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Friends, as you know, unemployment is increasing very fast in our country and it is increasing day by day, friends, today’s era is the age of computer, as you know that all the work is being done by computer itself. There are many ways of bringing them out of them. freelancing Platform from which you can work from home, friends, this question is often asked that what is freelancing , Freelancing se Paise Kaise Kamaye 2022 So today we have brought the answer to this question.

Friends, in the world of online, only a few people know that most people do not know that money can be earned online, friends, there is some talent inside every person, if you have talent in some work, then you can earn cool money. Now let’s know that after all what is freelancing

How to earn money by becoming a Freelancer.  Top 5 Freelancing Website In Hindi
What is freelancing? how does it works

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what is freelancing in Hindi,

Freelancing is an online platform, in this you have to create your profile, after that you get many jobs, you will get small to big projects, what will be the work like photo editing, content writing, video editing , Music, Painting, Graphic Design, SEO, Animation, Digital Marketing, Voice Over, Web Design, Data Entry, Merchandise, Podcast, Virtual Assistant, Affiliate Marketing, Fashion Design, Logo Making, Thumbnail for YouTube and many more all options are

You can select the subject in which you are interested, the better you give work to the client, the better your profile rating will increase, which means you have more chances of getting work.

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Freelancing se Paise Kaise Kamaye :

Friends, when you become an expert in any work, then you start getting work easily, now it comes to how to earn money through freelancing and how much money you get, then friends, it depends on the work, what type of work is and that work. The price is determined according to how much time it will take to do this, for which you can use any freelancing platform.

In the beginning it is right to take small work, then as you become expert in that work, then you can increase the charge of your work, then in this way you get work and you earn money, this freelancing is for long time. You have to give some time, then you can also take it full time and make your career.

How does freelancing work:

Friends explain to you through an example, suppose you know video editing work well and if someone else wants to get video editing done, then this person will contact you and ask to do this work if you do it. Will give you money in return, friends, you can fix your minimum amount

Friends, you have some skill towards some work and do the same work for others, in return, you take money from others, this is freelancing, now you must have understood that how does freelancing work

Step 1: Client can talk to you after viewing your profile

Step 2: After that you talk to the client through the message and you get the job

Step 3: After getting the work, do that work on time

Step 4: After the completion of the work, send the work to the client, the client will make the payment and this payment is done undertaking of freelancing, so that your payment remains secure.

Step 5: Your money comes in your freelancing profile and you can take it directly in the bank account

How much can you earn from freelancing?

Friends, in the world of online, only a few people know that most of the people do not know that money can be earned online, friends, if you want to earn money, then here you get money in dollars, then you can earn from 1 $ to 10,000 $. Till you can earn means that the price of 1 $ is just above 70 in Indian Rupees, so 10000 x 70 = 700000 (7 lakhs) That too for one job, there is so much money, so don’t worry about money, there is a lot of money in it. Have to work and start from today.

Can freelancing be done from mobile :-

Friends, you can do this work from mobile too, even if you do not have laptop or computer, still, nowadays many things are done by mobile only.

Top 5 Freelancing Website In Hindi :-

This is the top 5 freelancer website on which you can work and you can go to the direct site by clicking on it.

1 ) fiverr

2 ) Upwork

3 ) freelancer

4 ) peopleperhour

Some tips from rojgar samachar :-

Friends, this is such a platform in which you have to work honestly and you will also get money honestly, this is a very genuine way to earn money, you understand it completely and start working directly if you have experience, after that you Can also charge 50 to 100$ for 1 hour

Conclusion :-

Friends, you must have got a lot of information about freelancing from rojgar samachar. You must have liked the article Thank you.

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