How to start a gaming truck business

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Friends, we have brought a unique business idea for you, in which only 1 to 2 people are doing this business all over India and this business will see more scope in the coming time, right now this business is going very well in foreign countries and Those who are doing this business over there, they are earning lakhs of rupees and if you also do this business in India, then you can also earn lakhs of rupees, so now you know what that business idea is and how to start To understand this, read this article carefully –

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What is gaming truck business (video gaming truck business in English):

Friends, you must have rarely heard about video gaming truck, friends, you must have seen ice cream truck, must have seen food truck, must have seen pizza truck, in the same way there is also a video game truck in which children and youngster people play games. can come for and enjoy which will be very exiting thing for them so this is called gaming truck

How to start a gaming truck business. Gaming Truck Business In Hindi 2022 :

See friends, before starting any kind of business, you should do research at your level, in the same way, if you want to start a gaming truck business, then you should first do research that the people living around you, how they are. What if they like to play games, if they like to play games, will they be able to pay on your charges?

Apart from this, you also have to see whether you are financially and mentally capable or not. Let’s talk about what would be needed –

Requirements for gaming truck business:

To start gaming truck, first of all you have to convert a simple truck into gaming truck, after that first of all you have to decorate its exterior design, you can stick a big poster of gaming for the design which is called 3m rap, this will make your truck Will look attractive, people will understand from a distance that this is a gaming truck, if anyone has to play the game, then they can easily play the game in your truck.

Apart from this, LCD screen will have to be installed along with poster in the interior and exterior of the truck, without this the whole business is incomplete, then you will have to install LCD screen and also have chairs so that people can sit and play games comfortably.

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If you want, you can install LED screen in the exterior, otherwise LCD screen will have to be installed in the interior, although it is optional to set up the gaming on the outside, if you want, you can get it done otherwise you will have to work on the interior and what are the needs of the interior. let’s talk about it

Friends, the gaming truck should be exiting, attractive and comfortable for the people from inside, for which you will have to install a temporary wall, which will benefit that the effect of the weather outside will not come inside and those who are sitting inside will get a comfortable environment, apart from gaming. Colorful wallpaper will have to be pasted inside the truck and seating arrangement for 10 to 15 people will have to be done, apart from this 8 to 10 LED screens will have to be installed colorful lighting, then you will have to do this kind of setup inside the interior.

Friends, to run the gaming truck, you will need electric equipment such as the commercial generator which will have to be fitted in the outside of the truck, after that the light of the truck should be such that the people should feel that they are part of the game world. It is busy inside and friends, there should be AC ​​and heating machine inside your truck so that the temperature inside can be controlled, the outside temperature does not matter to your internal temperature and all the people sitting inside should feel comfortable. Ho

Apart from this, inverter will be needed because if your generator will run out of fuel, then you should have a backup plan because the people who are playing the game should not be disturbed, apart from this there should also be a sound system inside the truck because of gaming. The fun gets even bigger when the sound effect is very good, apart from this, you can also provide the facility of online gaming inside the gaming truck, for which there should be a strong internet connection so that there is no buffering problem in the game.

How to start a gaming truck business.  Gaming Truck Business In Hindi 2022

Apart from this, emergency and safety equipment can also be installed for the safety of the people in the gaming truck, apart from this, if possible, a small washroom can also be made inside the truck so that once the customer comes in, he does not get any excuse to go out. And if you want, you can also provide water and food and drink, if anyone wants, they can buy and eat.

Friends, you have to provide this facility inside your gaming truck so that whenever the customer comes in once and does not come out for 4 to 5 hours, he gets the facility inside.

license in gaming truck business license,

To start this business, you will need some legal documents, for this you will have to get a business license from your state and local, apart from this you will have to get your business insured, apart from this some other documents may also be required for more information about your municipality. You can go to them and tell them, we are going to start this kind of business, you can take this information which documents we will need.

Gaming Truck Business Employee:

Friends, you cannot do this business alone, for this you are going to need at least 2 to 3 employees, the first will manage the things inside the truck and the second will do the cleaning work and the third will look after the account and marketing work. You will need at least 2 to 3 employees, apart from this, if you know how to drive a truck, you can do the work of a driver yourself and if it does not come, then another employee will be needed who will work to run the truck.

Gaming truck business investment :

Friends, investment in this business is going to be very good because first of all you will need a truck and if you go to get a new truck, then at least 30 to 40 lakh rupees will be invested and if you take second hand also then then Even if the expenditure of 15 to 20 lakh rupees is going to come, then the biggest expenditure is going to be in your truck, after that there is not going to be much expenditure and the cost will be only once, there will be no need to spend again and again. We give you complete information about the cost

truck – 30 lakhs

gaming truck exterior – 15 to 20 thousand (second hand truck)

gaming truck exterior – Rs 2 to 3 lakhs

TV or gaming setup – Rs 4 to 5 lakhs

Legally documents – 30 to 40 thousand rupees

Total investment – ​​30 to 35 lakhs

Future of gaming truck business:

Friends, this business is very much in trend in foreign countries right now it is not very popular in India, now after corona everything has changed, people want all the facilities to be available to them at home, so this time is slowly coming to India too. It may take some more time but in future this gaming truck business will run smoothly and there is going to be a lot of demand in its future.

Friends, we provide you a video, by seeing which you can understand better, this video has been made by Rajinikanth Sharma sir and has given very good information through this video, then definitely watch this video –

Parking space for gaming truck business:

Friends, before starting this business, you have to see the place for parking so that you can understand where you can take your gaming truck and where you can park and serve people.

Charges for gaming (ticket) :

You have to decide the charges of gaming, like whether you want to take every hour or according to the game, you have to decide, apart from this, if you call you in a party or function, then what will you charge for that too? You have to decide, to find out, you can go to the game hall of any shopping mall and take all this information from him.

Marketing for Gaming Truck Business:

Friends, you have to do marketing for this business, you can take the help of digital marketing to do marketing, you can run ads on Facebook, on top of Google and on other social media platforms, apart from this, you can distribute pamphlets and do marketing by installing banners. Apart from this, your own truck is the right means of advertising because if the truck keeps going from one place to another, then it will easily market this business.

Benefits of gaming truck business:

Friends, your profit in this business depends on your gaming charges, how much you charge for a game from people, friends, you can decide the charge according to your location and can see that the number of people around you. According to what is the paying capacity, you can also decide, but we think that in this type of setup, you should charge at least 200 rupees for every hour.

So suppose 10 to 12 people can play the game in your gaming truck and 10 people also play at a time and if 200 rupees is of one person then the total becomes 2000 thousand rupees that too for 1 hour so in 1 hour you have 2000 thousand Earn money and if you work for 10 hours in a whole day then you can earn 20 thousand rupees a day and you can easily earn 6 lakh rupees in a month.

Friends, out of 6 lakhs, you may have to spend around 2 lakhs in employee’s salary and other expenses, then reduce this, then at least you can earn 4 lakh rupees per month.

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