Palmistry for Sarkari Naukri: These marks present in the palm can give a government job to a person

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New Delhi, Palmistry for Sarkari Naukri : In today’s time, every youth wants to get a government job by studying and writing, for which he works very hard. But many times he does not get success despite working hard for a government job. According to palmistry, the chances of getting a job can be seen by looking at the lines present in the palm. Through the different types of lines and mountains present in the hand, it can be ascertained whether there is a government job in the person’s luck or not.

These marks present in the palm give government jobs

If a person has a government job in his luck, then he must work hard. Because without hard work nothing can be achieved. Know which marks present in the hands can give a person a government job.

fate line

If a straight line from the fate line present in the palm of a person meets the Sun mountain, then in the coming time such people will definitely go to administrative service.

trident in palm

According to palmistry, people who have a trident mark near the mount of Guru in front of the heart line, then understand that in the coming time that person can get government. You will get respect in the society.

rise of mount guru

If the mount of Jupiter is visible under the index finger in the palm of a person, then know that in the coming time, you can get a government job. Because this mountain makes a person lucky.

rising sun mountain

If the Sun mountain is raised in someone’s palm under the ring finger and a straight line emerges from the Sun mountain, then such people are most likely to get a government job.

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