How To Find Hero Electric Bike Dealership

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How To Find Hero Electric Bike Dealership | How To Apply Hero Electric Dealership In India 2021 | electric bike agency kaise le | electric scooter agency kaise le ?

Friends, complete this article carefully, in this article you will get How To Find Hero Electric Bike Dealership And in this article you will get all the information about how much investment will come in the dealership and how much space it will take and what documents will be taken.

Friends, as you also know how much the environment has become polluted from an environmental point of view, since petrol bikes are running and petrol is also around Rs 110 per liter, then you can understand how expensive it has become to run a petrol bike, due to which the company has introduced electric bike in the market, talk about the future of electric bike, then its graph will increase very fast, so you should electric bike dealership should be taken because the coming time is of electric scooter only, so we have told you how to get electric scooter agency has told.

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How to Apply Hero Electric Bike Dealership

Friends, the dealership of hero electric, you have to visit the official site of hero electric and fill the form for Become Our Partner and apply as we have told you below and have also given their official link as soon as you go to their site a simple Fill the form and submit.

hero electric dealership official site – click here

how to find hero electric bike dealership

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How to register( how to apply for hero electric bike agency )

If you want to apply for dealership of hero electric agency then follow the step by step given below-

1) First of all you have to go to the official website of hero electric then click on the arrow with the arrow

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2) Fill all the details here and submit the form.

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Land area for hero electric dealership

For this, you will get land for three things like for showroom, for service center and for parking, the bigger the business, the more space you should also take extra space so that you do not feel lack of space to increase business further.

• Showroom area :- 1500 sq.ft. To 2000 sq.ft.

• Service center & godown :- 1000 sq.ft. To 1500 sq.ft.

• In front of parking :- 1000 sq.ft. To 1500 sq.ft.

• total space :- 3500 sq.ft. To 5000 sq.ft.

for hero electric document What will take (documents in hero electric agency)

Talking about the document, in this the company will check two types of documents like personal document and property documents –

  • personal document :- id proof – aadhaar card, pan card, voter id,
  • address proof – ration card, electricity bill, bank account and passbook
  • photograph email id , phone number
  • other document :- GST no. ,
  • property document :- complete property document with title & address
  • lease agreement
  • NOC

investment for hero electric agency (hero electric agency investment)

  1. commercial space (1000sqft) = 40,000 to 30,000 (rent)
  2. interior and infrastructure = 5 Lac
  3. company deposit = bank guarantee (10 Lac)
  4. initial stock approx. (25 electric bikes) = 20 Lac
  5. working capital = 2 Lac
  6. spare part for service = 2 Lac approx.
  7. lighting and pipeline fitting = 2 Lac
  8. computer system, printer, internet, connectivity, phones and staff dress = 2 Lac
  9. license fee. = 15,000

total investment = 40 to 50 lakhs

To open an agency of hero electric bike, it is going to cost between 40 to 50 lakhs, let me tell you that the investment here depends on where you are going to take the agency or dealership of hero electric, still tell that at least Hero electric bike dealership can be opened with an investment of less than 30 lakhs.

How much is the profit margined in hero electric agency margin in hero electric bike agency)

Friends, if we talk about profit, then the company gives you a profit margin and now they have reduced the profit margin from 5% to 8%, after that the more bikes you sell out, the more you will profit, the whole sales volume will remain on how much you sell. You can withdraw its profit on daily bases or on monthly bases.

As the company upgrades its bike, people will like it more, which will sell more and there is a different profit margin on each segment bike, friends, let me tell you, the company gives different margins on different models because the company has many types of models. If you want to get more information about the profit margin, then you will have to contact the company so that you will be given more information.

What are the advantages of electric bike :-

1) The biggest advantage of electric bike will save you more money, if I calculate and tell you then you will surely say that it is very cheap, let’s see

hero electric bike :- power : 2 to 4 units of electricity ( 15 paise )

  • 1 km price = 15 paisa
  • range : 100 km approx.

petrol bike :- fuel :l 1 liter. petrol (110 rs)

  • range : 50 km /Liter approx.
  • If you ride 50 thousand km bike in 4 to 5 years, then you will cost 5000 rupees in electric bike and if petrol bike will see a difference of 1 lakh in the same time interval, that means you are saving 95000 rupees.

2) The second thing is that the maintenance of an electric bike is nearly zero.

What are the disadvantages of electric bike :-

1) Its biggest disadvantage is that if the battery of your bike is discharged then you can get stuck anywhere, but in future it will become a sub station where you can easily charge your bike battery and save time. Fast charging system can also be launched for

2) The second thing is that it runs on zero sound, due to which others do not know its sound so that they can be alert.

Future of electric bike :-

Friends, as you know how expensive petrol has become and on the other hand how polluted our environment has become, due to which glaciers of Himalaya are also melting, new technology has to be used to control pollution, then you can understand that The market of electric bike has come because this bike runs on battery and its battery sub-station will also be installed in future.

Contact for hero electric agency – hero electric agency contact number

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conclusion :-

You know that whenever the Prime Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi, goes abroad, he keeps on bringing some plan, in the middle of that, today the American company Tesla is going to open an electric car factory in India, in the same way in India. The manufactured hero company has also launched its electric bike in the market, so friends, we have tried to give you all the information like how to get a hero bike agency etc.

How did you like this article of mine, hope you have got all the information, if there is any problem in understanding then you can comment us.

FAQ :- Hero Electric Bike

Q – hero electric dealership enquiry ?

Ans :- Contact Toll Free Number for hero electric dealership -1860-2662-2662

Q – hero electric scooter price ?

Ans :- The price of hero electric bike may vary from city to city, yet it can be in between 61 thousand to 72 thousand on road price

Q – electric bike agency kaise le ?

Ans :- To take an electric bike agency, you can go to the official site of hero electric and register, after that you can apply for the agency, we have given you complete information about it.

Q : What is the price of Hero Electric Scooter?

ANS : Hero Electric Scooter Prices start at ₹ 46,640. And the most expensive one which costs ₹ 80,790.

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