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Hello friends : top 5 photo editing app Today we will tell you which are the 5 best apps with which you can do a great photo editing, friends, these 5 apps best photo editing app And in today’s time, almost everyone has an Android mobile, meanwhile there are many social media platforms on which we keep sharing our photos, but if you edit and share the same photo, you will get more likes and people will like it. That’s why we have brought top 5 photo editing apps for you.

Friends, earlier apps like Photo Director App, YouCam Perfect, Candy Camera App, Retrica App, Photo Editor Pro used to run more, even today people are using them but they do not have that much feature but many people do not know about these advanced photos. editing app is out

We are going to tell you about the top 5 photo editing app, if you use all these apps, then you can learn within 3 to 4 days, meaning the more you use, the sooner you will learn if you have used these. top 5 photo editing app If you have used it then you will not need another app, you can do photo editing well with the help of these apps.

You can edit the best photos using this app from your mobile, so let’s see which ones best 5 photo editing app which you can use easily

Top 5 Photo Editing App 2021 ||  5 awesome photo editing apps

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5 awesome photo editing applications (Top 5 Photo Editing App):-

friends in 5 best photo editing app When you use it, you will not understand in the beginning, as if you use it daily, then you will be able to understand well and will be able to do a good photo editing, friends, the size of these applications is very high because many functions and options are given in it.

1 ) Lightroom photo editing app

2 ) PicsArt photo studio mobile app

3) Snapseed photo editing app

4 ) Adobe Photoshop Express

5 ) Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

1) Lightroom photo editing app :-


Friends Lightroom photo editing app is a very popular app and people who are using it have their first favorite photo editing app because the interface of this app is very simple and easy to understand, especially by changing the background of any photo closely. gives as you see in the photo below

Many tools have been given in this Lightroom app like – hue, saturation, luminance, grading in color mix, texture in effect, clarity, dehaze, midpoint, sharpening in detail, noise reduction, contrast, exposure, and more features that make Lightroom The app helps to make your photo more beautiful, which you can easily learn so that you will be able to do a great editing.

Lightroom app’s total downloads is above 100 million which means 100 million people have downloaded and ratings and reviews are 4.3

What is Lightroom preset :- The specialty of Lightroom app is that we change the background of any photo, after copying that photo and pasting it in another photo, the background of that photo gets changed on click, which we call preset.

Some special features of Lightroom app :-

1. Color Mixing & Color Combining

2. Inbuild pro camera

3. Changing the Color from Curves

4. Copy and Paste the Preset

5. Having grading option

6. Organicizing Photos

2) PicsArt photo studio mobile app :-

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picsart is a very popular app whose download is more than 500 million which means more than 50 crore tool options are there in this app so that one can do organic photo editing is the most liked app so its download too It may take some time to run this app but you can do great photo editing with this app.

PicsArt Some special features of the app :-

1. Erasing the background of any photo properly

2. Special Features of Drawing and Sketching

3. Thousands of photos are uploaded in this app contest, in which you can also show your talent.

4. Sketch ,artistic, magic, pop art, colors in effect tool

5. Tool in motion, curve, adjust, enhance, brushes, mask, draw are more tools

3) Snapseed photo editing app :-

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Especially I like this app the most because the interface of this app is the most simple and it best photo editing app One of them is once you use it too, you will become crazy about this app and you can learn it in 1 to 2 days, total download of this app is 100 million and rating is 4.5, limited tools have been given in this app. But it is very good that organic photo editing is done

Some special features of snapseed app :-

1. Mixing colors in a tune image

2. Changing Color with Curves

3. Healing to Remove Dark Spots

4. double exposure

5. Blur any image

6. white balance

7. Selective Face Enhance

4) Adobe Photoshop Express :-

20210629 161205 min

This app is also very popular, you can edit photos in many ways, the collage option from this app is very good, its interface is also very simple, this app also has a total download of 100 million plus and rating is 4.5 which is good and it App is of 82 MB

Some special features of adobe photoshop :-

1. Blur the background

2. Creating collage

3. Doing Color Correction

4. Ra Photo Editing

5. Writing borders and text

5) Autodesk Sketchbook Pro :-

20210629 155245 min

Autodesk app is different from other apps, especially in this app we modify the hair so that any one looks smart and the hair is scratched, there are many tools given in this too but some tools are used more than this app’s total Download is 50 million and rating is 4.2 and this app is 78 MB

Friends, this app has been specially designed for designing hair, due to which many people like this app.

Autodesk Some special features of sketchbook pro app :-

1. You can hard erase any face

2. All the pencil options in the library

3. Guides, symmetry and many more tools

Conclusion :-

Friends, if you use these five apps well, then you will learn to do very good editing, we have given you top 5 photo editing app I hope you liked this information.

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