What is Digital Showroom App. How to earn money from Digital Showroom App

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What is digital showroom app And how to earn money from digital showroom app At the same time, we will know that if we have a shop or showroom, then how to take it digital and how to grow your business, as you know this is the age of digital and everyone wants to be digital and in the coming time everything is digital. This will happen so that you can easily grow your business, so let us know how to take your shop or showroom digitally with the digital showroom app.

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What is digital showroom app (what is digital showroom app in hindi) :-

digital showroom app is an online digital store where you have to sell your product through digital medium and you have a small shop and you want more and more customers to come there then after that more and more product sale and you get more make more profit than

Friends, if you want to order a product, you go to a website or application like flipkart, amazon, mantra and buy the product and from there the product is sent to you, so more and more customers come to these sites and also sell. It is much more if you are a small shopkeeper and you also want to reach your business to more and more people because digital showroom app has come, with the help of which you can grow your business and take it in an online way. is

How to signup digital showroom app :-

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First of all you have to download the digital showroom app and then you have to get a mobile no. You have to enter, then you will get OTP, you have to signup by entering that OTP, then you have to enter the name of your shop, if not, then keep the name of your shop, then after doing next, you have to set the location, then after doing the bank detail add You have to add bank details so that when your customers buy your product from digital showroom app then they will pay you online, everything runs in digital way online and then you can take that money in your bank account.

How to set up your shop in digital showroom app :-

To create a shop in digital showroom app, you can follow the tips given below, before that we have told you how to create an account through the photo above.

  • First of all go to google play store and download this app.
  • As soon as you open the digital showroom app, you will get mobile no. Will ask you mobile no. have to inter
  • Given no. But an OTP will come, enter that OTP
  • After this you have to add the name of your shop or store.
  • After adding the name, the location has to be set
  • After setting the location, you can add your bank account or you can do it later, it would be better if you add it in advance.
  • Then you can add any product by going to the catalog and clicking on add item, in this you will ask for the details of the product like item name, price, category, description, variety etc. You have to give all the information, then add your product by clicking on the add button. It will happen

What can you sell through digital showroom app :-

  • kirana and grocery stores
  • fruit and vegetable store
  • dairy and milk product
  • fish and meat shops
  • restaurant and food outlet
  • clothing store
  • hardware store
  • jeweler store
  • furniture shops
  • electronic shops
  • carpenter and electrician plumbing
  • home entrepreneur
  • fashion boutique
  • tailors and laundry service

How to earn money from digital showroom app- how to earn money in digital showroom app :-

  • In digital showroom app, you can earn money by promoting your business online, apart from refer & earn money.
  • First of all, while listing your product, you have to add the price of the product and your margin and as soon as the customer orders through this app, you can deliver the goods to you, you can take some charge of delivery from your customer. Or if the customer wants, he can come to your shop and buy the goods.
  • In this, you keep offering to your customer so that the customer can buy goods from you, in this you can also market your product.
  • Try to keep all the goods in your shop and list it in the digital showroom app.
  • On installing the digital showroom app, you will get a bonus of Rs.10 and along with this you will get Rs.10 for every invite.

How to download digital showroom app – digital showroom app download :-

You can download the digital showroom by visiting play store or we have given you the link and you can download it from here.

Features of digital showroom app :-

  • You can create WhatsApp catalog for free
  • You can easily manage your order
  • You can take online payment from anywhere, it has many online payment methods.
  • You can transfer the payment directly to your bank account

Is digital showroom safe (digital showroom app is safe or not) :-

digital showroom app is a trusted and secure app, your payment is safe, you will not have any kind of problem. digital showroom app Use Bindass and promote your business, the more goods you sell, the more it will be beneficial.

conclusion :-

friends we have you What is digital showroom app And how to earn money from digital showroom app I have tried to give all this information, hope you will like this idea


Q. digital showroom app owner

Ans- gyanesh sharma

Q. Is the digital showroom app safe?

Ans- Absolutely safe digital showroom app

Q. How to use digital showroom app

Ans- Read this article to know how to use digital showroom app

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