2022-08-19 17:20:23 | Horoscope Today Aaj Ka Rashifal 20 August in Hindi rashifal and upay for Saturday know which zodic signs get hanuman ji blessings

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Horoscope Today Aaj Ka Rashifal 20 August in Hindi rashifal and upay for Saturday know which zodic signs get hanuman ji blessings

Horoscope Today 20 August 2022&nbsp

Horoscope Today 20 August 2022: Today is Rohini Nakshatra. Moon is in Taurus. Saturn is in Capricorn today. Jupiter is in Pisces and Sun is now in Leo in its zodiac. Rest of the planetary positions remain the same. Today the people of Cancer and Capricorn will achieve success in business. Students of technical and management fields of Virgo and Libra zodiac will get new opportunities in the job. It is better if the people of Pisces and Taurus do not neglect their work in the job. Let us now know the detailed horoscope of today.

Aaj Ka Rashifal 20 August 2022 in Hindi

Aries horoscope

Moon’s second and tenth Saturn will give benefits in politics. Today your mind will be spiritual. The performance in the job is pleasant. Donate sesame seeds. Students will be benefited. White and yellow are good colors.

Taurus Horoscope

Today, the fourth Sun and Moon will make the day auspicious in this zodiac. The mind may be busy in religious activities. Jupiter and Moon are auspicious and will provide Mars. Today your speech will give benefits. Blue and sky colors are auspicious.

Gemini Horoscope

The Moon in the expenditure house and the second Sun from this amount can give huge financial benefits. Due to the transit of Saturn in the eighth house, take any job related decision carefully. Green and orange colors are good. Married life will be pleasant. Donate rice and jaggery.

Cancer horoscope

Today is a day of success for politicians. Will be excited and happy about business. Red and orange colors are auspicious. Worship Hanuman ji. Any pending work will be completed. Donate sesame and jaggery.

Leo Horoscope

The transit of Sun in this zodiac will give success in job and business today. Financial happiness will increase. Students of Management and IT field will get new opportunities in the job. Yellow and white are good colors. Read Shri Sukta and donate pomegranate.

Virgo Horoscope

The Sun in the eleventh house and the Moon in Taurus are auspicious for politics. You will be happy with the advancement in the job. Saturn and Moon transit can get stalled money. Take the blessings of the father. Financial gains are possible. Keep worshiping Hanuman ji. Orange and red colors are auspicious. Donate moong and jaggery.

Libra Horoscope

There will be happiness about progress in business. You will be satisfied with your performance in the job. Read Sundarkand. Today the cooperation of friends of Cancer and Capricorn will make you optimistic. Orange and yellow are good colors. 09 lessons of Saptashloki Durga will be beneficial.

Scorpio Horoscope

Sun is transiting ninth, Moon is transiting seventh and Saturn is transiting third. You will get success in politics. White and sky colors are auspicious. Donate red clothes. There are indications for buying land. Worship Lord Vishnu.

Sagittarius Horoscope

Today Jupiter is in the fourth house, the Moon is in the sixth house and the Sun is in the eighth house from this zodiac. There will be good news about getting money that has been stuck in the job for a long time. There are indications of religious travel. Red and sky colors are auspicious. Will be happy about health. Donate urad.

Capricorn Horoscope

Jupiter is in Pisces, Moon is fifth from this zodiac and Sun is in seventh house from this zodiac. There can be business benefits. You will get benefit from elder brother’s blessings. Green and purple are good colors. You can undertake religious pilgrimage. Read Shri Aranyakand and donate urad.

Aquarius Horoscope

Saturn is twelfth from this zodiac. Politicians will be successful. Recite Kanakdhara Stotra for success in financial happiness. Violet and green colors are auspicious. Feed spinach to the cow. There may be delay in taking any decision related to change of job. Donate seven grains.

Pisces Horoscope

Today the Sun of Leo is auspicious. Jupiter and the Moon of Taurus located in this zodiac can bring money to come. Mars will do the job in the third moon. There are signs of success in politics. Today you will be happy with your religious work. Orange and purple colors are auspicious. Recite Siddhikunjikastotra 09.

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