. There will be a pleasant time on Thursday and Friday and you will get money. Be careful on Saturday. Expenses and disputes may increase.


Lucky color – Orange

good number 9

Tarot Card – Moon

This week your mind will be in a confused state. Strange thoughts, states of fear and doubt will create indecision. Your perspective will change over and over again. This will cause unnecessary delay in the works. Weekend will bring some new options. Help of the elderly will benefit.

rashi 13 1666406183

Fourth Moon. Income will not be as desired. Monday can also be stressful. Work will be hindered. Mars will end problems and plans will be successful. Stuck works will gain momentum. Money flow will improve. There may be slight tension on Thursday and Friday. Saturday will be the best day.


lucky color brown

good number – 6

Tarot cards – 6 of cups

More than yourself, you will spend this week in the care of others. Will make plans related to public relations and social work. You will also give priority to the enjoyment of married and family life. There will be a meeting with old close friends. Old land property, property related works will come to the fore. There are chances of getting money.

rashi 14 1666406233

Third Moon will provide good income. Time will be good and work will be done on time. There will be cooperation from brothers. Work carefully on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and avoid taking loans. Conditions will be in favor on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday there will be victory over the enemy and there will be benefits from all sides. Income will also increase.


Lucky color – blue

good number – 5

Tarot Cards – 5 of Wands

There will be a happy period and new energy will be full of enthusiasm. Will complete the tasks at hand with his style, uniqueness and confidence. New favorite tasks will get responsibilities. New jobs, friends and relationships will be made. The support of higher officials will increase. You will get rid of old bitter memories.

rashi 15 1666406267

Happiness will be received from the second moon and there will be support from mother. Mars and Wednesday will be strong in property related matters. Try to postpone essential work on Thursday and Friday. There will be an excess of expenditure and there may be a dispute. Saturday will be favorable. With success in work, money will come in.


Lucky color – light yellow

good number – 1

Tarot Cards- Wheel of fortune

It’s a very good time. The stars of luck are with you. People will be ready to hear your suggestions, ideas. Your work will be honored. Deteriorated work at the workplace will pick up its pace smoothly. People associated with art, literature and technology will do wonders in their field. Hard work and dedication will bear fruit.

rashi 16 1666406320

The transit of Moon will remain in the zodiac. Income will remain good. The time to make up for the loss will start now. Time will improve. Cooperation will be received and work will be speeded up. The side will be strong in disputed matters. But the expected successes will not be available on Saturday. There may be a dispute with the people around.


Lucky color – pistachio green

good number – 7

Tarot Cards – Chariot

Business and work related engagements will keep your mind somewhat disturbed and distracted. All the decisions for you will prove beneficial in the coming time. Now is the right time to fulfill the old promises made. There are chances of meeting distant relatives and exchange of new meaningful ideas. Legal proceedings will be fast. Act only with proper advice.

rashi 17 1666406386

Sunday and Monday can be a difficult time. Income will improve on Mars, Mercury and Thursday. The difficulty in the work will end. Expectations of cooperation will be fulfilled. Travel will be pleasant. You will get profit from the property. New contacts will also be beneficial. Venus and Saturn will get support from brothers. Power will be the best.


Lucky color – light pink

good number – 6

Tarot Cards – 6 of Wands

Your creative instincts will be at the peak. The flurry of new ideas will keep you mentally and physically active. Attraction towards deep love and relationships will increase. People associated with media, fashion and journalism will get desired work.

rashi 18 1666406424

Sun and Monday will be better days. There will be income and there will be facilities. On Wed and Thursday, all the maths can go awry. Money flow will be weak. Avoid disputes. Being careful on Venus and Saturday will not cause any problem. Everyone will be happy. Income will increase and work area will also increase.


Lucky color – Badami

good number – 3

Tarot Cards – 3 of Pentacles

It is a week full of travel and expenses. You will engage in social work with full enthusiasm. Philanthropic feelings will dominate the mind. Will be helpful for the poor and needy. People would like to take undue advantage of this tendency. This will create anger in the mind. There are chances of students getting university scholarship etc.

rashi 19 1666406478

It will be good if you get the necessary work done on Monday and Tuesday. Mercury and Thursday will be the best days. There will be success and happiness in work. Plans will be successful and cooperation will also be received. Venus and Saturday are likely to not have good days. Expenses will increase and comfort will decrease.


Lucky color – Khaki

good number – 7

Tarot Card- Tower

A stress-free time will pass and there will be a series of interviews, meetings. Confidence in work will increase as well as chances of getting new work in business etc. will be created. Take advantage of good relationships. There will be positive results in money related matters. Auspicious time for investing in new work and traveling abroad.

rashi 110 1666406506

A good start would be Luck will support you. All the days will be good till Mars. Opponents will be battered and income will remain good. On Mercury and Thursday, financial conditions will improve rapidly and children will also get happiness. There is no possibility of any kind of loss to Venus. Be careful from Saturday afternoon onwards.


Lucky color – gray

good number – 4

Tarot Cards – 4 of swords

There is a possibility of a rift in the relationship with some loved ones in the desire to grow in career and industry and in the desire of profit in the money invested. Elderly relatives, parents and in-laws will draw attention to themselves. Management of finances will deteriorate and more expenses are possible. Focus only on concrete tasks. Improve relations with old friends. There will be stomach related problem.

rashi 111 1666406548

Eighth Moon. There will be a blockage in income. There may be unnecessary disputes. There will be a relief time on Tuesday and Wednesday. The work will be done on time. Income will increase. Enemies will be defeated. Time will be favorable for Jupiter and Venus. Stuck works will gain momentum. Saturday will be a very good time. It is the sum of money.


Lucky color – light gray

good number – 5

Tarot Cards – Temperance

Your week will be satisfactory. Enthusiasm and confidence will remain and desired work will be done. However, with regular tasks, the burden of some new responsibilities will increase. You will experience family happiness. Yogas are being made for religious travel and Guru Darshan. It would be appropriate to make good use of the time situation.

rashi 112 1666406582

The sight of the moon. Income will be better. The work will be done on time. Mars and Wednesday can be full of problems. Stay away from controversies and avoid taking risks. Time will be favorable from Thursday. With the support of luck on Friday, there will be speed in the stuck works. Family will get support on Saturday.


Lucky color – pistachio green

good number – 2

Tarot Cards – 2 of Words

It’s a beautiful time of composure. Keep yourself comfortable this week. Your work and business will run smoothly even in less simple efforts. Women will organize the house etc. Stay focused towards personal personal development. It is time for recovery and proper rest.

Know from Dr. Babina Bohra through Numerology how the coming week will be…

t 1666406634

This week you will prove to be to the best of your abilities, talent and creativity will be your strength. You will have the ability to manage multiple tasks at a time. You are rich in versatility and your expertise will be accepted by others. You will be very busy this week in terms of work. There will come a time when you will have to take important decisions related to your professional and personal life. A new job opportunity will come in front of you in the middle of the week.

t2 1666406668

All your efforts and challenging tasks will pay off this week. You have worked very hard, now it’s time to reap the fruits. You will feel power and authority in your thoughts and actions. On the work front, promotion or handing over an important post is on the cards. For those who are in the field of politics, it is time to act selflessly and speak the truth. Your image as an influential business person or officer will leave a mark. In personal matter you will see your past deeds or their results.

t3 1666406696

This week you are letting your emotions and thoughts rule your heart and mind. Initially, the mind and thoughts are functioning, which is contrary to your personality. Surrendering oneself to higher knowledge, conquering material temptations and sacrificing something to achieve something better are on the cards. Your patience and stamina will be tested in the workplace. In a personal matter, you are likely to help or make amends with your family. Regardless of the conversation, there must be balance.

t4 1666406721

This week the focus will be on ways to increase wealth. The doors of new financial opportunities will open and the flow of money will be good. In the midst of financial gains, innovative ideas will come up to make the best use of finances. There are indications of investing money in buying/selling property. A new spiritual spark or guidance will boost your confidence. Work and business will keep you busy and the efforts you put in now will be reflected in the times to come.

t5 1666406748

A hyperactive nature in communication is not good for you. Also, this week you will keep yourself busy as you cannot sit idle. You may find it difficult to spend time with family due to your busy schedule. This is the time to take a break from your work and rest for some time to reclaim your energy and resources. The sudden change in situation in the middle of the week may surprise you. By using your intelligence and diplomacy, you will be able to solve the problem. Your knowledge will help you face the challenging situation. You need to control your emotions this week.

t6 1666406786

This week your luck will favor you in getting good opportunities and you may make more profit than initially calculated. There is a possibility of abundant prosperity and growth in your health, wealth and family happiness. This is the time when all women will feel full of creativity, your work will be accepted and recognized by the superior officer. Chances are that your company may choose you for the course or training. In a personal matter, you are likely to feel a sense of stability and security, both on a mental and physical level.

t7 1666406821

This week ends the search for a guru in your life who opens up the avenues of wisdom and insight for others. This person will provide you with the comfort and support that you need. In the matter of career, believe in yourself and follow the rules and regulations of the company. The dreams of the past will sink and new ones will be born. Let things go their way without interference or control. People associated with the transport business will have reason to smile. On the personal front, you will keep your family in mind more than usual and the situation around will not be the best.

t8 1666406850

You will enjoy good family life and happiness this week. The beginning of a happy relationship is on the cards. The children of the family are happy. You are likely to feel positive throughout the week. In terms of career, a tough decision in the field will attract your attention. You are bound to abide by the Company’s system and discipline. By the end of the week, you have to strike a balance between work and enjoyment. Your passion, greed and desires will rise to a higher level making you lazy.

t9 1666406875

The week you will pursue your dreams of finance, love and work. You will enjoy the journey of achieving your dreams and get fruitful results. In the beginning of the week, you will have sudden income and profits, due to which you will be financially stable. A person of opposite sex will help in promoting your professional work. The initial days will be devoted to all your work, and you will meet with success. In the middle of the week there are indications of a marriage proposal or a strong relationship with a loved one. This will shift the focus from creative ventures to romantic interest.

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