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weekly rashifal saptahik horoscope best zodiac signs : Aries: There will be enthusiasm towards work, but be balanced in conversation. The mind will remain disturbed, the inclination towards religion and work will increase. Father may have health problems, mother will get support. There may be chances of getting money from mother, there may be the arrival of a friend. There will be earning from intellectual work, there is a possibility of change in job. There may be a trip to a religious place with family, expenses will increase, be health conscious.

Taurus – Patience will be lacking, be self-restraint, there may be disruption in academic work. With the help of a friend, business will expand, there will be opportunities for profit. Family life will be happy. There will be an abundance of hard work in the workplace. There may be disruption in income, expenses will increase. You can go on a pilgrimage to a religious place with your family. There is a possibility of change in job, you will get the support of friends.

Gemini – Confidence will decrease, stay calm. Interest in luscious food will increase, be health conscious. There will be religious functions in the family, you can invest in property with the help of a friend. There will be a decrease in the accumulated wealth, there can be money due to writing, intellectual work. Interest in art and music will increase, expenditure on clothes will increase. An increase in the scope of work is possible, there will be a lot of hard work, expenses will increase.

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Cancer – Keep your emotions under control, confidence will decrease. Avoid excess of anger, family responsibility may increase. There can be profit from an elderly family member, you can go on a pilgrimage with family to a religious place. Brothers will get support. Any stalled money can be received, the cooperation of the officers will remain in the job. There is a possibility of relocation. (Pt. Raghavendra Sharma)

Leo – The plan for expansion of business will be realized, brothers will get support, but there will be excess of hard work. There will be auspicious work in the family, unplanned expenses will increase. Gifts like clothes can also be found. With a change in job, you may have to move to another place. There will be profit opportunities in import-export business. Mother’s company will be available, vehicle happiness can increase. Officers will get cooperation in Naukir. (Pt. Raghavendra Sharma)

There will be a feeling of despair and dissatisfaction in the girl’s mind, there will be a decrease in self-confidence. There will be interest in studies, family life will be happy. There will be opportunities for promotion in the job, property can be expanded. Mother’s support will be available, expenses will increase. Expenses on vehicle maintenance may increase. There will be happy results of academic work. Interest in sweet food will increase, there may be differences of officers, change is also possible.

There will be a sense of rigidity in Libra speech, be moderate in conversation. The trend towards clothes etc. will increase. There may be differences of opinion with the mother, but there is also wealth. The accumulated wealth will increase, officers will get support in the job. The path of progress will be paved. There are chances of increase in accumulated wealth. The path of progress in the job will be paved, vehicle happiness will increase. Change of location is possible.

Scorpio – You will be full of self-confidence, but be self-restrained. There will be an excess of laziness, there will be an expansion of the comforts of the family. There may be estrangement with life partner. Change is possible in the workplace, there will be a lot of hard work. You will get the support and support of mother. Profit is likely to increase. Officers will get support in the job, there is a possibility of change in the field of work. There will be a lot of hard work.

Sagittarius will be full of confidence, will be interested in studies. Expenses on property maintenance may increase. Spouse may have health problems, medical expenses may increase. There is a possibility of change in job, may have to move to some other place. But with the help of brothers, there will be a lot of hard work. There may be health problems of children, living conditions will be uncomfortable. (Pt. Raghavendra Sharma)

Capricorn – Patience will decrease, be self-restrained. The effect of speech will increase, you may have to go to a religious satsangi program. You will be uncomfortable in living, your tendency towards sweet food will increase. Income can increase from property, change in job is possible. Officers will get support in the job, chances of progress are being made. Income will increase but there are possibilities of change of place.

There will be feelings of happiness in the mind of Aquarius, yet remain self-restrained. Avoid excess of anger, there may be ideological differences with the mother. You may have to move to some other place in the job, income will increase. Living conditions can be painful, officers will get support. Family will also get support, expenses on clothes etc. may increase. Mother may have health disorders, living conditions may be troublesome.

Pisces – There will be a lack of confidence but you will get the support of the family. There may be a trip to a religious place with family. Be aware of your diet, health can be disturbed. Employment opportunities can be found with the help of an old friend. An increase in the field of work is possible against the will. Be patient in conversation, expenses will increase. Clothes can be received as a gift.


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