Sarhul being celebrated in tribal areas today, know everything about this vibrant festival

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Sarhul in Jharkhand in 2022 , It is said that if any society is to be understood, then it can be understood in a better way than its festivals. How prosperous a society is is easily understood by the way it celebrates. The more vibrant the society, the more beautiful its festivals and festivals are celebrated. Sarhul festival is being celebrated in tribal areas of Jharkhand, Odisha and Chhattisgarh for three days from today. It is the biggest tribal festival of tribal-dominated states including Jharkhand. This festival is celebrated every year on the third day of the month of Chaitra according to the Hindu calendar. In tribal areas, this festival is celebrated as the arrival of the new year. Sal tree is worshiped during this time.Also Read – Will have to go to office only 3 days a week, salary will increase by 8 percent; Know which company is providing this facility

Due to Corona pandemic, this festival was not being celebrated for the last two years. This year too, especially in Jharkhand, the administration has banned the participation of small children and elderly people in Sarhul. The administration has said that there should not be more than 100 people in any procession and if all the processions gather at one place, then the number of people participating in it should not exceed 1000. Not only this, the administration has clarified that all programs should end at 6 pm and no music or DJ will be played after that. Also Read – Confirmation of one more patient of Omicron sub-variant BA.5 in India, a person who came to Vadodara from South Africa

The rituals of Sarhul began on Sunday, when tribal priests placed a pitcher filled with water under the Sal tree. People of Oraon, Munda and Ho tribes worship the Sal tree and thank nature for giving them shelter, livelihood, food and drinking water to cover their heads. This beautiful festival is celebrated every year on the arrival of spring. On this occasion, people from all over the country and abroad reach Jharkhand to see the glory of this festival. Also Read – Corona infection cases increasing in Saudi Arabia, ban on travel in these countries including India

Some interesting facts about Sarhul

  1. There are many legends about Sarhul. Sarhul simply means worshiping the tree. Due to being very close to nature, the people of Oraon tribe celebrate this festival with great pomp and worship trees and other natural things. According to a popular legend, the people of the village worship the village deity or the protectors of that tribe in the spring.
  2. This Sarhul holds special significance for the people of Oraon tribe. However, the Santhals also celebrate this festival in a grand manner with equal reverence. During this festival all the religious rituals are performed under the Sal tree. Sal is a sacred tree, which is also known as Sarnasthal. To please God and nature, the tribals offer fruits, flowers during the Sarhul festival. Sometimes animals and birds are also sacrificed.
  3. Worshiping nature and thanking her for everything is the soul of this festival. Along with this, many other cultural programs also take place during this time. On the occasion of Sarhul, tribal men, women and children wear very beautiful ornaments, dance and sing and enjoy this festival.
  4. Ba Porob is one of the main attractions of Sarhul, where men and women dress up in colorful traditional tribal costumes and perform their traditional dances to popular folk tunes. The traditional clothes worn by men are called kariya, while the traditional clothes of women are called khanaria. During this, some people also consume Hadiya.
  5. How is Sarhul celebrated in Jharkhand? Food is also taken care of during the Sarhul festival. The dishes which are given as prasad during this time are called Handiya and Diang. This prasad is prepared with rice, water and leaves of the tree. Similarly ‘Pahan’ is also served. Apart from this, Khadi is also consumed, but this dish is eaten at night. There is no restriction on non-vegetarian food during Sarhul, fish dry made from dried fish or furnace cooked fish is also consumed with great fervor. Apart from all this, dishes of leafy vegetables, tubers, pulses, rice, seeds, fruits, flowers, leaves and mushrooms are prepared in Sarhul.

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