Talk to children, give them time…Take care of health along with studies. Exams are not only for children, but also for parents: Give time to children, talk to them

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  • Exams Are Not Only For Children, But Also For Parents: Give Time To Children, Talk To Them

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Tighten the belt of the shoes, Tighten your shirt, Ride on the floor, File in hand, Responsibility on the shoulders, We will walk for miles, We will collide with every difficulty, We will not be able to hold on to the slogan of the world Keep the sign of the destination, keep the slogan of the world, keep the gesture of the destination…

Parents take responsibility for their children in the same way.

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There is a lot of pressure on children while preparing for competitive exams or school exams. But a lot can be gained from the attitude of the parents.

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7 Powerful Tips for Parents

If your child is about to take an exam in school or is preparing for any competitive exam, then definitely read this.

1) Give time to the child, talk to him: Gossip is a good stress-buster for humans. Do not always keep talking to children about studies. Doing little things here and there can give very good results. With this, children will be able to openly tell you the problem, which they cannot solve on their own level. Most of the children are afraid of parents and do not tell their problems to them, but they do tell their friends, who can also give wrong solutions to those problems. All you have to do is find out what is hindering your child’s education and how to solve it. Regulate something your child likes instead of removing it altogether.

2) To make available the right facilities: I have seen in many homes, where study table is not even proper for the children studying. Understand this, success is not going to come only from your emotions towards children. For success, along with body and mind, a little money is also needed (not much), that is, in today’s very competitive world, if parents are not able to provide the right resources, the right facilities to the children, then they have the same expectations from the children. It should be kept. Give the child a separate room so that the child is not disturbed while studying. You can plant a plant in the place where the children are studying, it gives a positive feeling.

3) Diet, Health and Hygiene: To prepare for the exam, children are unable to pay attention to food, drink, clothes and sometimes even hygiene (cleanliness). Parents should keep in mind that the child should take nutritious diet for three to four times, bathe daily and wear washed clothes. By taking care of these things, the health of the child will be fine. Everyone should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, get seven hours of sleep and have a complete meal. For physical and mental health, you can send the child to the gym, yoga center to be physically active or play some sports together or do light exercise.

4) Providing an atmosphere of concentration: India is a religion and society (society) dominated country. Almost every fourth or fifth day there is some religious or social event. If children participate in all this, then it is good for social interaction but it has a bad effect on studies. An atmosphere of concentration is needed. You can compare it to solitary exile. This penance is necessary for success. Don’t expect kids to be at every social gathering. At the same time, complete social isolation can be harmful for children, so maintain balance.

5) Recreation: The routine routine, in which most of the time is spent sitting on the table chair, leaves the students physically tired and mentally cooked. Homo sapiens (the scientific name of humans) is not made to sit on a table-chair, instead our ancestors ran/walked in the plains, did a lot of physical exercise, walked long distances. Even before that we used to jump and jump on trees. So parents should take the children studying every few days on trips, walks, picnics etc. Whatever method you choose for recreation, keep in mind that there is physical exercise.

6) Inspire kids positively: Motivate your child and tell him stories about the struggles of successful people. But it should happen without making him feel that you are putting pressure on him. Make children feel that you have complete confidence in their success. This will develop a positive mindset in them. Overall, the point is to make the child realize his abilities instead of making him realize his weaknesses.

7) Trust the children and do not compare with other children: Some parents always keep interrupting their children about something or the other. They feel that children are not aware about studies and exams. But every child tries to do well according to his caliber and understanding. There is a need to trust them and boost their morale. Some parents often have the habit of comparing their children with the children of others, for which there is no solid basis. It has a very negative effect on children and their self-confidence gets disturbed.

So today’s career fund is this preparation for competitive exam Parents also have an exam, in which passing is compulsory!

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