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New Delhi: Aaj Ka Rashifal: Today will be a factor of prosperity for the people of Cancer zodiac. In the early part of the day, there will be a dilemma in deciding any important work, but the guidance of family members or any other senior person will come out of it.

Today will be beneficial from a spiritual point of view. Today there will be loyalty towards religion and deeds, opportunities for charity will be accessible. Will get benefit in near future. Wishing to earn more money, today you can take some risks. Be content with what you get easily. The happiness and peace of the house will depend on the control over the speech.
good number – 3
Lucky color – Yellow
Remedy- Do saffron tilak.

Today will give mixed results. Work area activities will be contrary to your thinking. Colleagues or employees will not miss to take advantage of your ignorance. People will not care about your loss to serve their own interest. Businesses will be affected if the work is not completed on time.
good number – 1
Lucky color – Orange
Remedy – Donate clothes to a Brahmin today.

Today, from the beginning of the day, there will be mental energy. Laziness will not go away even if health is good. You will be successful in whatever work you do today. But avoid getting confused before starting the work. The inflow of money will improve from the last days.
good number – 9
lucky color red
Remedy – It would be auspicious to start the day with the darshan of Thakur ji.

Today will be a factor of prosperity. In the early part of the day, there will be a dilemma in deciding any important work, but the guidance of family members or any other senior person will come out of it. With the support of luck in work-business, you will get satisfactory benefits even after competition. There will be expenditure on health.
good number – 2
Lucky color – white
Remedy – Do turmeric tilak today.

Today your personality will develop. There will be sweetness in the speech, but bitterness in the mind will not be hidden from the relatives. Animosity will increase on the work area about what old thing. Avoid temptation, otherwise the old business relationship may get spoiled. Ignorance of household chores can create unrest.
good number – 8
Lucky color – blue
Remedy – Offer Tulsi on Shaligram ji.

Today will be an unfavorable fruitful day. The first part of the day will be wasted due to ignorance. The decisions which seem right will prove to be wrong in the end time. Do money related behavior today only after thinking carefully. You will also be troubled by the decrease in monetary gains.
good number – 4
Lucky color – saffron
Remedy – Worship of banana will be auspicious.

Today you will be mentally relaxed. Competitors will dominate the work field today. Will do manipulations to make extra income. Benefit will be delayed but surely. Can expand in business. Faith in religion and deeds will increase.
good number – 6
Lucky color – pink
Remedy – Chant Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah.

Today you will experience some lack. Still, it would be better to mold yourself according to the situation. Killing the desires of the mind will cause inner misery. The expectation of profit from the work area will be less as compared to other days. Business partners will be dissatisfied with your idea.
good number – 3
Lucky color – saffron
Remedy – Wearing yellow clothes will be auspicious.

From today onwards you will be expecting a little more. The routine will remain well organized till the middle of the day, money will be gained in one form or the other today. Your family will be troubled by your moodiness. Avoid showing off. Will consult with friends. Disappointing news will be received from the child side.
good number – 7
Lucky color – white
Remedy – Worshiping the presiding deity will be auspicious.

Do not take any decision in haste on this day or else you will have to repent later. Even the work going in the right direction can be spoiled by someone’s mistake. In the work business today, any kind of force will cause damage. Be patient. Family environment will be tense.
good number – 9
lucky color red
Remedy – Donate stationery items to the students studying.

Today will increase your prestige in the society, but getting praise can also bring a sense of ego. Where there is a possibility of self-fulfillment, you will not miss even flattery. In business, you will earn profit from intelligence, but due to one reason or the other, there will be disturbance for some time. Today you will become the character of humor in household life.
good number – 1
Lucky color – Orange
Remedy – Donating chenna dal will be auspicious.

Today will be a day to bring success in work. From an economic point of view, the day will be better than before. But for this cooperation will also be required. Your pride can bring sourness in affectionate relations. The family environment will be disturbed due to your neglect.
good number – 5
lucky color green
Remedy – Offering Durva to Ganapati will be auspicious.

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