Jawaharlal Nehru’s first speech on August 15, which showed the world the dream of a new India

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Jawaharlal Nehru Speech on 15th August 1947: The world is well aware of the circumstances under which India got independence on 15 August 1947. India had to face partition and Indians used to die every day for hunger and food grains, far from basic facilities. Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister of India at this time. Calling Jawaharlal Nehru bad in today’s time can be just a fashion or it can be a way to increase likes and followers on social media, but if you look at the atmosphere of 1947, then you will understand that the situation of the country was not so stable at that time. as it was now.Also Read – Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: These women heroines had saved the British for sixes, you too will be proud to read the story

At this time, on 15 August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru addressed every citizen of India. This address was supposed to give life to the Indians and in his address gave a glimpse of a new India to the world. The India which was preparing to become self-reliant. That India was only an India of snakes, magicians and superstitious for the western countries, it was ready to take a new flight. 15 August 1947 It was the same day when Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru unfurled our national flag for the first time at the Press Park near India Gate. During this, Louis Mountbatten was standing next to him and with the hoisting of the tricolor, the national anthem was played and a 31-gun salute was given. Also Read – Har Ghar Tiranga: Do you know the right way to fold the tricolor? learn here

Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech on 15 August 1947

Jawaharlal Nehru said in his speech (15 August 1947 Jawaharlal Nehru Speech) that many years ago we had tried to change the fate. Today the time has come when we will be free from our promise. Not completely but it is important. When the whole world will be sleeping at 12 midnight. During this, India will make a new beginning with an independent life. This speech of Nehru worked to awaken the dream of a new India in every Indian. Also Read – Saluting Braveheart Vikram Sarabhai: Vikram Sarabhai took India’s first steps in space

Nehru said in his speech (Jawaharlal Nehru Independence Day Speech) – This is a time which is rarely seen in history. Moving from old to new. End of an era. Now for years, the soul of the exploited country can speak its mind. He said that it is a coincidence that we are taking a pledge to serve India and its people with full dedication. With the beginning of history, India started its search and not knowing how many centuries have been filled with its grand successes and failures.

India of the second era is searching for itself….

Nehru said that whether the time is good or bad, India never forgot its ideals, which always gave us the strength to move forward. Today an era is coming to an end. But India is searching itself towards another era. The achievement we are celebrating. It is only a step towards opening up of new opportunities. Even bigger victories and achievements await us. Because we have so much wisdom and power to understand this opportunity and accept the challenges that come in the future.

There should be no tears in any eye.

Addressing the Indians, Jawaharlal Nehru further said that in future, do not sit in peace. We are not to rest without completing what we are saying or doing. Serving India means serving crores of victims i.e. eradicating poverty, eradicating diseases and inequality of opportunity. It is the wish of the greatest man of our generation that there should be no tears in any eye.

Nehru further said that people are suffering as long as there are tears in their eyes. Till then our trouble will not end. For this we need to work hard. These dreams are for India as well as for the whole world. No country can now think of itself as separate because all nations and all peoples are closely related to each other. Peace cannot be divided. Similarly freedom cannot be divided. We have to build an India where all her children can live.

A new star has emerged, I wish this hope is not tarnished…

Nehru said in his address that now is the right time when India is awake and standing after years of struggle. A new history has begun for us. A history we will build. Which we will make and about which others will write. A new star has been born and it is a matter of luck for us. A new hope has been born. May this star never set and this hope never fades. May we always be happy in this freedom, the future is calling us.

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