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This week the planet Mercury is going to change its zodiac. Mercury will enter Gemini. The effect of which will be seen on your livelihood as well as your love life. So let’s know how the first week of July is going to be for all of you in terms of love affairs during the changing planetary positions and rainy season. so let’s find out Astrologer Nandita Pandey From this week’s love horoscope…


For Aries, this week the time will be favorable in love affairs. Mutual love will get stronger this week. Not only this, today you can take some positive steps for your beautiful future. At the end of the week, it would be better if you trust yourself and take a decision.


The love life of Taurus sign people will be favorable this week. You can get some pleasant news regarding love affairs this week. At the end of the week, you will spend a pleasant time with your partner. Taking decisions by trusting yourself will be beneficial for you this week. You are advised to make a habit of keeping your point openly in front of others.


For the people of Gemini, this week everything will be pleasant in terms of love affairs, but, the mind can remain disturbed about something inside. You will get the help of a woman this week. Which can bring you happiness and peace in life. Also, mutual love relations will be stronger this week than before.


For Cancer sign people, this week may remain a bit volatile in love affairs. You may get some sorrow in love affairs this week and unnecessary doubts may arise in your mind. However, this will be for some time only. At the end of the week, life will become a coincidence of happiness and harmony. May you spend a pleasant time with your loved ones.

Leo sun sign

This week is going to be good for Leo people in terms of love affairs. Your relationship with your partner will be stronger this week. Some good news can also be received in the beginning of the week. At the end of the week, there are chances of happiness and prosperity in life and your mind will also be happy.


Discomfort will increase this week in the love affairs of Virgo sign people. Not only this, some bitter words can also come out of your mouth after getting angry. Which can prove to be difficult for your life. At the end of the week, there will be more distraction about something. Also your mind may remain disturbed.


A fresh start can bring better results in your life for Libra sign people. May this week bring you happiness in love affairs. At the end of the week, the mind can be very worried about an elderly person in the house. Your advice is to take care of the health of the elderly members of the house this week.


This week can be a bit difficult for Scorpio people in love affairs. But, with your understanding, you can solve many matters to a great extent. At the end of the week, mutual love will get stronger. Not only this, during this time you can also make up your mind to shift to a better place.


For Sagittarius, the efforts made this week will bring you beautiful results in the subject. In the middle of this week, you may have minor disputes with your partner. By the end of the week, this matter may increase, so handle every situation wisely. , However, at the end of the week, the mind can be upset about something and restlessness can also increase.


This week, there will be a gradual entry of romance in the love life of Capricorn people. Not only this, happiness can also knock in life. At the end of the week, trust yourself and openly put forward your opinion in front of everyone, only then you will feel happy and peaceful. At the end of the week, pleasant results will come out.


Aquarius sign people can remain very busy this week regarding their love life. There will also be auspicious coincidences of happiness and harmony in life. This week is bringing happiness. However, at the end of the week, the mind may remain restless regarding any matter or reaction.


This week is going to be normal for Pisces sign people in terms of love affair. To increase mutual love this week, you will also have to respect the opinion of your partner, only then there will be happiness and peace in life. At the end of the week, there may be some quarrel with partner, so it will be beneficial for you to be a little careful.


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