Haryana Municipal Election Results 2022 Update In Hindi Counting Of Votes Underway For 46 Urban Bodies – Haryana Local Body Election Result Live

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11:16 AM, 22-Jun-2022

BJP candidate Ramesh Saini wins from Mahendragarh in municipal elections by 4600 votes

lotus blooming in sonipat

BJP candidate Rajni Virmani has won in Gohana Municipal Council of Sonipat. Lotus is also blooming in Ganaur and Kundli Municipality.

11:12 AM, 22-Jun-2022

BJP candidate had to face defeat in Hansi Municipal Council elections. BJP candidate Meenu Sethi is defeated by Independent candidate Praveen Elabadi by 5505 votes. On the other hand, BJP candidate Babita Rani won by 1112 votes in Rajund Municipality.

Municipality Punhana Chairman Update

  • BJP’s Balraj Singla got 6451 votes
  • Independent Samasuddin got 4771 votes
  • Balraj Singla won by 1680 votes

10:42 AM, 22-Jun-2022

Update of Bahadurgarh

  • Preeti Rathi won from Ward 15
  • Jyoti Narendra Rathi won from Ward 16
  • Sachin Dalal won from Ward 17

10:42 AM, 22-Jun-2022

Bhiwani Update:

  • Position after the third round
  • Independent Preeti got 9035 votes
  • BJP candidate Preeti got 6190 votes
  • AAP Ki Indu got 5641 votes
  • Congress supported Meenu got 4872 votes

10:37 AM, 22-Jun-2022

  • Manoj Sachdeva in Sirsa’s Rani, Ram Singh Solanki in Ellenabad and Tek Chand in Dabwali became the chairman.
  • BJP candidate Ramesh Saini became the winner from Mahendragarh Municipality
  • JJP-BJP candidate Bakshi Ram Saini won by 8045 votes in Charkhi Dadri Municipal Council election
  • BJP candidate Priya Saini won from Nangal Chaudhary by 134 votes.

10:31 AM, 22-Jun-2022

AAP’s open account, BJP chairman in Jhajjar

Aam Aadmi Party’s account has been opened in Haryana. Nisha Garg of Aam Aadmi Party has become the chairperson of Ismailabad Municipality. The Bharatiya Janata Party has registered a big victory in the Jhajjar Municipal Council under the leadership of state president Om Prakash Dhankhar. In Jhajjar, BJP’s district Singh Saini has become the chairman by winning 6124 votes. On the other hand, Vikas Kala has become the chairman in Uchana. Kala has been the first councilor. Farmers are associated with organizations. Independent Satish Kataria has become the chairman in Assandh.

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BJP candidate from Mahendragarh Ramesh Saini won by 4398 votes

10:14 AM, 22-Jun-2022


  • Manisha Dhankhar won from Ward 12
  • Mohit Rathi won from Ward 13
  • Savita Rajesh Saini won from Ward 14

10:14 AM, 22-Jun-2022

Sohna Municipal Council

BJP candidate Anju Devi has got an edge over the post of chairperson of Sohna Municipal Council. In the first round of counting, Anju Devi got 673 votes out of the total votes. Aam Aadmi Party candidate Lalita got 458 votes and independent Preeti Bagri got 479 votes. In the second round of counting, Anju got 555, Lalita got 820 and Preeti Bagri got 142. In the third round of counting, BJP’s Anju Devi got 1077 votes and AAP’s Lalita got 564 votes. After the fourth round of counting, BJP’s Anju Devi got 1017 votes, Aam Aadmi Party’s Lalita got 569 and independent Preeti Bagri got 435 votes. Counting of votes will take place in a total of 15 rounds. So far four rounds of counting have been completed.

10:06 AM, 22-Jun-2022

  • INLD-backed Manoj Sachdeva became the chairman of Rania
  • BJP candidate Ramesh Saini wins from Mahendragarh in municipal elections by 4600 votes
  • In Nuh Municipal Council, JJP leader Sanjay Manocha won the election of chairman as a coalition candidate
  • Priya Saini BJP candidate’s victory in Nangal Chaudhary
  • INLD candidate Tekchand Chhabra wins from Dabwali
  • Ram Singh Solanki won the chairmanship from Congress supported Ellenabad

Former minister’s son lost in Shahabad

Gaurav Bedi, son of former BJP state minister Krishna Bedi, had to face defeat from Ward No-9 of Shahabad Municipality. Jasveer Saini, the candidate supported by JJP MLA Ramkaran Kala from Shahabad, has won.

10:03 AM, 22-Jun-2022

Independent candidate Romi Singla has won from Nissing seat, she got 4473 votes. While his rival independent Janak Raj got 2173 votes. Here Aam Aadmi Party’s candidate Meghraj got only 762 votes.

09:53 AM, 22-Jun-2022

Narayangarh Municipality Result

Ward No – 1

Total votes – 822

453 votes for Aina Gupta

363 votes for Renubala

NOTA got 6 votes

won by 90 votes


Total votes – 871

564 votes for Narendra Dev

217 votes for Shiv Chanana

Ankur Mittal to 83

7 votes for NOTA

win by 347


Total votes – 771

286 votes for Rani Dhiman

Imran Mohammed 239 votes

126 votes for Shyam Lal Dhiman

70 votes for Pooja Rani

12 votes for Praveen Kumar

8 votes for NOTA

win by 47 votes


Total votes – 575

377 votes for Jaswinder Kaur

210 votes for Swati Dublana

NOTA – 8 votes

won by 167 votes


Total Votes – 1006

789 votes for Rajesh Kumar

188 votes for Pinky Saini

23 votes for Seema Rani

NOTA-6 Votes

won by 601 votes

09:52 AM, 22-Jun-2022

Jind Municipal Council

Harish Arora won from Ward No-11

BJP’s Anuradha Saini leading by 532 votes after 4 rounds of counting for Municipal Council President

Independent Savita Kundu at number two


Jyoti won from Ward No-1

Manisha won from Ward No-2

Narendra Kumar won from Ward No-3

Ward No-4 Jatish Jeete

Sujita Kumari won from Ward No-5

Rajbala won from Ward No. 6

Results of 14 wards came in Jhajjar

Congress candidate Mahaveer Gujar won from Ward No.

Jai Singh of BJP won from Ward No-2

BJP’s Kamal Saini won from Ward No-3

Dinesh Chikkara won from Ward No. 4

Kuku won from Ward No-5

Anshul Garg won from Ward No. 6

BJP’s Dinesh won from Ward No-7

Savina victorious from Ward No-8

Congress’s Tilak Raj won from Ward No. 9

Mithun Sharma won from Ward No-10

Sheila Chhabra won from Ward No-11

Congress’s Naresh Aloo won from Ward No. 12

BJP’s Himanshu won from Ward No. 13

Savita of Congress won from Ward No-14

BJP’s victory in Ganaur Municipality

Total votes polled by BJP’s Arun Tyagi – 10438

Aam Aadmi Party got total votes- 2770

Congress supported Satyaprakash Sharma got total votes – 4328

BJP candidate won by 6110 votes

arun 62b2998bbae1b Arun Tyagi.

09:37 AM, 22-Jun-2022

Nangal Choudhary:

Sanju Devi won from Ward No. 1

Vikas Sharma won from Ward No. 3

Dharmendra aka Matru victorious from Ward No. 2

09:36 AM, 22-Jun-2022

Jind Municipal Council

Ward no-2 to Geeta

Anita Rani from Ward No-3

Ward No-4 to Seema Rana

Ward No-5 to Archana

Ward No-6 to Sanjay

Sunil won from Ward No-7

09:35 AM, 22-Jun-2022


  • Sangeeta Tyagi won from Ward No-9
  • Won Rakhi from Ward No-10
  • Satbir Sharma won from Ward No-11
  • Sonia won from ward no 12
  • Rajesh Sharma won from Ward No 13

Horoscope: BJP candidate Shimla Devi won. Shimla Devi got 1987 votes and second number AAP’s Anjali got 1910 votes. Shimla won by 77 votes.

win 62b29688b0077 Winner Shimla Devi from Kundli

Updated: 22/06/2022 — 11:20