How To Get Good Result In Exams | what to do before going for the exam

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Along with studying for good results in the examination, you can also try some such measures, which can open the way to success.

Who does not want good results in the examination? Be it any examination, whether it is board or for any competition, children study diligently so that they can get success. Not only this, parents also wish for the bright future of their child. It is the desire of every parent that their child becomes a successful person by studying and writing.

The child also works very hard to fulfill this dream of his parents, but sometimes some children get very upset as soon as the exam comes or some children start getting nervous during the exam and their mind is not in studies. Can seem There are some astrological remedies that can help children achieve success during and after the exam. Let us know from astrologer and Vastu specialist Dr. Aarti Dahiya ji about some such measures which will help children to get good results in the examination.

Offer Durva to Ganpati

ganpati pujan durva

If your child does not feel like studying and lacks concentration, then you should motivate him to worship Ganapati daily. Do this remedy especially on Wednesday and offer Durva and Laddu to Ganapati. Keep an idol or photo of Ganpati in your child’s room, it will definitely give him success. The examination is related to the child’s memory, for which the child’s Mercury should be kept right. To strengthen Mercury, feed plenty of green vegetables and salads.

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Keep camphor and alum in the study room

If the child does not feel like studying, then camphor and alum should be kept in the study room. By doing this remedy, the concentration remains in the students and the negative energy of that place also goes away. If the child is not able to succeed in the examination even after hard work, then go to a religious place on Thursday and donate religious books.

put a picture of maa saraswati

Godess Saraswati Pujan

If your child does not feel like writing and reading, then his study room (Get this color done in the study room) Or put a picture of Maa Saraswati near the table and ask her to worship her daily.

feed green fodder to cow

For success in the examination, feed green fodder to the cow and do so especially on Wednesdays. By doing this, Mercury becomes strong and there is more interest in studies. Worship Lord Ganpati of wisdom regularly.

put peacock feathers

more pankh in puja room

We all know the importance of peacock feathers. If the peacock feather is kept inside the children’s book, it will increase their concentration. Along with this, put peacock feathers in the child’s study room so that the children’s mind is engaged in studies properly. According to astrology, peacock feathers have the power to remove the negative energy of any place. With the auspicious effect of peacock feathers, their concentration and ability to remember things will increase. To get the desired success in the examination, while leaving the house for the examination, go out after eating curd and sugar.

worship the sun

If the child works very hard but still does not get success then ask him to offer Arghya to Surya regularly. Put red flowers, roli and akshat in the water bottle and chant ‘Om Suryay Namah’ and if possible, get the children to recite Aditya Hriday Stotra. By doing this remedy, by the grace of Lord Surya Narayan one gets success in every sphere of life.

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strengthen the moon

Also strengthen the moon for good marks in the exam. To maintain the mental balance of the child in the examination hall, it is necessary to strengthen the moon. Because it increases the confidence of the child. Worship Shiva, it will make you feel like studying.

Some of the astrological remedies mentioned here will help the child to get success in the examination and will also feel like studying. If you liked this article, then do share it and stay connected to read other similar articles related to astrology with your own website Harzindagi.

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