Lessons of Success Learn from the Deaf Frog and the Mountain Man. Lessons of Success Learn from the Deaf Frog and the Mountain Man

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3 hours ago

‘Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved’

– Swami Vivekananda

The way to success in the exam will emerge from the training of the mind

So you are appearing in a tough competitive exam, great. And you’ve been working for hours too, great. But if you do not do your mind training, then the journey will be incomplete.

Today we will tell you a great 3-P formula.

Performance, Practice and Perfection

1) Performance – Be a Deaf Frog

Many frogs lived in a pond. There was a big iron pillar in the middle of that pond. One day the frogs of the pond raced to climb the pillar. Many frogs came to participate in the competition, and many frogs from other ponds also came to watch the race. Seeing that big iron pillar, everyone started saying ‘hey it is impossible to climb on it’, ‘no one will be able to do it’, ‘this pillar cannot be climbed’, and it was happening. Whichever frog tried to climb on the pole, due to the smoothness of the pole and being very high, it would go up a little and fall down. Despite repeated attempts, no one was able to reach the top of the pillar. Many frogs had given up, and many frogs kept trying even after they had fallen.

Simultaneously, the frogs who still came to watch the race were shouting loudly ‘Oh this can’t happen’, ‘It’s impossible’, ‘No one can climb such a high pole’ etc. And after hearing this again and again, many frogs gave up and they also gave up trying. And now they also started supporting the frogs who were screaming loudly.

But there was a little frog, The one who reached the top of the pillar due to continuous efforts, although he also fell many times, got up, tried, then he won by going somewhere. Seeing him as the winner, everyone asked the secret of his success that brother how did he do this impossible task? then a voice came from behind ‘Hey what do you ask him, he is deaf.’ That is, one should stay away from those who are discouraging, and keep doing your work.

2) Practice – Repeated attempts to improve what you have learned

Practice means repeating the same process over and over again until the mistakes stop happening. Do not get success in that process. Success in exams comes only through practice. Actors, singers, authors, scientists, teachers have been successful only through continuous practice. Millions of people are born in this world. These people are not capable or dynamic from birth. One who practices vigorously in his life, his life automatically becomes successful. India’s Freedom Struggle How many times did our leaders go to jail, but every time they jumped into the fray by making their own strategy! Rishi Panini Were weak in reading at first, but with practice, one day you wrote the entire scripture of Sanskrit grammar. Acharya Vinoba Bhave After walking thousands of kilometers in his Bhoodan movement, after many failures, succeeded in donating millions of acres of land.

3) Perfection – The goal is to achieve – Manjhi Be the Mountain Man

Dashrath Manjhi is called ‘Mountain Man’ because he has proved that no task is impossible if there is will power. Dashrath was a poor laborer from Gehlaur village near Gaya in Bihar. He started working in the coal mine of Dhanbad at a very young age, and when he grew up married Falguni Devi. While carrying food for her husband, Falguni fell into the mountain pass. The hospital was on the other side of the mountain, which was 55 kms. Being so far away did not get treatment, and the wife died. This gave Dasaratha a goal in life – he would find his way through the mountain on his own. Taking only a hammer and a chisel, he single-handedly cut a 25 feet high mountain and made a road. After 22 years of effort, Dashrath’s road reduced the distance of Atri and Wazirganj blocks from 55 kms to 15 kms. Everyone thought Dasharatha crazy, but this thing strengthened his conviction. He died only by achieving perfection.

Like we said – the way to success in the exam will emerge through training of the mind!

So get involved in creating your success story – we will show it by doing it!

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